Kevin Bulmer

Kevin Bulmer


Inspiring lyrics mixed with melody contribute to Kevin's uplifting style of music. Think Jimmy Buffett meets Will Kimbrough meets Great Big Sea meets David Francey. Somewhere in the middle is Kevin Bulmer.


A versatile and inspiring performer and songwriter, Kevin Bulmer is also an award-winning broadcaster, speaker, writer and business person. He is able to use his skills in communication and natural way with people to put listeners at ease and create a welcoming, fun environment for his audience. And, as a successful entrepreneur (Kevin is a partner in CPT Entertainment Inc., an event management company), Kevin full y understands the challenges facing venue and event operators and will go out of his way to help make things as easy and effective as possible.
Kevin’s current performance catalogue is an acoustic-driven selection of instantly likeable melodies built around his uplifting, introspective lyrics. Fans of Kevin will enjoy a wide range of musical styles with his upcoming full-length debut CD, “No Schedule Man” due for release in June of 2010.
In 2007, Kevin wrote, recorded and released “I Remember”, a 3-song EP in support of the Wallaceburg Antique Motor and Boat Outing event in Wallaceburg, Ontario (his family’s hometown). Among the shows Kevin did in promotion of "I Remember" were two evenings in support of three-time Juno award winner, David Francey. After the London show at Aeolian Hall in November of 2007, Francey said: “Kevin Bulmer writes about his hometown, his own past, and their shared history, describing with a clear eye the place that shaped his songs. He writes and performs with undeniable passion."
“I Remember” is currently available for sale through CPT Entertainment, CD Baby and at online retailers around the world.
Kevin loves most types of music and he enthusiastically wears his many influences on his sleeve. His favourite songwriters and performers include: David Francey, Extreme, Great Big Sea, Jimmy Buffett, Will Kimbrough, Green Day and Bruce Springsteen (among many others). Kevin is a part of a very musical family. His sister, Karen Bulmer, is a nationally recognized Tuba soloist and chamber musician and current Assistant Professor of Low Brass at the Memorial University School of Music in Newfoundland.
More information about Kevin and his other pursuits can be found online:


I Remember

Written By: Kevin Bulmer

c2007 Kevin Bulmer (SOCAN)

The papers today wrote of “Ace”
And the ways that he’s captured this place
A community’s heart starts to race - For a day

The scholarship came in the mail; one more future is set now to sail
And a town’s pride again will prevail - For a day

Home sweet home
I remember, I remember
Home sweet home, I remember
My heart is at home

The plumber is simple but true
And he does all a good heart can do
And he’s put his dreams behind for you
For a day

The drawbridge will yawn its relief
For a laker to pass without grief
Cause the boat will be back, our belief
For a day


And the glass factory may be gone now
But there are those who remember how
The place was alive and so proud
For a day

The Sydenham shimmers its wake
With the laughter of summer at stake
And it’s one thing a town won’t forsake
For a day



Written By: Kevin Bulmer

c2007 Kevin Bulmer (SOCAN)

We’ve all had a heart been shattered
And a heart that’s strong
And though life can put us through the fire
We just keep moving on

There are days we see clearly
Some in a cloudy fog
And though life can shift and stain the view
We just keep moving on

And we work in the flame of the belly of the beast
A legacy at most, a living at the least
And we steel ourselves to the furnace blast
We’ll come out of the fire as fine as glass

Bent borders of endurance
Many times the toil seems long
Reward is one more day the same
We just keep moving on

We can never been quite certain
If we are where we belong
We never paused enough to ask
We just keep moving on


When the fire has long subsided
And the ember’s glow is gone
And we long for some connection
Before we move beyond

If the Kiltie Band could pipe us
One more final song
Let the others know we’re with ‘em
And to just keep moving on



Written By: Kevin Bulmer

c2007 Kevin Bulmer (SOCAN)

There aren’t enough days in a lifetime
That can stand up and live on their own
When life gives enough pause for rewind
Those are days memories won’t leave alone

On the Sydenham shoreline so long ago
Where they got the old Mac Craft boats ready to float
Generations of craftsmen employed all their skills
Their mark still remains and it always will

Once a year, home in Wallaceburg, old voices can be heard
From that singing bridge as we look back in time
Grandpa, take me there; we’ve just one life to share
Let’s head home again; you and me one more time

There are so many things that can happen
That can steal the faith out from your heart
But there are days you’ll wish to recapture
Looking back is a good place to start

Rippled waves on the water and smiles on the shore
The wooden boats shine as they did once before
Time moves in slow motion, if just for a day
A celebration with Pard Martin’s dream on display


So prone to distraction, living in reaction to whatever takes place
But with a little proacting, we can create the days time can never replace


As the sun sets the time down, and the moon wakes the sky
I’ll carry you in my heart once this day says goodbye


Every Time I Look Into Your Eyes

Written By: Kevin Bulmer and Kevin Gorman

Forgive me please, for I am not prepared
Words are so many, but when I need them, nothing’s there

I know the feeling, but I’m not sure a phrase
Could ever capture any thought I’d wish to say

But you look at me and I am weightless
Must be what heaven feels like
Every time I look into your eyes
Happily helpless
It’s like watching the sun rise
Every time I look into your eyes

Life chips away, and time is turning
Daily eroding all the things I used to be

Life and the earth will keep on spinning
But I have found all that I am or ever wish to be

But you look at me and I am weightless
Must be what heaven feels like
Every time I look into your eyes
Happily helpless
It’s like watching the sun rise
Every time I look into your eyes


"No Schedule Man" (Full Length CD, to be released in June, 2010)
"Song for Sean" (single, independent) 2009
"Every Time I Look Into Your Eyes" (single, independent) 2009
“I Remember” (3-song EP, CPT Entertainment) 2007
“Light it Up” (single, independent) 2000
“Forget About Tomorrow” (5-song demo, independent) 1994

Set List

Playing in support of other artists or in a “coffee house” setting, Kevin will play almost exclusively original material. In a festival-type setting, Kevin may add a few recognizable and influential songs that blend well with his own music.

Kevin can play short, five or six-song opening sets or he can perform several 45-minute sets for up to four hours, depending on the requirement of the event, venue and promoter.

Among the original songs Kevin will performed live are:

1. "No Schedule Man" CD songs:

Hope Over Hurt
No Schedule Man
Bagley Avenue
Sunny Day in November
Awake (But Not Alive)
Do Better
South Carolina
Every Time I Look Into Your Eyes
Everything's Just Fine
Kevin's Prayer
Song for Sea

2. "I Remember" CD songs

I Remember

3. Cover material examples:

Early Morning Rain (Lightfoot)
Into the Mystic (Morrison)
My Old Friend the Blues (Earle)
In My Room (Beach Boys)