Kevin Chauvette

Kevin Chauvette


Kevin is a songwriter with unique storytelling style. His music has been compared to Lonestar and his voice to Jason Mraz. From New Country to Contemporary Christian to Pop, his songs have won awards and receive international radio airplay.


Jason Mraz meets Lonestar! As a four time NH Country Music Assoc. songwriter award winner and finalist in the Dallas Song Search contest, Kevin's voice has been compared to Jason Mraz and Freddy Mercury though his story telling style of songwriting has the sound of Lonestar or a modern day Don McClean. His recent country music CD "Forever Endeavor" has received tremendous international airplay on independant radio stations from Norway, Belgium, Sweeden to New Zealand. Find out what the "Feline Code" is all about and what ..."Make's it Country" by hearing a few of his latest songs at


That Makes It Country

Written By: Kevin Chauvette


It’s not that locomotive beat the way it makes you move your feet
It’s not the cowboys at the bar or the pedal steel guitar
It’s not the twang in their voice that makes it my first choice
It’s the story behind it – that makes it country

Well, Jesse was a cowboy and he played a mean guitar
He hooked up with Loretta at the local honky-tonk
Loretta’s dad wad pastor of the Southern Baptist Church
And when they ran away to Nashville he called a missing person search

It’s not the steady upright bass or the goatees on their face
It’s not the line dancing crowd or the banjo picking sound
It’s not the scratch of fiddle bows or the Willie Nelson clothes
It’s the story behind it – that makes it country

They laid low from the law for a couple months or so
Until Loretta got the nerve and said “there’s something you should know”
She said “it’s all my fault we’re hiding from my daddy and my kin
You see, the truth is I’m not 21, sorry but I’m only 17”

It ain’t that Carolina Drawl or the way we say “Y’all”
It’s not the leather boots and spurs or the Stetsons, his and hers
It’s not the gin in dirty glasses or the cowgirls with big…hair
It’s the story behind it – that makes it country

Songs in “G” and major keys, rawhide shirts and Wrangler jeans
Harmonicas and mandolins, here come those same three chords again
Telecasters with a slide, mechanical bulls and bareback riding
Red state boys with necks that match, now a moment of silence for
Johnny Cash -That makes it country –country indeed

Loretta’s 18th birthday seemed to take a while to come
And on that day they were married at the Chapel o’ Love
Jesse got a record deal and made it pretty big
Someone asked what made him country and this exactly what he said…

The One That she Calls Dad

Written By: Kevin Chauvette


I watch her on the back yard swing, ponytails and eyes of green
I know she doesn’t look like me, now were family
Sure hope her heart’s got room for me

I wasn’t present at her birth and I missed out on all the firsts
The steps, the smiles those precious words the laughter and the tears
Now I’ll be the one to share the years

Is it more than blood we need to identify a dad
There’s got to be love involved somewhere
Do our common genes decide the kind of bond we have
I may not be her father, but I’m the one
The one that she calls dad

I’ll be the one to meet her dates; the scary dad her boyfriend hates
And when she’s out I’ll lay awake pretending I’m asleep
All in a dad’s days work for me

One day soon as time goes by I’ll walk her down that center aisle
Choke back a tear and try to smile before I set her free
Sure hope she saves a dance for me

The doctor with Band-Aids for teddy bears
And her tea party guest on a tiny chair
The giant who carries the sleeping princess off to bed
That’s part of the resume that someone has to have
To be the one that she calls dad

Fatherhood can be achieved; the world is full of those who leave
But being a dad is a different thing and one I think we need
A bond that love and time will breed

I watch her on the backyard swing; ponytails and eyes so full of dreams

Oh, Say (Can You See)

Written By: Kevin Chauvette

Oh, Say

They kissed at the station – and said their goodbye’s
One whole generation – sent to defend our lives.
The fighting grew heavy – the air thick with fear
The orders came down – we need one brave volunteer
Anxiety gripped her – as the black sedan slowed
One somber salute and one life changing note
Oh say, can you see – if his name is in this letter for me
This folded flag and 21 blasts won’t erase him from my memory
Oh say, oh say can you see

I look just like him - that’s what I’ve been told
When he as missing in action I was just 2 years old
Today’s the big dedication to honor the lost
All the names are engraved in stone, but have we counted the cost
Oh say, can you see the name my daddy chose to share with me
I can’t read these gravestones ‘cause my tears make it so hard to see
Oh say, oh say can you see
Oh say oh say does that banner wave
For all who’ve helped to keep us free
The price of freedom is high sometimes
But it’s bought us such a legacy

He just completed his night shift – when the first tower was struck
He kissed his wife and his baby and jumped in his truck
Through the smoke and confusion he led them to the ground floor
But, the last time they saw him he went back in for more
Oh say can you see if the man in this picture’s been seen
My heart sank as I watched those towers
‘Cause I knew just where a hero a hero would be
It’s so surreal the way I feel
I need to wake up from this terrible dream
Oh say, oh say can you see


13 song contemporary country music CD "Forever Endeavor". Tracks can be heard at: