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Kevin Hemphill & The Nightbirds

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"6-6-06 "Automobile" debuts at #7 on the World-Wide Blues Charts"

Kevin Hemphill & The Nightbirds most recent single "She Loves My Automobile" debuted at #7 on the World-Wide Blues charts at

To hear the song, please follow this link--


"Further On Up The Road on the charts!"

The band's versionof the classic song form the "EC Was Here" album, "Further On Up The Road" is now in the Top Ten Blues Cover Songs. It is currently at #9. -

"12/19/05 -- Got My Mojo Workin' debuts on charts"

The Nightbirds rendition of the classic "Got My Mojo Workin'" debuted at #19 on the World-Wide Blues charts at -

"From a local DJ"

"Just wanted to let you know I have been listing to your smoking cd you gave me. WOW man this is some great stuff. You have got the tightest band I have ever herd. And all the song you do are all my favorites"

DJ Clubb
WQFS, 90.9 FM - website

"Review of "Live at The Flipside" from Belgium"

Kevin Hemphill from North Carolina heard end of years ninety SRV and was immediately definitively leased at the Texaanse powerblues of Stevie. Now I have that totally no problems with, and have already different SRV addepten may listen to and discuss, but most do there what with and bring numbers inspired through Stevie's guitar work, so that we hear really yet what news. Kevin however plays normally the covers so faithfully possible, and he good has listened and plays proper guitar, but who stretches it yet to wait on identical versions of "Pride & Joy", "Mary Had A Little Lamb", "Voodoo Chile", "Texas Flood", "Tightrope" and "The Sky Is Crying", then can you neat so good "The Best Or SRV" put up. Comes near it yet that it also yet 2 covers of Z. Z Top and two of C. C. R. on this live cd stand, and near it yet "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Poured My Mojo Working", then understand you what there miss is with these, otherwise good played cd.

..."Live the Flipside" : good coverband for your dance celebrations! The rusty gasmeter on the cover is a little bit symbolic: this are not the man that the gases do branne -

"Jimi & Stevie Get High and Jam"

Slammin guitar playing,somebodies been listening to a lot of Jimi and Stevie.You've got it down pretty darn good,the problem with playing exactly like somebody else though is that,well,it sounds just exactly like somebody else.My suggestion would be to try and become a little more original.

- johneyrock
Normandy Beach, New Jersey
July 26th, 2005 -

"Good to listen to at the Local Bar"

Production reminds me of...
those old live recordings of John Mayall. Not a whole lot to say here. Straightforward enough --- a blues instrumental -- performance is solid enough -- however -- the guitar playing is merely good, where it really needs to be great to have any kind of success in this genre. Good enough to listen to whilst having a pint at the local.

- TMSuperfly
Boston, Massachusetts
July 26th, 2005 -


Great live feel and a solid knowledge of their musical roots. Everyone loves to boogie and with this song they can boogie until the cows come home. Guitar licks are well crafted but become a little samie although quite well worked in the middle section. Drums need a bit better micing and the background hum is a bit of a distraction but that is all part of the style.
- bunsenite -

"7/28/05 "SO EXCITED" makes it's debut at #1 on Internet Blues Charts"

The band's version of SRV's "So Excited" is currently the #1 song on Internet Blues Covers Charts. -

"8/15/05 -- "Hoochie Coochie Man" debuts on Blues charts!"

The band's version of the Willie Dixon classic "Hoochie Coochie Man" made it's debut on the Blues Cover Charts. It is currently sitting at #5. -

"Jimi & Stevie Get High and Jam"

Slammin guitar playing,somebodies been listening to a lot of Jimi and Stevie.You've got it down pretty darn good,the problem with playing exactly like somebody else though is that,well,it sounds just exactly like somebody else.My suggestion would be to try and become a little more original.

