Kevin Case

Kevin Case

 Concord, California, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Kevin Case is an Evocative, Soulful Singer/Songwriter whose closest category is Adult-Alternative. Spiritual influences are The Shins. Death Cab, Radiohead, Spoon, The National & MMJ. The songs sometimes fall into a more mainstream pop/acoustic vein ala Damien Rice, Gavin DeGraw and Matt Kearney.


Kevin Case was born and raised in Seattle, WA and music was always his passion (when he wasn’t skateboarding). He began writing music on his church piano at the age of 7, mostly so he wouldn’t have to sit through the sermons. He began writing songs and singing, playing almost every instrument he would pick up by ear to try and replicate the sounds constantly streaming through his head. In his teens, he played guitar and performed vocals with garage rock favorites “The Eagertones” during the explosion of the Seattle club scene in the late 80’s. The Eagertones recordings received nationwide airplay on college radio stations with the band touring cross country in support of the buzz. Kevin couldn’t believe he was opening for The Ramones, The Romantics, The Del Lords, The Godfathers and some of his other musical heroes.

The group disbanded in 1997 after an amazing run, but Kevin had formed a tight musical bond with Eagertones guitarist Phil Georgas and they decided to continue on together. Kevin and Phil played and recorded in a few side projects through 1999 (Georgas Case and Money) until Kevin moved to the San Franciso Bay Area.
After disappearing for a few years Kevin re-emerged with a self-produced and performed CD in 2005. “For future reference” was a labor of love, written, recorded and engineered in Kevin’s “spare time”, usually at 3:00 in the morning when the house was otherwise dark and quiet. It is available for purchase through a number of sources and includes fan-favorites “January Rain” and “Starving for Sugar”.

Kevin fronted the bands "Adam Uneven" and "Ten" from 2006-2008 performing songs from his solo CD and new collaborations.

Kevin is currently working on his next solo release, slated to hit eardrums in early 2010. Fans can look forward to Kevin’s deeply personal, sometimes playful lyrics combined with a few piano-driven songs, a bit of a retro, unplugged feel and with the purchase of some new engineering software and a few more guitars, it promises to give his earlier works a run for their money.


January Rain

Written By: Kevin Case

January Rain
words & music kcase 2004

Tumbling down the secrets cast their spell
remaining is the everything I left behind
Calling out from somewhere I can't tell
The Faintest words evaporating

Fall down January Rain
I'm never gonna feel this way again
Bye Bye baby blue eyes
Some things are just to simple to explain
January Rain

Never thought she'd ever live to see
the grand design of some forever
Miracles survived her disbelief
An echo still reverberating

Fall down January Rain
Touched the sun for long enough
to come back down to earth again
Bye Bye sweet summer skies
Listen to the angels sweet refrain
January Rain

Fall down January Rain
I'm never gonna use this heart again
Bye Bye run into the night
The moment was too perfect to remain
January Rain

The Dreaming

Written By: Kevin Case

The Dreaming
words and music kcase 2005

Burn down the candles
I don't want to see
where I'm going

Cut loose the anchor
send me out to see

This is the Dreaming
I'll be here
if you come back for me

Turn down the world
I don't want to hear
what it's saying

open your window
so that I can feel
your music playing

You are the reason
If you go
I will show the way

This is the Dreaming
I'll be here
if you come back for me

Starving for Sugar

Written By: Kevin Case

Starving (for sugar)
words and music Kevin Case, October 2005

Ballerinas and Thieves.

Won't you sing it,
c'mon sing it to me.

'Cause I'm on a high-wire/fine-line
between what I want and what I need.

Bring it back, bring it back yeah
Give it to me.

Starving for Sugar
I can't take it no more
Starving for Sugar
and I'm standing
in the candy store.

baby you can get so cold
That's the part they forget to tell ya
before you go.

But I know
yeah I know, I know deep down in my soul.
'Cause it's all around,
all around me and it won't let go.

Maricopa A.M.

Written By: Kevin Case

Maricopa Morning:

She floats above the shadows
distant sounds float through her atmosphere
as she remembers...

the smell of snow on flowers
icy sunlight streaming through her clouds of exhalation

strands in the fabric of a life
fraying on the edge of the night

Maricopa Morning

He holds her mem'ry tightly
A fever just as real as anything
that sent him in from the weather

Her scent like snow on flowers
Drawing him forever falling
Much to his frustration

A fleeting glimpse and then she's gone
Disappearing with the dawn

Maricopa Morning

Traffic flies by an exit sign that no-one seems to read
Empty space or another place in a dream?

Why did he come here anyway?
Laughing to him self so loud she sees him coming through the doorway
Just another roadside cafe
But there she is as real as anything
that sent him into the weather

Her smile warmer than the coffee that she spills
over all the happiness he feels

Maricopa Morning


Eagertones LP 2000
Kevin Case Solo release 2005 entitled: "for future reference" on CD, iTunes and other digital formats widely-distributed via CD Baby.
Digital releases on mp3 and video with the bands "Adam Uneven" 2006-2007
and "Ten"
New solo material "leaked" digitally on fansites with an official release forthcoming.
samples are also on

Set List

Original material spanning
15 years performed acoustically:
Love Song 21
Big House is Abandoned
It's Not The Way
The Truth
Different Season
Starving for Sugar
The Dreaming
January Rain
Blue-Eyed Lullabye
Maricopa A.M.
Ready and Waiting
Broken Toy
- covers are sometimes thrown in:
Costello's: Peace Love and Understanding
Smithereen's: Wall of Sleep
Talking Heads: Psycho Killer
Cheap Trick: Surrender
Cohen: Hallelujah
Who: The Seeker