Kevin Curran

Kevin Curran

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

Kevin Curran is the Singer/Songwriter for Australian Hard Rock band Hailmary, he has released a full length album, a single and 2 EP's with the band, one of his earliest written songs for the band won a WAM(Western Australian Music) award as well as being nominated for 2 other songs.


Widely regarded as the singer/songwriter of WAMi Award winning band Hailmary, Kevin Curran purchased his first guitar with pocket money at an early age.

From the outset, Curran was never really one for learning cover songs, instead he started early on with his songwriting career, even if at that stage, he could only play a mere 3 chords.

Fast forward years later, and equipped with a couple more chords to his repertoire Curran formed the band Hailmary in 2005 and has led the band since then as the main Singer/ Songwriter and rhythm guitarist.

A song he penned in 2005 entitled "Drag In Drag Out" won him a prestigious WAMi Award (West Australian Music Industry) Award in the "Heavy/Hard Rock" category in 2006.

With the band, he spent the next year honing his craft by relentlessly playing all over his home town of Western Australia earning the reputation of a tight knit hard-working band.

2008 saw Hailmary release their first recording, an EP entitled "Lottery of Life" featuring not only the WAMi Award winning track "Drag In Drag Out" but also two additional WAMi nominated tracks.

Hailmary headed to the USA in 2009 to record their follow up EP "A Million Miles and Days" with accomplished producer Jeff Tomei( Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains, Matchbox Twenty, Smashing Pumpkins) which included playing shows in USA for the first time.

The band released the EP in 2010 which included dates in East Coast of Australia for the first time as well as supporting bands like The Screaming Jets, Full Scale and Mammal on their Australian tours.

2011 the band once again headed to USA to record with Jeff Tomei, this time, their debut full length "Choice Path Consequence Solution".

The first single a split A Side entitled "Reminiscence/Two Wrongs was released in early 2012 which was followed up with their second East Coast tour and a highlight spot at the inaugural Rock N Load festival at the Espy in St Kilda.

The Band toured the Eastern States twice more before releasing the debut album "Choice Path Consequence Solution to the West Coast in November 2012.

In February 2013, the band commenced their Debut Album VIC/WA Tour which saw them gig extensively across Victoria, including playing the Rock The Bay Festival and across Western Australia. During the tour, the band played a number of acoustic shows which allowed them to express the Album in a different light.


Hailmary - Lottery Of Life EP
Hailmary - A Million Miles And Days EP
Hailmary - Reminiscence/Two Wrongs Single
Hailmary - Choice Path Consequence Solution LP

Set List

Yellow Light Of Death
Control Freak
Running Away
Wake Up
Weighing You Down
Self(Destructive) Made Man
The Way It Was
Yesterdays Friend