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"Paper Money - Harder Beat"

Kevin Bilchik proves the old adage “less is more.” With six well-crafted tunes on his new album, there’s no room for filler. Instead, listeners are left with 23 minutes of top-notch music. Sure, other bands in the pop-meets-folk-meets-rock genre also have catchy, memorable songs, but Paper Money doesn’t sandwich its killer tracks in between a sea of forgettable noise. All are equally well done, with “Under My Wheels” leading the pack in perfection. With a remarkable similarity to The Wallflowers, Kevin’s mellow, adult contemporary sound will please almost anyone, If you’re looking for a quality soft rock album superior to most radio junk, this is it. - Harder Beat Magazine Online - by Jason Janik

"Paper Money UMSL"

In a society where culture is reflected by the currency, we can all pretty much agree that this is the 'age of plastic'. / And modern rock is no different with its Visa-esque sounds and MasterCard pretenses. However, there are always exceptions to the norm, and thus we must pay respect to "Paper Money," the debut EP by local musician Kevin Bilchik. / Bilchik is a mollusk floating in the raw sewage that is the St. Louis music scene. However, when the right venue presents harbor in the toxic mess, Bilchik is plucked from the murky waters and yields songs that are absolute pearls. / He is what many would deem a "B-2," devastatingly good but remaining under the radar. / This anonymity has played in favor of audiences, since it has created such intimate settings for such personal expression. It has also created a small yet passionate fan base, which has allowed Bilchik to put forth a minuscule amount of his work in an attempt to reach a broader audience on Red Pill Records./ If time is money, then "Paper Money" comes up short on cash, lasting a mere 23 minutes. Nonetheless, it is most certainly time well spent. / He relies on his years stacked upon years of writing, which is evident in certain songs like "Lost Art" and "When the Rain Comes." But that experience comes toppling down in songs such as "Arizona." / Lyrically, his songs are Simple Simons trying to find their pieman and on occasion their voice of expression. But this does not mean they are plain by any means. When you look beneath the surface, there are Krakken complexities and Leviathans of emotion in conflict. Take the song "Paper Money," for instance. Bilchik speaks of grade-school love and the irony of sadness that is brought about when reminiscing about happier days that have long since passed. / What brings about the full robustness to this seething stew of an EP is the combination of acoustic instrumentation and voice. His voice carries a song like that of a threatened mother with her child, impassioned with energy but still remaining soft to her newborn. Let me say that the emotion is raw, as raw as Tokyo sushi. / The raw nature of his music is what makes Bilchik something different, as opposed to your standard Counting Crows fare. His voice far surpasses his writing, which is saying something. Throw in the basil of the backup band into this stew and you can serve your ears as many helpings as they can possibly consume. After being served this record, I can say that my ears, much like the American culture, are now morbidly obese. / "Paper Money" is (you saw this coming) money well spent. - The Current / UMSL - by Graham Tucker

"Terry Perkins"

St. Louis native Kevin Bilchik started out as a writer before he started putting his words to music. That commitment to the craft of choosing the right words -- in the right combination – comes through loud and clear on Bilchik’s debut EP recording, Paper Money. It’s obvious that Bilchik took the time to hone his lyrics well… every one of the six originals on Paper Money possesses an organic, emotional core that’s built on the power of the lyrics. Images of cars, wheels and road trips reverberate from song to song as well, adding to the coherent feel of the tunes. Producer/engineer Jacob Detering – who also contributes fine guitar, bass and mandolin playing to the recording – creates textures for each song that provide just the right mood for each one. R. Scott Bryan, David Aholt and Christopher Hughes add solid musicianship throughout. Every cut works, but special mention has to go to “Lost Art” and “When the Rain Comes.” You’ll be hearing more from Kevin Bilchik. - Terry Perkins, music journalist

"Paper Money -"

The fact that Kevin Bilchik was a writer far before he was a singer and performer is more than evident on his debut release, Paper Money. His lyrics, as well as a smooth, stark delivery and composition are reminiscent of artists such as Bob Dylan and Tom Waits at his most folky. Relying on the strength of storytelling, Bilchik’s music is only the delivery system for stories that immerse the listener in vivid imagery and powerful states of mind. Sung in a plain, no frills sandy baritone, there is little to distract you from Bilchik’s tales of the extraordinary in everyday life. - “Under My Wheels” tackles how your own worst enemy is very often yourself. The track illustrates how steadily losing respect for oneself can bring a life spiraling down to rock bottom. Lyrics such as “Once upon a time, in the last few years / I started to disappear / I could see myself in the rear view mirror / The wheels were rolling me over / I'm under my wheels” sculpt a poetic yet very genuine visage of the dangers of self-loathing. Paper Money’s title track moves along with a country-folk sound that will make the listener sit up and take notice. The instrumentation on this track is simple and subtle which is the perfect compliment to Bilchik’s vocals. -Paper Money is a very intimate record, radiating an aura of accessibility, it becomes truly easy to identify with and relate to. By the end of this six-track CD you will be left wanting more, sad that it has to end. The album definitely falls into the singer/songwriter category, and those who have an aversion to the genre will likely not even give it a chance. However, not giving this record a chance is a travesty. Heartfelt and unassuming yet powerful, Paper Money is what songwriting should be all about. - James Dufendach -

"Paper Money - Roots Music Report"

Listen to the very first track “Long Ride” on Kevin Bilchik’s CD Paper Money and you’re hooked for the rest. Kevin’s songs and vocal style are a simple pleasure that you want to indulge in again and again. Good songs. Good writing. Good style. I really enjoyed listening to this CD and will certainly add it my collection of to enjoy on a regular basis. -Angie Chaney, Vision Music Group Nashville - Roots Music Report

"Paper Money - E. O'Brien"

Kevin Bilchik has a great voice and a very strong "singer/songwriter" tone about him. With an undeniable modern country feel. You can tell he loves these words and means every syllable leaving his lips. He was able to create a commendably non-cliché love album, by his use of ever-changing technique and sounds to distract the listener from the fact that the entire album is a love song. He has the ability throughout the album to change not only his style and tone, but feelings and mood, while performing all of them well. Jumping from the country farm boy in track one, to the mysterious cowboy in track three, and back to a folk country swing by track five. Overall, a pretty relaxed album with a proud Midwestern feel. I would definitely recommend track 6, "When The Rain Comes!"
- Elizabeth O'Brien - Static Magazine


Paper Money- EP- 2006 -Red Pill Entertainment



"I was a writer first. I didn't know I wanted to sing until I started putting my words to music," says Bilchik. "I still look at everyday as a chance to pick up a guitar and see what happens."

Like his unique singing voice, Kevin Bilchik's approach to songwriting and performing evokes raw emotion in those who hear it. Listening to Kevin, you are reminded of another time when rather than seeking hit records, artists bore their souls in songs and what made them hits was their universal truth. Inspired by the traditions of artists like J.J. Cale, Bob Dylan, and John Hiatt, Kevin's music achieves an intimacy and truth that he hopes will offer listeners a musical touchstone.

To categorize Bilchik as a typical singer-songwriter one would be missing the point. Bilchik's 'what you hear is what you get' demeanor, combined with his no nonsense approach to his personal style, is a refreshing change. If you are not pulled in by the stories Kevin tells in his songs, his earthy, smoky baritone will elevate you to a simpler time and place

Kevin Bilchik's debut "Paper Money" released in March 2006 on Red Pill Records.