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"Bujo Kevin Jones & Tenth World Live"

Bujo Kevin Jones has a philosophy about music that I was shocked to read but I had to agree with. He said, “People want to be entertained.” He went on to say that music need not always be cerebral and out of reach; that it needs to be more selfless and less selfish. Many people have different musical tastes. When we as lovers of music feel a sense of annoyance that everyone doesn't follow our stream of appreciation, we shut ourselves off to the full scope of music. What works for us will not always work for our friends. Of course, it is great when we can share a love for a particular work but, more often than not, that does not happen. We are then amazed that someone cannot joy in the “brilliance” of a song or album, while they equally find that we are unbelievably “dull.”

In the newest album by Bujo Kevin Jones & Tenth World, we find the percussionist in a Live setting from a 2004 show at the Village Theater in South LA's Leimart Park. The album contains six songs that are a splendid mix between what would be referred to as 'cerebral' and what is considered entertainment pieces to thrill the audience. All of the songs on this album are very entertaining, fluctuating between free-form Jazz and mixing in Caribbean rhythms as well as Latin flavours throughout.

The long, improvisational works of these songs go for the full thrill ride with entertaining and enjoyable playing of instruments. In a Live setting, a band such as Tenth World can get an audience in a trance, absorbing the music coming from the stage. With the saxophone, trumpets, keys, percussion, bass, and serious Latin Jazz styles coming from the speakers, Live! can truly do what it intended to do in the first place – be selfless and entertain.

Matt Rowe 01/05/09 - Music Tap - Tango Reporter Magazine

"Bujo Kevin Jones and Tenth World"

Much tighter, well-rehearsed and enlivening is Bujo Kevin Jones And Tenth World's Live disc. Comprising Jones on percussion, Kevin Louis on trumpet, Brian Horton on tenor saxophone, Kelvin Sholar on piano, Joshua David on electric bass, and Jaimeo Brown on drums, Tenth World hits its target "to uplift, empower and enlighten through righteously mixing the medias (sic) of jazz, African, Latin and soul music." In fact, the band's genre-crossing platform, energy and relentless grooves makes it a most perfect outdoor festival attraction, one that is sure to leave no one standing still.

From the driving 12/8 African feel of "Bodhisattva Wonderful Sound" to the Latin fiesta "Tu Boca," by way of Mongo Santamaria's "Afro Blue" and the Soul-tinged "New Nation," the unit packs an air-tight set propelled by flapping percussions and long improvised streamers. - All About Jazz

"Quickies - CD Reviews"

Bujo Kevin Jones & Tenth World Live!
"Bujo" Kevin Jones is from Englewood, New Jersey, but his percussion playing hails from the Congo, Cuba, and other parts of the world. Mixed in with a heavy jazz sensibility, Bujo's festive music calls to mind the pulsing, Latin grooves of Pancho Sanchez.

It's the kind of music best appreciated live, and that's just what Jones does for his second release with his Tenth World band, called...drum roll...Live! With a piano player (Kelvin Sholar), a sax (Brian Horton), trumpet (Kevin Louis), electric bass (Joshua David) and drummer (Jaimo Brown) added to his percussion, Jones has his ensemble sized just right for a full sound that's still nimble.

The songs nicely walk the line between Afro-Cuban jazz and r&b without diluting either. "New Nation," for instance, has a Grover Washington groove, only more organic. "Bodhisattva (Wonderful Sound)" is not the Steely Dan song, but rather, a funky modal jazz piece powered by Jones' and Brown's driving Africa rhythms. The Havana-derived "Tu Boca" contains some nifty improvising work by its composer Sholar. Horton's "Beautyful" is a mellow, mid-tempo chillout tune that has Miles Davis quotes from "Jean Pierre" and "It's About That Time" for those paying attention. The one cover thrown is saved for last, a rendition of "Afro Blue" that stays true to its Afro-Cuban roots.

You'll hear some nice, individual soloing here and there, but the main draw is the ensemble playing. It's a tight, kinetic band that does a great job melding the busy beats to the dynamic horns. That's good enough reason to listen to Bujo Kevin Jones' latest CD, courtesy of Motema Music, more than just a few times. Live! came out on November 11. - Something Else Reviews

"Bujo Kevin Jones & Tenth World"

Live! - Motema Music

'Bujo' Kevin Jones & Tenth World Live! Captures a live set recorded one night in 2004. Jones, or 'Bujo' as he'd known, is a muti-talented percussionist. I've had the pleasure of reviewing another of his releases. I found him then - and I find him now - to be a captivating leader who's brand of Latin jazz offers a kaleidoscope of percussive sounds that compliments the band of fine musicians he's surrounded himself with. His rhythmic ideas also take center stage often, in improvisations and percussion breakdowns. The band was absolutely on fire this night and its to the benefit of all jazz fans that the proceedings were preserved.

This live disc presents nearly entirely original music, from Jones as well as band members. Pianist Kelvin Sholar contributes the bulk of the material. Sholar's Tu Boca is a Latin tune with a Chick Corea influence. The song is based on a piano montuno and features fine solo work from Sholar, trumpeter Kevin Louis and bassist Joshua David. Bujo also devlivers a tasty percussion solo over a piano vamp. Also written by Sholar is "New Nation" which features a feel that lies somewhere between funk and reggae, Saxophonist Brian Horton takes a solo over the indulating dynamics of the rhythm section. Sholar and David also solo. The final Sholar composition is "10th World Order" This song begins with an extended precussion solo, which eventually settles into a grove that can only be descibed as hypnotic.With a consistant pulse beaten at around sixty beats per minute, the percussion on this track seems to take over your body and place you in an aural trance. the melody played over this is somber and gentle. This is one of the most eclectic tunes on the disc and has a spirit of free, collective improvisation.

