Kevin Earnest

Kevin Earnest

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Knowing a thing or two about crafting a melody, it would appear that multi-instrumentalist Kevin Earnest has lived several lifetimes when listening to his arsenal of eclectic songs he has behind his belt.


Knowing a thing or two about crafting a melody, it would appear that multi-instrumentalist Kevin Earnest has lived several lifetimes when listening to his arsenal of eclectic songs he has behind his belt. It may be a mere coincidence Kevin has Earnest for a last name, but his honest and heartfelt vocal performances along with beautiful arrangements is in fact worthy of serious attention.

After saying good-bye to his last indie band project in 2007, Kevin wanted to create something based on an idea that had been lying dormant in the back of his mind. To create something that went beyond the typical and expected. To lure in audiences through a familiar pop exterior, but move them with a musical complexity hidden within its foundation. Writing incessantly, pulling from a pool of ideas and experiences from the aftermath of a tumultuous two-year period of emotional strife sprang forth his solo debut “These Years Have Been.” Within his debut album, Kevin talks of love, heartache, the death of a dear friend, and the day his father received a heart transplant on the zero floor of the UCLA medical center. Summoning musical influences such as The Beatles, Elliot Smith, Queen, and Jeff Buckley Kevin Earnest clearly showcases subtle hints of those influences within his work and makes them his own.

Shortly after the release of his debut album, Kevin traded in the California sunshine for fresh air and 100 percent chance of rain for a 5 month stay in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard. With a stamped one way ticket, a carryon bag, and nothing but time, Kevin immediately began writing. Immersing himself within the Seattle music scene, sharing the stage with bands like Tacoma’s up and coming Moto Pony, Kevin began developing his own hybrid sound of Los Angeles singer/songwriter and the organic elements of Seattle’s Folk Rock. After some time away from the sunshine Kevin was back in Los Angeles and began working with long time friend and drummer Matt Tesch. As they pieced together the new record they found a new gigging home at The World Famous Hotel Café. Kevin recruited several string players to accompany him during his live sets and he’ll be the first to tell you “everything finally clicked. There was a new excitement within the crowds that was unavoidable. The newly added string arrangements mixed with the natural growth of over all songwriting, I then knew exactly what type of sound I wanted for the new record…organic.”

After Producer James Killington decided to take on the project, he directed Kevin to engineer and friend Anthony Arvizu and his magically organic Mecca, The Compound Studio in Long Beach California. Bands like The Mars Volta, and Cold War Kids have spent their fair share of time there crafting their unique sounds with the help from Arvizu and the walls of the compound. With the desired studio and players selected, the project was finally moving forward. 11 songs, 15 musicians, and countless hours in the studio, Kevin Earnest’s second full length “You Feel Like Home” was finally tracked at The Compound and mastered by Rob Beaton (Guns n Roses, Santana). “You Feel Like Home” is one of the most consistent albums you will hear in 2011 as well as being intricate and complex with its layer upon layer of string arrangements and vocal harmonies. The major attraction to his sophomore release is Earnest’s more than convincing heartfelt vocal performances. It’s the same type of honesty you can expect from Earnest while delving into songs of love, songs for family, and songs of letting go. When asked about his musical journey over the last few years Earnest replied, “ I no longer put pressure on where my songs need to take me, they’re just songs simply about were I’ve been. It took me a long time to realize I need to let life just happen and enjoy the ride, and finally realizing letting go is the only catalyst for positive change within yourself.”

"the strong piano-led element throughout much of the album, in combination with his voice, suggests the prettier side of Queen throughout the seventies”
-OC Weekly-

“Much heart from L.A.’s newest underground pop powerhouse makes for an album with a residency on your iPod.”
-Angelica Music-


These Years Have Been -2010
You Feel Like Home -2011