Kevin Daly's Chicken & Waffles

Kevin Daly's Chicken & Waffles

 Tempe, Arizona, USA

There's no place that I'd rather be than right here. With my rednecks, white socks and blue ribbon beer. When you get here, you'll understand.


Kevin Daly and lead guitarist Mike Wolfe started C&W after a jam session at a now defunct Phoenix bar, "The Rogue West". Their backgrounds include rock, jazz, bluegrass, country,gospel and more. On stages across the southwest they are known as the go to guys for striking arangements, crisp harmonies, and hot-rod soloing. Nobody else sounds quite like these guys.They are forceful yet nuanced. Hard to tell if they are aligned with the forces of good or evil, as they pledge allegience to both Jesus and the Devil. But they do have a hell of a good time.


"Chicken and Waffles" Six song EP 2010 Swamp Shack Records, Phoenix, Az
"Live from 513" Four song EP due June 2013 Swamp Shack Records, Phoenix, Az