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"Kevin Brown Press Reviews"

Mojave Dust ‘Get Rhythm’

Kevin Brown's first ever solo acoustic album, Mojave Dust, provides twelve compelling reasons to seek out one of the UK great unsung heroes of roots music whom Mark Knopfler rates as "a fabulous slide player". An atmospheric slice of desert blues, it's an understated gem that sits up there with the best of Ry Cooder and KellyJoe Phelps. Steeped in the sounds of Amencana, Mojave Dust reverberates with the heat and beauty redolent of south-western USA as Brown's melancholic vocals and incredible guitar create an irresistible groove that draws the listener close within his tales of love, moving on, pollution, death, drink and football. All original material except for a tender take on RobertJohnson's 'Travelling Riverside Blues', Brown writes with the deft touch of the craftsman he undoubtedly is. 'Tornado Woman', 'Johnny Don't Cry', 'Alcohol', and the beautiful 'Are You Still Dancing To Another Tune' are peaks on an album where the standard never dips beneath the benchmark of excellent.

‘Mojave Dust’ Net Rythyms review

Blues isn't for the head. It's an earthy trinity of heart, soul and something very much lower. It's born of despair, lives in the moment and leaves its echoes when it's gone.

A new album of spine-tingling acoustic Delta blues in all its raw purity by Kevin Brown is shortly to be released by Doodah Records - and it's totally compelling in its intimate sparseness. Mojave Dust was recorded live using a single microphone and no graphic equalisation, and every subtly and touch of slide on strings can be heard. All new songs (plus Robert Johnson's Travelling Riverside Blues) are of the highest quality. Brown's voice is strong and emotionally-stirring in its desolation.

Once signed to Chrysalis, Hannibal and Taxim, West Country-based Brown is one of our greatest blues musicians and songwriters, and Mojave Dust is arguably his best album yet. Less is definitely more. This is guitar playing at its most immediate and wonderful. Essential blues.

Sue Cavendish NetRythms

‘Mojave Dust’

Sometimes rarely but just sometimes, a CD just arrives. However it's almost unique for it to be of the quality of Mojave Dust. And in one of those quirks of fate, as I prepared to review it the title track was played on Paul Jones' R&B show on Radio 2. What Kevin Brown re-affirms, emphatically is that to play the blues all you need is a guitar, a voice and a wagonload of belief, wagonload was not the first word that ·Sprang to mind but you get the idea. If I tell you that alongside the self-penned numbers there is only one cover, Robert' Johnson's Travelling Riverside Blues, it will give .you some idea of what Brown is offering. Throughout the album you can hear strings being bent as he leaves Life red-raw and bleeding in the wake of·some real gritty blues.

Biographical detail is scant born in Lancashire his first album Picking Good Tunes was released in 1984, The other true statement is that he is not as yet, a household name The-question has to be why?’ His Subtle earthy slide guitar dovetails with a rasping, powerful voice to produce music without compromise. It's the solitary, atmosphere that Mojave Dust creates that is its greatest delight. This is not just a dozen songs burned on to a CD; it's a personal performance for all those lucky enough to own it. Strangely I've reviewed this without picking out any individual tracks and that's testament to the album as a whole experience. Pick any one of the 12 and you will find a steamy sensual example of the blues at its very best. Better still do what I did, sit back open something cold and lose yourself for an hour or so. It's the healthiest out of body experience on the go. But at the end of the journey comes one of the most beautiful songs When Saturday Comes, it's not about football it's about life and passion and surely that's the blues.

Michael Mee, the Tweedale Press Group.

‘The Guitar Magazine’ reviews Kevin Brown's Mojavé Dust.

British Bottlenecker Brown wrote almost all of these songs himself-apart from Robert Johnson’s Travelling Riverside Blues. That pretty much tells you all you need to know about the ‘what’

One voice, one guitar, one slide, one serious dose of the blues. The key thing with this album is the ‘how’, as in ‘how well was it done ? The answer:brilliantly…..Brown leaves other slide merchants eating his dust !

The Guitar Magazine

Kevin Brown & Moussa Kouyate - KORA BLUES (DooDah) SONGLINES (Nigel Williamson

Ry Cooder certainly started somethingwhen he recorded Talking Tibuktu with Ali Farka Toure almost a decade ago. Since then we’ve had American guitarists Taj Mahal and Bob Brozman teaming up with various African virtuosi to explore the sonic links between the blues and West African rhythms and ancient instruments such as the Kora and Balafon. Kevin Brown is the latest to jump on what one hesitates to call the bandwagon-it is an entirely welcome phenomenon.

Unlike - Kevin Brown Music


Road Dreams 1984 Hannibal
Rust 1987 Hannibal
Time Marches On 1993 Taxim
Sunny Side Up 1998 Doodah
Mojave Dust 2001 Doodah
Kora Blues 2003 Doodah
Tin Church 2005 Doodah


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Kevin Brown is a highly respected professional recording artist, writer and performer of over 30 years standing. Born in Lancashire (1950) the son of a signwriter and schoolteacher Kevin has been inspired from an early age by the blues and its related genres.

He is heralded by both the public and other artists as a leading light in the world of slide guitar and roots music.

With eight solo albums to his credit and countless international live performances from the Main stage at Glastonbury to the many beer joints of Texas where he once lived, Kevin has managed to keep a fresh approach to his craft whilst paying his respect to the blues masters of the past.

In 1968 Kevin was introduced to Son House and spent some time learning from the great bluesman himself, to have been taught by the same man who taught Robert Johnson was a blessing few of us can lay claim too.

With further gentle encouragement from Sam Mitchell and Jo Anne Kelly, Kevin developed his writing skills whilst soaking up all he could to help him develop his own personal style that has helped carve his name in the UK blues and folk scene.

After following a brief teaching position he embarked upon a full time career in music after moving to Bath in 1978.

His first album Road Dreams, recorded on 4 track, was picked up by Joe Boyd at Hannibal records. The release of his follow up ‘Rust’ finally caught the attention of the majors and Kevin signed to Chrysalis delivering Time Marches On in 1994 only to find the companies new owners EMI had little interest in the roots and blues genre. Taxim finally released the album to wide acclaim.

Meanwhile Kevin, determined to keep his own direction firmly focused took the brave step of starting his own label, Doodah Records.

His first release on the label ‘Sunny Side Up' displayed his compositional skills and highlighted his beautiful slide playing and arranging within 12 instrumental pieces.

'Mojave Dust' his first solo acoustic album followed and blew the UK folk and blues scene apart. This naked straight to stereo approach revealed Kevins skill as a writer and player in all its glory.

‘Kora Blues’ his collaboration with master Kora player Moussa Kouyate further illustrated just why he is so highly regarded amongst his steady growing legion of fans.

And now his latest release ‘Tin Church’ picks up where 'Mojave Dust' left off. This latest batch of recordings reveal 11 original songs once more touching upon the lives of those who live and survive around us, says Kevin Brown
Tramps, mercenary’s, gamblers and preachers have all provided inspiration for the songs found therein. "There are parts of them in all of us, they just take a little time to find" KevinBrown

Once again his slide playing, writing and singing reaches and surpasses the benchmark set by 'Mojave Dust'