Kevin Hiatt

Kevin Hiatt


Kevin Hiatt performs virtuosic instrumental guitar music on six, seven, and twelve string guitars. What is the sound of two hands tapping, slapping and plucking, that's Hiatt. Oh yeah he also sings as well.


Kevin Hiatt is a musician with a dual personality. On any given night of the week he is a virtuoso fingerstyle guitarist gigging or playing concerts in the Fort Wayne, Ind. area. To date he has released two cd recordings on the Shabda label which showcase his six, seven, and twelve string guitar compositions. His playing style ranges from American Primitive to nouveau impressionism ala Kottke/Hedges and others. His vocal songs have been compared to those of Randy Newman, and in terms of their lyric content to Joni Mitchell.

His other musical persona is that of a concert music composer. To date he has written over 90 musical works ranging from string quartets to orchestral works which have been performed all over the world. He has been awarded numerous prizes and grants for his work as a composer.


You Know who to Call

Written By: Kevin Hiatt

You Know Who to Call
Kevin Hiatt

When its late at night
and you sit by
your telephone.

Just like your girlfriends at work
you’re so alone,
you’re so all alone.

And your folks have just called
to say they’re out at the lake,
Well ain’t that just great?

But your kids say nothin’
at all as they walk out the door,
as they walk out the door.

That’s when you wonder
what you’re livin’ for.
That’s when you want to see,
someone standin’ at your door.

You know who to call,
babe you know who to call.
Its me you want to call. (repeat twice)

When you wanna get some sweet
TLC in the wee,
hours of the morn.

And of course I know you know
that one on one therapy,
is one of my well known
Its my specialty.

And yes I remember that
we agreed to call it off.
but let’s not talk about that now,
let’s just let go of it all.


You know who to call,
babe you know who to call.
Its me you want to call.
(repeat twice)


Strange Ships on a Blue Horizon(2005)
Another Look at the Sunrise(2001)
Shabda records
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Set List

I prefer to do original shows. Typical set is made up of original instrumentals and vocal
tunes. Covers are classic acoustic/folk rock.
(Petty, Young, U2, Kottke, Traffic, etc.)
website has a cover tune demo at under "booking" window.