Kevin Crafton

Kevin Crafton

 Greencastle, Indiana, USA

"What happens when the kids who cut their teeth on '90s rock get older, live a little life and start to find out what the grown up world is like?

When we're lucky, they make a smart, understated album like Kevin Crafton's 'The Vacant Heartland.'"
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Kevin Crafton is a Folk-Rock artist that draws inspiration from the poetry of Jim Daniels and James Wright. With his LP The Vacant Heartland, the scene has been set for his telling the story of the demise of the countries heart and thus morale. This kind of music is something that may have been heard in the late 1970’s with the like of Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp imbued with touches of early 1990’s alternative and modern indie/alt-county. The lyrics convey a message, not of political stance, but of an objective view of the Nation as a whole. With the addition of two new faces, Crafton is soaring to new aural heights.



Written By: Kevin Crafton

Joanie and I were laughin’ when we were just 17
Running around her white dress stained green at the knees
The thunderhead in the distance took us both by surprise
Joanie ran as fast as she could screaming with a smile
A few years later on we were married by the county clerk
We didn’t have much money I was out of work
Fire took our first home they said it was a lightning strike
Joanie stood there smiling I just cursed the storm
We rebuilt the manor on land her daddy gave
Twenty years two children put one in her grave
The oak tree where we laid her fell over in the snow
Joanie now she has cancer she smiled
Honey do you think I’m old
How can I complain about the weather
With you up there in a hospital room
Laughing like you didn’t hear
The doctor say you’d never come home


The Vacant Heartland (2011)
36 (2012)

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