Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray


Having shared the stage with some of gospels greatest, including Dorinda Clark-Cole, Kim Stratton, and Bridgette Campbell, Kevin Gray is on his way to gospel superstardom. With songs like, ‘So Fresh,' it’s no wonder that labels like, Gospo Centric and Columbia Records have him on radar.


Born and raised in one of the most renowned music Mecca's of the world, Kevin holds fast to his Chicago roots. He began singing at the age of seven at his grandfather's church. At the age of eleven, Kevin took the opportunity and joined Chicago's own "Soul Children". For almost a year Kevin experienced a very disciplined vocal training, which in turn gave him a foundation that was priceless.

Kevin has transfixed gospel audiences alike with his signature golden gospel/jazz vocals. Since his first EP release "Just the Beginning", he has won the respect and admiration of music lovers such as Kim Stratton and Kim Burrell. His hit song "Don't Give up" set the stage for his prophetic flow and his willingness to encourage and edify the body of Christ as well as non believers.

In 1992, Kevin teamed up with is brother, the late Marvin R. Gray Jr. and joined his vision for a community choir called "Rezzurection". The ministry of this choir lasted for 3 years and toured all over the Chicago and Milwaukee area. Kevin is Minister of Music at his home church, Word of Life Bible Fellowship Church, where his father Bishop Marvin R. Gray Sr. presides. Along with the vision of his father he believes that where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.

As a producer and songwriter, he feels that writing from personal experiences is the best way to reach hearts, and cause life-changing activity. His vision is Ministry through Music. He knows that when you put God first, all the other things in life that are needed he will give. In his own words, "I'm just a tool that wants to be used for the glory of God".

Now he turns the page and takes his recording career to the next level. He is now preparing to release his highly anticipated full debut album sometime in the summer 2005.


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With the success of, “I’ve Just Begun” and new single release underway, Kevin Gray is on the rise. He is changing the face of Gospel music and creating a brand new wave of seasoned musicians.

Much has gone into the release of Kevin’s newest album, currently untitled - writing and producing the majority of the album’s songs, and enlisting production assistance from mega producer, S7evon Daze whose most notable projects include Stacie Orrico, Tren’L, and TLC as well as Sony producer, Mike Soul whose work include Big Brovaz and Beverly Knight - Kevin has definitely stepped up his game as a truly multi-talented artist.

His 7 song EP, “I’ve Just Begun” has sold over 1300 copies since its January 2002 release and continues to sell all over the country; not bad for an unsigned gospel artist. It shows that God is able to do exceedingly; abundantly above all we can ask or think.

Kevin Gray continues to move under the anointing of God and is gearing up for his third release, his first full length album currently untitled. What is next for Kevin Gray and KGray Ministries? Only God knows, but one thing is for sure, we will hear much more about Kevin Gray in the years to come.


So Fresh

Written By: Kevin Gray for CMAW Music

Out with the old in with the new
My God’s got sun’in better for you
So Fresh
So Fresh

So why you holding on to that old sad song
Don’t you know God freed you from that poverty
(so say)
So Fresh
So Fresh

Verse 1:
You - Been hustlin and tussilin
You - Been struggling & fussin
You - Trying to make ends meet
You - Ain’t got no food to eat
You - Your bank account is so low
You - You laugh but their ain’t no joke
You - God has not forgot you
You - Gonna blow your mind when he get’s through

Hook: (Repeat)

Verse 2:
You - Been settling for second best
You - Got used to always having less
You - You thought it was the way it is
You - Never realized what he wanted to give
You - It’s time to take your rightful place
You - Put that coach away, 1st class all day
You - Dust that old of your shoulder, head high
You - Don’t be scared, come on, come on, Let’s fly

(Repeat Hook)

-Music and Lyrics by Kevin Gray


"So Fresh" releases December 27, 2005

“I’ve Just Begun” 7 track EP has given it rave reviews, which is proof that this singer/songwriter/producer has what it takes to make it in this industry.

“I’ve Just Begun” has sold over 1300 copies since its January release and continues to sell all over the country; not bad for an unsigned gospel artist. It shows that God is able to do exceedingly; abundantly above all we can ask or think.

"So Fresh" Coming March 29, 2005~

JCtv (TBN) Show - CiTY Van
Aired December 2004 - clip coming soon

Set List

+ 3-4 song set depending on the venue
+ Sets usually 35 minutes to an hour depending on how the spirit moves
+ Normally performs with track, but also performs with band from time to time