Kevin Brown & The Beloved Country

Kevin Brown & The Beloved Country


Critically-acclaimed songwriting from the inland northwest, backed by a powerhouse americana band.


Singer-songwriter Kevin Brown makes his home in rural Northeastern Washington state, not too far from the farms where two sets of great-grandparents settled a century ago. Living amidst the Ponderosa Pine forests and rivers that spill out of the Selkirk Mountains, it's not surprising that Landscape and Place play an important part in Kevin's songs. But the rich natural world of the surroundings is not just a backdrop, but also serves as a metaphor for exploring the landscapes of the heart and soul -- faith, family, love, the passage of time, and the interwoven fabric of earth and humanity. There are always more layers to explore in a well-crafted song.

Kevin released his debut album of originals, The County Primaries, in 2010 to quiet critical acclaim. called it "easily one of the best debut albums of 2010". For a songwriter coming into a solo career in his late 40s, Brown's debut album was surprisingly self-assured. His follow-up effort "The Beloved Country" spent several weeks in the top 40 of the national Roots Music Report and FOLKDJ lists for folk radio airplay, and solidified the band sound that Kevin performs with.

In addition to his songwriting, Kevin is well-known in the Inland Northwest as the host of the popular radio program Front Porch Bluegrass heard weekly on Spokane Public Radio, and as mandolin player in the popular and long-running Rhythm & Bluegrass band Big Red Barn. He has also served for over ten years as the Music Director for The Blue Waters Bluegrass Festival which has grown to become one of the most popular summertime bluegrass festivals in the Northwest. Through these endeavors Kevin has worked with some of the best folk musicians around and has been inspired by a rich legacy of American roots music.


As Quiet As Grace

Written By: Kevin Brown

As quiet as Grace
As simple as silence
As gentle as water
As steady as rain
As crazy as loving
For as long as it takes
This world waits for something
As quiet as Grace.

Angel of mercy
Mother of praise
Sister of brothers
Who've squandered their ways
She don't say a word
As she washes your face
In Living Water
As quiet as Grace.

Look for her shadow
To fall 'cross your face
She'll be there waiting
You'll know the place
Down by the River
Where sins are erased
I've never seen nothing
As quiet as Grace.

Medicine Bow

Written By: Kevin Brown

He came from Wyoming, he was a man of few words
He'd seen the last of the buffalo herds
Laramie Dan, yeah he moved kinda slow
Because of what happened in the Medicine Bow

He said the winter of 45, Lord it was hell
Four feet of snow turned to ice where it fell
The Indians tell how the buffalo cried
Their legs all tore up and bloody and broke as they died.

Four hundred carcasses lay there to rest
The Indians say that when the storm passed
There were twenty huge buffalo, whiter than snow
Heading up into the Medicine Bow.

I belong to the sky
The wind on the prairie it blows such a terrible cry
So I'm going high in the Medicine Bow when I die

Well the West opened up and the railroad came
It slashed up the belly of the Midwestern Plains
Cold iron rails and cold iron guns
Dead buffalo, and dead Indians

Now four million carcasses lay there to rest
Worn like a medal on the white man's chest.
Ain't nothing so awful in this world below
As the death song sung by the White Buffalo

I belong to the sky...

Laramie Dan says that not long ago
He was up high in the Medicine Bow
He found him a couple old buffalo skulls
Bigger than any that he'd ever known

And you may not believe it, but he swears that it's true
He slept there and dreamed 'neath a cold pale moon
Of a hole in the sky, and when he awoke
His legs were all tore up, and bloody and broke

I belong to the sky...


Written By: Kevin Brown

It's as if you've always known that it was coming, like an echo from the hour when you were born. Your mother spoke strange new words of comfort in answer to a question that you could not form.

There was a steady hand holding things together just when it seemed it all might come undone. When the shadow of your doubt stretched out before you, the light right behind you was the rising sun.

Chorus: All I'm saying is I hear the sound of thunder like a locomotive rolling through the rain. In the darkness of the night I often wonder if comfort is not too far away. Comfort is not too far away.

All the rocks that you've been throwing thru the windows of the old abandoned mansion on the hill, trying to raise the ghost behind the curtain, but you're not quite certain if he's real.

Throw one for the castles that have crumbled, throw one for the weight of the world. Do these prayers wind up in the dust amongst the floorboards, or are they are gathered up like a string of luminescent pearls?


"Rise up, Lazarus my brother, and wipe away that dead look in your eyes! The morning light is dancing on the water, so rise and shine!"

When I Go Out at Night

Written By: Kevin Brown

When I go out at night, I don't mean to do no wrong. But the nightlife it just calls to me and I've got to go along. I slowly close the door, try not to wake my wife, they're all asleep and no one knows when I go out at night.

When I go out at night, it's a kind o' restlessness. Something still within me from those wilder days I guess. And she's waiting for me in the shadows past the back porch light... My old dog just runs around when I go out at night.

When I go out at night, I'm a dancing drunken fool. I'm wearing my old cowboy hat, I must look pretty cool, alone there in my backyard, no one to see the sight, just drinking up that midnight sky when I go out at night.

They say the night life ain't no good life for a home-lovin' man. But I guess that that just depends on where it is you stand.

When I go out at night and I stand beneath the stars, there ain't no jukebox playing and there ain't no broken hearts, but there's wood smoke on the wind tonight and that moon is such a sight all wrapped up in that midnight sky when I go out at night. Yeah there's wood smoke on the wind tonight and that moon is such a sight... Excuse me while I kiss the sky, when I go out at night.

The Slow Ones

Written By: Kevin Brown

I like the slow ones, the languid days of June. Walk out past the fence line on a lazy afternoon. The tall grass moves like water when the wind says something wild. I am a child, I am a child.

I like the slow ones, those sad old country songs. Steel guitars and midnight bars and someone done you wrong. There's just something about the harmony, something about the moon. I'm in tune, I'm in tune.

Chorus: I've been running at full throttle for so long! I'm gonna park my El Dorado out behind the barn, and sit there 'til the dawn, and watch the day become one of the slow ones.

I like the slow ones, yeah, those ones are the best. Curled up like two old love birds in our empty nest. You know me like a heartbeat, you warm me like a fire when I'm tired, and I'm so tired.


"The County Primaries" (2010)
"The Beloved Country" (2012)