Kevin Christian

Kevin Christian

 Freeland, Washington, USA
BandCountryAdult Contemporary

Original classic folk/blues/country rock written over a 40 year carreer, with a nod toward Crosby/Stills/Nash/Young, James Taylor and Jimi Hendrix. Guitars and vocals, evenly spread between acoustic Martin and electric Gibson guitars.


All through my carreers as an Air Force jet pilot, full time traveling musician, elecrical engineer and Aerospace customer services manager, it was music that kept me sane...



Written By: Kevin Christian


A Song by Kevin Christian

Lyric Sheet

Soldier, marching to the military drumbeat, whose war now will you go and die for

Soldier, carrying your rifle on your shoulder,

You live without a home, your feet are not your own

They carry your wherever you are called for

A battle cry, jump and die, for you’re a

Soldier, the blood of all our nation runs in you—soldier please be true, it’s required of you

Fight to save your country; do not think to save yourself

Though the pictures of your family, that press against your heart

Will also die within the fiery blast

Now you’re gone, who’ll carry on?

Oh, Soldier, filling in the hole left in the ranks, say goodbye to your sweet darlin’

And if you will return to take her hand is hard to say,

For war’s a senseless goddess, who kills with sightless hand

It matters not how much you stand to lose

But when the war is over, come lie beside your love

And revel in the joys of life until your call to battle

Comes again


Dog Heaven (published in 2006, 12 songs)
many more unpublished

Set List

I do a lot of blues/rock/country/folk songs of other artists, probably covering about 100 songs.

Now playing most songs with bass accompianist.