Kevin Devine

Kevin Devine


Modern singer-songwriter stuff that can be real quiet and wordy or real shouty and noisy. Indie folk country punk rock? Wait. Where are you going?


I write and play songs about people. Sometimes "I" and "You" is what it says, sometimes it's make believe. Personal experience and journalistic fiction bound in a blender and bada ba-bada. Guitar-based backdrops to hang the stories on, sometimes vice versa. Acoustic, electric, real small, real big. Just songs, just folks.
For more information, please contact John Mathiason 310 927 9134


2007 - "2007 Tour EP", self-released

2006 - "Put Your Ghost To Rest", Capitol Records

2005 - "Split the Country, Split the Street", Triple Crown Records

2003 - "Make the Clocks Move", Triple Crown Records

2001 - "Circle Gets the Square", Immigrant Sun Records

Set List

It varies. I've played support sets that were 20 minutes and headlining sets that were 3 hours. I do do some covers: Hank Williams, Wilco, Neil Young, Pedro the Lion, Elliott Smith, Bob Dylan, Concrete Blonde, R. Kelly, Clem Snide, Matthew Sweet, Modest Mouse, Megadeth, Built to Spill, Pablo, Dylan, Neutral Milk Hotel...I've done stuff by all those bands. I'm sure I'm leaving plenty out.