Kevin Blechdom

Kevin Blechdom


Kevin Blechdom's third album "Gentlemania" (Sonig, 2009) is chock-full of piano love songs with a honky-tonk jangle of Broadway proportions. KevyB is also known for her computer romps as 1/2 of Blectum from Blechdom. Kevin Blechdom is actually Kristin Erickson: composer, performer, producer.


Kevin Blechdom (real name: Kristin Erickson) was born in Florida in 1978.

Kevin Blechdom’s third solo album, GENTLEMANIA, was released on Sonig Records in April 2009, co-produced by Kevin and Mocky in Berlin. Less schizophrenic and madcap manic as her previous two electronic albums, on GENTLEMANIA we hear Blechdom slow down, take a deep breath, and, with thoughtful control, peel back layers of emotion. Combining a strong background in classical and experimental music with a broad knowledge of songwriting traditions, Kevin travels between and coalesces country jangle, Broadway show tunes, old-school R&B, and many other styles into a cohesive and true musical story. The autobiographical and interpersonal themes revolve around introspection, longing, doubt, hope, and ultimately, human transformation.

Since 2007, and to support her newest release, Blechdom is touring as a duo in a hi-tech country and ragtime band with Christopher Fleeger called BARNWAVE.

Kevin began recording music with her brother in an experimental rock band called ADULT RODEO in 1997, releasing two albums on the revered Shimmy Disc label and more records on the Adult Rodeo imprint, Four States Fair Records. Later she hooked up with Blevin Blectum (Bevin Kelley) and formed BLECTUM FROM BLECHDOM after an accidental collaboration one Halloween night while they were at Mills College in Oakland, California. Blectum from Blechdom was a hyperactive computer and sampler duo priding itself with its own digital confusion, frenetic madness, and psychotic delusions. The duo released frenzied and frazzled electronic music on labels such as Tigerbeat6, Deluxe, Orthlorng Musork, and Phthalo. The album “The Messy Jesse Fiesta” won 2nd prize at the prestigious Ars Electronica for digital music in 2001, and soon after they broke up. In 2006 Blectum from Blechdom reuinited by pie-ing each other in the face, and have since been recording and touring together.

After Blectum From Blechdom broke up, Kristin kept her team name Kevin Blechdom and relocated herself to Berlin for five years. She wrote and produced two albums for the Chicks on Speed label: BITCHES WITHOUT BRITCHES (2003) and EAT MY HEART OUT (2005). The albums are a mishmash of styles and production techniques. From Broadway musical to General MIDI rock opera to electro-smudge to aleatoric blatherings, her albums contribute a bizarre spin on what pop music can be for an era of attention span deficit.

Since 1998, Kevin has been touring around the world playing live shows and collaborating. She has worked with artists such as Eugene Chadbourne, Fred Frith, Jad Fair, Kramer, Jamie Lidell, Kid606, Dat Politics, Mocky, John Bischoff, Chris Brown, Zeena Parkins, Cristian Vogel, Safety Scissors, Heidi Mortenson, the Organ Lady, Lumberob, Ching Chong Song, Irene Moon, Teatro Praga, Myrobotfriend, Charlie Engstrom, Christopher Fleeger, Lucile Desamory, Chicks on Speed, Kim Hiorthoy, Andre Vida, Denzel Sinclair, Max Tundra, and Planningtorock. She has played shows in Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Moscow, and across Europe and the United States.

During 2008, she finally completed her M.F.A. degree in Electronic and Computer Music Composition at Mills College. Her final project for school was writing a forty minute opera called Recantata, which musically retold the story about her preschool teachers who were wrongfully imprisoned for satanic ritual abuse because of the misguidance of some child-hypnotizing psychologists.

Kevin produced two self-released Ching Chong Song albums, LITTLE NAKED GAY ADVENTURE and EVERYTHING IS FOR THE BABIES.

She is a founding member of SLAUGHTERIN' SLOBBERSVILLE, a semi-improvised collaborative improperatic musical mutant side show known for touring with too many people in very small vehicles.

Currently she is in Lisbon composing the music for a Musical Theater show called "DEMO" with the Teatro Praga company.


You Changed My Life

Written By: Kristin Erickson (a.k.a. Kevin Blechdom)

you changed my life
you set me free
scraped me off of the ground
showed me what you see
twas love we thought
but it was so hot
that we fogged up the mirror
made us both disappear

when are we going home?
when will we be home?
and where is that home?
and how will we know when we there?
what are we waiting for?
something that tells us to wait no more,
and then we can get there from here.

You changed my life
you gave me a chance
swept me off of my feet
by the seat of my pants
It's always too fast
too big of a blast
that the smoke fills the room
makes us sing out of tune

when are we going home?
when will we be home?
and where is that home?
and how will we know when we there?
what are we waiting for?
something that tells us to wait no more,
and then we can get there from here.


2009 - "Gentlemania" Album (Sonig)
2008 - "The Chaddom-Blechbourne Experience" Live Album (Victo)
2008 - "The Children's Suite" 7" and Live CD (Dual Plower)
2005 - "Eat My Heart Out" Album (Chicks on Speed Records)
2003 - "Bitches Without Britches" Album (Chicks on Speed Records)
2002 - "Jelly Donuts" 7" (Four States Fair)
2002 - "Your Butt" EP (Dudini)
2001 - "The Inside Story" EP (Tigerbeat6)
2001 - "I Heart Presets" EP (Tigerbeat6)

Previous Bands:

1997-2002 - Blectum from Blechdom (tigerbeat6 records, orthlorng musork, deluxe, phthalo) reunited in 2006: currently working on a new album

1997-2001 - Adult Rodeo (Shimmy Disc, Four States Fair)