Kevin Dorin

Kevin Dorin


Relevant rock/blues/folk music for the the zeitgeist of today. Lyrics are built to appeal to the largest audience possible by infusing rock with the feel of the blues and the lyrical sensibility of folk music.


These days, good musicians are a dime a dozen. We can go on Myspace and find millions of people who are virtuoso musicians and vocalists. But as for good songs with positive messages and interesting stories, it seems as if they are harder than ever to come by. Kevin Dorin’s Strat-laced grooves mixed with his sultry and soulful vocals linger in your memory, and help to meld 4 minute stories into a nice tight package.

Kevin’s is the classic back-up man story, come to take the main stage. Once a studied drummer for 8 years in various bands, you can hear the emphasis on rhythm and percussive dynamic in his guitar playing. With songs like “Fugtive” on his upcoming album, that describe a feeling every person has encountered, he opens up his songs for the potential to cross genres and be universally appreciated. Not only do you feel the emphasis in rhythm in his guitars, you can sense it in the cadence of his lyrics.

“Grab your shoes and get ready to go, I’ve got a plane willing to take us down to Mexico; and baby you don’t need to get those cigarettes that shit is bad for you, I need as much of you as I can get.
Cause’ we are Fugitives girl.”

Kevin is currently in production with his new record label, Maticulous Music Group for his upcoming album debut album. Along with being a musician he is also educated in the music business, being a graduate of the Metalworks Institute of Sound and Production in 2007. This mix of creative mind and educated background combine to spawn music that lasts in your memory, because that’s what you want music to do isn’t it? Linger… We want to take music everywhere we can, why do you think iPods are so popular? I suggest you take some KD with you everywhere you go, a song for every mood.


The Grooves (release 2009)

Set List

2.Worst In Me
3.The Apocalyptic song
5.Do What You Need To Do
6.Move A little Love
7.Does the Soul Grow Old
8.Here I Am
9.Lay Some Kisses On
10.The Prophets