kevin Haynes grupo elegua

kevin Haynes grupo elegua

 London, England, GBR

Kevin Haynes Groupe Elegua, a band who fuse post-hard bop modal jazz with folkloric Afro-Cuban and Nigerian rhythms, in particular bata drumming mandiga Kora


After my first trip to Cuba 1995 I started writing again but now wanted to create something fresh, as most of the music I was writing was mostly modern swing numbers with rumba, samba ganganco, rhythms. So I wanted to create something that summed up what I was learning and experiencing in my life. So I started looking for a way to create within the modern Jazz harmony and traditional African music themes.

As my interest in African culture grows, so did my ideas on how I could express them in music. In 1996 I performed my first jazz show at the London Jazz café under the band name Kevin Haynes Groupo Elegua. The name comes from the Nigerian Yoruba deity of the crossroads and the messenger of god. He's the Guardian of the Crossroads of Life. Whenever there are decisions to be made, he provides opportunities and second chances. If you're lucky, as a Trickster God, the childlike Elegua can sometimes make things even more complicated. At a whim he can turn a simple choice into a vast conundrum of paradox. I loved the idea of the messenger and that this deity controlled the roads and paths of life - which doors were opened and which were closed in ones destiny

Nigerian Yoruba culture has played an important part in how I am thinking when it comes to traditional African Ancient ways, of thinking and spiritually, which is reflected in the music of Groupo Elegua, ancient stories and prises of the Yoruba people are a strong part of the themes. Over the last five years I have written some Yoruba stories which has been narrated by some poets and singers that have toured with the band over the years, later it would be recorded and are now included on some tracks on the last two albums, Ori Ire 2002 and A jo se po. Unity, Niles Hailstones Yawanda Osun Lanre Ola Ifa have all contributed to the albums bringing a fresh dimension to the music The Narration is translated in English or Yoruba.


1989: Ed Jones's the homecoming on Acid Jazz
Steve Wiliamson 'A Waltz for Grace' on Verve Records
1990: David Jaen-Baptist 'Grooving on a Four'
1994: Vaughan Hawthorne's the Gift. TLM Records
Wiliam Cumberbache 's Tumbaito Otros tiempos on Viceroy Records
1997: Alan Weeks music on Japanese Records
1998: Neil Sparks. Interchil Records
2000: Kevin Haynes Recordings. One track from a compilation LP from Jazz on CD magazine, titled 'Takin Off' track name - 'Walking in the Right'
1995: Haynes recorded a compilation track for EMI records titled 'Do The Bar Thing', track name - 'Bebopper'
1997: Haynes recorded Groupo Elegua's first album 'Tomorrows Path' with Native Music Records
2001: Haynes recorded a Yoruba Folkloric music LP entitled 'Iwori Osa' on Oduniyi Records
2002: Ori Ire is released by Oduniyi Records
2008 Ajo se po Unity release by Oduniyi records

Set List

We mostly do a 90min set split into two sets or if its a festival show we would do a 45min set
show A is 90min show B is 45min
A 1.Chant for Elegba 2.Egun 3.Mojuba Olorun 4.Lying waiting 5.Ogshobo 6.Osun 7.Rumba para Senegal
8.Apotura 9.Third Eye.

B 1.Chant for Elegba 2.Egun 3.Mojuba Olorun
4. Oshogbo 5. Orisha Papa Obi 6.Apotura