Kevin Herrin

Kevin Herrin


Soulful, moving, Texas-based, anointed, God-breathed, original, from the heart, black dude in a white man's body kind of thang, but loves to sing country and rock too - funk&roll baby!


I was raised on a mixture of black gospel, country gospel & rock gospel. Sang in a Pentecostal church all my life where I was the preacher's kid. I have often been accused of being a "brother" by my African American friends and have shared the stage with many of them. My music comes from my passion for Jesus Christ and for people and the hurt they experience. I believe music should not only empathise with the listener but offer a solution. That's what sets my music apart from some other stuff. 20 years of being a minister/preacher myself has exposed me to a lot of "mess." Jesus is the cure for it all. All of my songs may not mention Him directly, but you better know He's the current in all my stuff.

Lifesaverz Prayze is a group of teens/college students I've had the privilege of training up, musically and spiritually. It's an honor to play with them.


Great Love

Written By: Kevin Herrin

Verse 1:
I don't know why
I don't know how
You ever looked at me
I don't deserve a love of Your worth
Still You're embracing me
I can't say it loud enough
I'm gonna lift my voice unashamed
Yeah I'm gonna shout and proclaim

Is Your great love for me
From the rooftops shout
Gonna let it out
How great is Your love for me

Verse 2:
Compassionate love
Infinite grace
Immeassurable care for me
The black of my sin
The red of Your blood
The white of my heart made clean
I can't say it loud enough
I'm gonna lift my voice unashamed
Yeah I'm gonna shout and proclaim


Took My Heart From You - 11 songs, all original - 1995
Save It - single, 2003, got limited radio play in Houston

Cameo - album in the works made from cameos I've done on other artist's albums.
Lanny Wolfe - Dove Award winner 1984 - sang 4 solos on Azusa Street album and solo on How Long Will We Wait on Just Keep Praising Him album, Kurt and Kendra Sanders - wrote and rapped on Father of Rain, ABC Youth Choir Live - soloed on 4 songs on 2 albums and shared the stage with Funky Town artist Cynthia Williams and Sara Groves on the album recorded live at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Grand Opera House in Minnesota.

Set List

Varies - mostly Christian worship covers and some originals. Styles vary from rock to R&B/funk to sometimes reggae.