Kevin Haden

Kevin Haden

 New Rochelle, New York, USA


Kevin Haden is an artist all his own. Recognized for his singularly versatile voice, he is also a gifted composer, lyricist and musical scholar whose songs present an appealing yet provocative blend of genres including folk, rock and soul. Based in New York, he maintains an active performing schedule, having recently concluded a year long residency as the house band of Symphony Space’s unWINEd bar, called a “swanky new addition” to the Upper West Side by The New York Sun.

His latest album, Volume I: Humanism, offers tracks that both challenge the ear and cut to the core with an honest clarity and ease. Of all of his releases and compositions, “Mercy” is Kevin’s favorite. “It was the song I wanted to hear that nobody else had recorded,” he admits. “Stylistically, it’s a near-perfect blend of everything I’ve ever wanted to do.”

Raised outside of Pittsburgh, PA, Kevin’s musical education began much like that of many artists – under the tutelage of his parent’s record collection. “I can remember singing along to The Jackson 5 in my living room as a kid,“ he says. “My parents had an old microphone that I use to take out and pretend I was on stage.”

As a teenager, he began writing pop songs as a last resort. “Most of what I heard on the radio was too high for me to sing,” he confesses. Kevin went on to study music at New York University but it wasn’t until after graduating that the sound we hear in his music today began to take shape.

In addition to writing, performing and releasing his own compositions, Kevin maintains a busy lifestyle teaching music and delving into musicology, uniquely positioning himself to not only influence the musical lives of others but to examine and shape the future of the industry as well.


Volume I: Humanism