- johneyrock
Normandy Beach, New Jersey
July 26th, 2005 -


"From the Beginning" -- 2005
"Live at The Flipside" -- 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


Blues has always been at the heart of everything that Kevin Hemphill (guitar/vocals), Matt Asbury (bass) and Bill Dowe (Hammond/piano} have ever played. So it made perfect sense for them to be playing the music they loved – blues! Guitarist Kevin Hemphill, a Greensboro, NC native and a regular on the local music scene (since Junior High School), started his music career in a metal band called “MINDS IN MOTION” and later, “ILL CONCEIVED”. Kevin recalls that “ILL CONCEIVED was music you could sink your teeth into. I lived that band day and night for so many years.”
Kevin heard his first SRV song at a party sometime in the late 90’s. That was the moment that his musical path was made clear—“I had to play the music that I felt would project all the emotion, expression and raw power that the blues had to offer”.
This experience led him to answer an ad for a “bluesy” guitar player in a local music paper. The band was “NIGHT SHIFT” and that’s where Kevin met Matt (the bass player) for the first time.
Bassist Matt Asbury and Hemphill left “NIGHT SHIFT” and formed “SOULCANDY”. After playing over 80 shows in 19 months, “SOULCANDY” went their separate ways. Kevin and Matt then started “BETTER OFF BOUND” which rolled along for almost 120 shows in 18 months but ultimately did not fulfill the two’s creative muse. After taking a short break from the local music scene, Kevin and Matt started jamming on the music of SRV and decided that they wanted to get back to their love – the blues.

They began rehearsing and jamming on many blues standards (with the aid of a drum machine) until a decision was made to start auditioning drummers. They knew they wanted to form what Gov’t Mule members Warren Haynes and Allen Woody called a “power blues trio”. “We wanted a good solid drummer who could improvise and share our love of the blues” stated Matt.
Wood-shedding for a few months and methodically laying out their song list, the group was at the point where they felt they could get out and start playing for the people and fans who knew something “BIG” was ready to happen. On August 27th 2005, the band played their first show at Whiskers Roadhouse in Floyd, VA in front of a full house of beer drinkers and hell raisers. “It was one of those nights that everything just clicked” said Matt. “We were ready for the fans and the fans were ready for us”. The show was a major success and it opened many doors for us even to this day…

In December of 2005, the band independently released their first CD, entitled "From the Beginning". The band's first single, a cover of the SRV instrumental "So Excited", spent 2 weeks at # 1 on the World-Wide Blues Charts in July, 2005. The next single, "Got My Mojo Workin” spent 5 weeks on the chart, peaking at # 4 back in December, 2005. “Further On Up the Road” spent 10 weeks in the Top Ten of the Soundclick World-Wide Blues Charts in early 2006.

This “power-house trio band” has always entertained the notion of one day adding to their already established sound an organ/piano player, preferably a Hammond Organ type of sound, to blend with them. “We tried some keyboardist out but there was either a personality clash or just a musical clash. We all kept our eyes and ears opened” stated Matt.

On a particular slow night at the hospital where Matt works as a nurse, he was talking to one of his fellow nurses who shared a love of the blues. She told Matt about her boyfriend Bill, who plays keyboards and piano. She said, “I think he has a Hammond Organ”. Matt almost hit the floor and said, “How do I get in touch with him?” She said, “I’ll call him now”. This was 2 in the morning. She started to call Bill when the secretary told her she had an incoming call. It was Bill. Hard to believe but true. Bill and Matt spent the next few minutes talking blues. A rehearsal was set up for the following Sunday. Matt sent a set list via e-mail to Bill and after one rehearsal Bill played his first gig with the band at the Dive Bar in Raleigh. “We got to rehearse a couple more times with Bill and liked what he was doing so we invited him to play with us at Copperhoods in High Point where we introduced him as our newest member” said Kevin.

Bill has been involved in the Piedmont Music scene in different genres over 30 years.. “I would help local song-writers record their demos. I got a chance to meet a lot of interesting people during that time and have helped some local talent get air-play and gigs”. Bill has been a DJ for WQFS 90.9 in Greensboro for the past 4 years. His show “The Whittles and Dowe Show” can be heard from 6am-8am on Fridays.
The band released their second CD , “Live at The Flipside” on March 10, 2007, celebrating with a return visit to The Flipside, the place the live CD was recorded. The band’s single from that CD, “Voodoo Child” stayed on the World-Wide blues charts on the Internet at for 5 weeks, peaking at #4 in April of 2007.

In May of 2007, their drummer left