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The best kept secret in music


"Rave Reviews about Kevin's Work"

“The Pied Piper has nothing on Kevin! He was the perfect storyteller to add to this year’s line-up.”
Rebecca Cohen, librarian

As an organizer of an event that incorporates 20,000, guests…if you are looking for a Professional Storyteller who can enchant audiences, call Kevin.
Catherine Paparella, Program Director

“Kevin’s stories helped us all to be more outgoing and imaginative in everything we do. His stories will live on through all of us. He is a blessing through his teaching, and his love for the art of storytelling."
Heather Costner, one of Kevin’s Students

“Thank you for sharing your time and talent with us at the Three Rivers Storytelling Festival. You were wonderful! This has been a Kevin Cordi year for Pittsburg, and we are lucky that is so. I hope the relationships we’ve built this year continue in the future. It is a pleasure to work with you.”
Mary Morgan Smith, Librarian and Producer

“You have lit a fire. You are on to something that is much more powerful than I realized. You are the only person in the country to help young storytellers in an organized, focused way. Well done!”
Jay O’Callahan, Storyteller

“Cordi has made it his crusade to teach the value of a storytelling legacy.”
National Storytelling Network

“Kevin Cordi lives, breathes, and consumes story. He is a natural born storyteller and his love for his craft is contagious to all who encounter him. Kevin has a mission on the earth to spread the world that storytelling will change lives and he will never give up on his mission.”
Laurie Goodman, Principal, Central Valley, CA

“When the electronic wizards took over the world they forgot to zap one lone knight. Kevin Cordi tilting at push-button entertainment and the simplest of weapons—his brain and tongue, is raising an army of students to rekindle interest in humankind’s oldest communication skill, storytelling.”

The Fresno Bee

“Cordi is synonymous with youth storytelling. He had done more to promote and develop youth storytelling programs and to advocate for youth storytelling than any other teller in the country. He has created, trained, enthused, and shepherded a consistently talented, knowledgeable troop of high school tellers, and with his boundless energy and technical and performing talents, acted as the nation’s primary advocate for youth storytelling.”
Kendall Haven, author of Super Simple Storytelling

“While other people are now beginning to cultivate youth tellers, Cordi has had a successful and reputable troupe for years! He is the pioneer in learning about and applying his learning to young storytellers.”
Donald Davis, Author and Storyteller

"Kevin Cordi is not only a master teacher in the way he coaches youth in the art of storytelling-but he has a powerful energy on stage that is so
enthusiastic and captivating, that his passion for his work is immediately evident!"

- BOBBY NORFOLK, Emmy Award-Winning Storyteller

Cordi, a dark-haired, dimple-chinned Midwesterner, is considered the nation’s first full-time high school storytelling teacher, and thanks to his efforts, he’s not the only one.

American Profile Magazine

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Cordi, Kevin, Keys to Imagination, DVD, StoryWatchers Club, 2006
*awarded the Film Advisory Board “Award of Excellence”
!Parenting Media Award and positively reviewed by Booklist

Completed CDs, published under Voices Across America Storytelling Project
Pandora Revisited, 2006
Peace Talk: The Other Side of the Story 2004
Wisdom Keepers 2003
Listen to the Animals, Storytelling World Award Winning CD 2001
Kevin Cordi, LIVE, CD 2000

Cordi, Kevin (produced Student CDs)
Word Dancing and Other Tales of the Imagination 2006 CD
Fantasy Alive, 2003 CD
Community Campfire, 2002 CD
Urban Legends, 1999 CD
Tales to Tickle Your Funny Bone, 1998, CD
Strength through Story: Non-Violent Means Told by Teens, 1994, CD


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Adventures and Experience of Kevin Cordi

For eleven years I was, according to the National Storytelling Network, "the first full time high school storytelling teacher in the country." I also taught storytelling at the college level for nine years at California State University, in Fresno.

Although I found a special place for story in the classroom, for over eighteen years I have been a Professional Storyteller, performing in over 30 states, England, and Japan. I have been featured as a teller in Yosemite National Park, Stories by the Sea in Oregon, Keepers of the Flame in Buffalo, New York, The Bay Area Storytelling Festival in California, and the Smoky Mountain Storytelling Festival in Tennessee. I have also served as emcee at the National Storytelling Festival.

As a teller I seek out stories that have teaching and healing principles. I have shows ready that are geared for children such as the "Listen to the Animals Program," but also am more than ready to tell for adults with programs like "Wisdom Keepers" or "Telling America’s Story." I have engineered special shows on conflict resolution, cultural understanding, and my own collection of personal tales. Each tale I tell is meant to remind others the joy in sharing their tales.

What Can I Bring to A Festival or School?

1. A Commitment of Excellence for Adults and Kids of All Ages as a Teller and
Presenter: As an experienced teller and workshop presenter, I draw from my experiences as an educator for fourteen years and a storyteller for fifteen with a vast repertoire of stories, I build programs that compliment the needs of the audience.

2. Ensemble Storytelling. For the last nine years I have trained youth to find their own voice in storytelling and brought this sure crowd pleaser to festivals. In "Ensemble Storytelling" I work with a group of 10 to 20 children for an hour before a performance, gearing them to share a story with me on stage at festivals and conferences. Children feel comfortable telling with an experienced ensemble teller and even the most reluctant will participate. This is an amazing experience for children and adults and a wonder to see.

3. An Appeal to Educators and Kids. In addition to being an accomplished teller, I am a certified teacher who knows how to appeal to other educators and to work with kids. I try to take every opportunity to involve kids. Youth are our future storytellers and what better legacy do adults have to give to our kids than our stories? My storytelling concerts and programs are geared
around this theme.

Whether performing for main stage audiences or teaching in the classroom, each story that I tell deliberately helps the audience or classroom understand their stories and encourages others to tell stories. I am more than a storyteller. I am a teacher who uses stories to motivate, guide, and persuade adults and youth to find their voice through story.
This was the goal of the book that I co-authored with Judy Sima entitled
"Raising Voices: Youth Storytelling Groups and Troupes." This book and my recordings, five solo recordings, six recordings of student storytelling work, and a DVD, have garnered awards, including the prestigious Storytelling World Award.

I have a Masters Degree in "Using Story as a Primary Teaching Tool" and am currently a PhD candidate at Ohio State University studying how narrative can be used effectively to teach many disciplines in school. This study of "story teaching" has been a productive proven tool for many teachers. I have presented this concept in schools, libraries, and festivals. My work on story curriculum has been requested in schools and community centers nation-wide.

Traveling across the country and parts of the world has helped me build a rich tapestry of tales to share with my audiences. I specialize in telling stories that empower others to produce change within themselves and their community. I have chronicled stories of unknown American heroes and heroines as close as my aunt who was a riveter during World War II to sharing the story of Mooney Warther, the greatest woodcarver of America. I also seek out teachable tales that help kids learn the values that come from good choices. My often requested story of "Mama’s Last Puppy" has inspired cards and letters from many children as I tour.

I have been the Executive Director of the National Youth Storytelling Olympics, now called the National Youth Storytelling Hall of Fame since 2001. I was recently commissioned by the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. to create storytelling connections for the center.

In 2002, after being selected to receive a Fulbright, I was requested by the commission to address the Vice Minister of Education in Japan. I proudly served as an ambassador for storytelling. In 2004, I was a Key Note speaker for the National Storytelling Conference in Bellingham, Washington and was during that year awarded the 2004 National Storytelling Service Award from