Brian Horton also wrote one of the tunes. His "Beautyful" is a slow Latin number with a tender, gliding melody. Solos by the composer and Louis are appropriately sympathetic to a gentle nature of the tune. Bujo Kevin Jones' own contribution comes in the form of "'Bodhisattva' Wonderful Sound". the tune begins with percussion as a 6/8 latin groove is established. Drums enter next and the groove is palpable. Finally Sholar enters with a piano vamp. the melody is delivered by the horns; sax and trumpet solos follow. The only tune on "Bujo Kevin Jones & Tenth World Live!" that is not an original by a member of the band is Mongo Santamaria's "Afro Blue". The tune is rendered in it's usual 6/8 feel. Sholar and Horton each take solos, followed by an infectious percussion breakdown.

Bujo Kevin JOnes has one of the best Latin jazz bands around. The musicians show their obvious rapport by contributing compositions as well as playing so perfectly for each other. There is a familiarity in the way these musicians react and relate to each other that adds a cohesive element to the music.
- Jazz Improv

"Tenth World" be Chris Burnett

This is the type of music the should be mass marketed for consumption by the general public. In my opinion - IT'S THE TRUTH, NOT HYPE!

Keep up the great work gentlemen. I'm glad to have found your music - Burnettmusic

"Tenth World"

a perfect blend of Afro-Cuan jazz and organic African drumming....

Bujo Kevin Jones is from New York City and has been atound the musical block a few times, to say the least. He's played with Whitney Houston and Archie Shepp: he also had a 13 year stint wuth the isley Brothers, eventually recording the number-one hit Between The Sheets. Now he's the main man behind this exceptionally talanted group.

The sound is, to say the least rhythmic. Even when the solos come in, the percussive background steals the show. The result is a perfect blrnd of Afro-Cuban jazz and organic African drumming. -


Tenth World Live - 2008 - Motema
Recieving rave reviews and airplay

Tenth World - 2005 - Motema
Recieved Rave Reviews and airplay

Land of Eternal Tranquil Light - 2001 (Tenth World Music)
Light Airplay



Percussionist/Bandleader Bujo Kevin Jones' newest recording for Motema Music TENTH WORLD LIVE, brings to life the vibrant spirit captured om the band's eponymous label debut. Recorded at the Village Theater in LA's Leimert Park, TENTH WORLD LIVE is a festive multi-curtural affair.
Bujo, a percussionist and leader in the ancient future mode, is heavily steeped in the ancestrial traditions of the drum while at the same time, thouroughly modern in his approach to music. A native of Englewood, New Jersey (NYC Area), Jones grew up in a household immersed in Jazz from Charlie Parker and Grant Green to John Coltrane, along with the pop and R&B legends of the times. Jones traces his percussion expertise to the age-old 'academy of the streets'. Over the years he has evolved an increasingly comprehensive approach to his instruments commanding respect on stages ranging from the Isley Brothers to Whitney Houston to Winard harper to such intricate avant jazz legends as Reggie Workman.
Immersed in drumming since the tender age of 10, Bujo learned to play by the seat of his pants. Neighborhood drummers were prone to testifying on front lawns and park benches, hand drums and various percussive enhancements in tow, their massaging, pulsating, skin on skins thouroughly hooked the immpressionable youngster. Cohorts like Babatunde Lea, and Karl Potter initiated him into traditional African drumming and dance communities where he met Congolese ex-patriot Costar Massamba who provided furthur sustanance and impetus for Bujo to transition from acolyte to master practitioner.
Though not Latino, Jones also found himself magnetically attrated to Latin Music, particularly the Latin Soul sounds that permeated the New York/New Jersey byways during the late 60s/early 70s; sounds lby Nuyorican artists Joe Cuba, Joe Bataan, and assorted Fania soul-seros. He became immersed in Afro-Cuban flavors through the influence and teaching of fellow percussionists Lea, Steve Kron, and Richie "Pablo" Landrum who taught the youngster at one of New York's premier music academies, Jazzmobile. Though now a master in his own right, Bujo considers himself an 'eternal student of the drum' and derives current inspiration from studies with Venezuelan drum master Luisito Quintero, also a core member of the TENTH WORLD ensemble.
In addition to having recorded eight records during his thirteen years wuth the Isleys, Bujo's percussion prowess can be found on recordings by Omar and Angie Stone, Babatunde Lea, Winard Haroer and Joey Defrancesco and House Music iconsLosh Millan and BLAZE (Kevin Hedges) just to name a few. As a live performer, Bujo has graces the bandstands of Whitney Houston, Winard Harper, Reggie Workman, Archie Schepp, Benny Powell, T.K. Blue, Randy Weston, Hilton Ruiz, hip-hop artist Q-Tip, Louie Vega's Elements of Life, and many, many more. A passionate and skilled teacher, Bujo is also deeply dedicated to passing on his 'street academy' music smarts to the next generation, through teaching residensies with Broinx Arts and in workshops at colleges and other youth organizations.
Philosophically, Bujo is among those insightful artists who feel that their music must strive for that delicate balance between true creativity and entertaining enlightenment. "People want to be entertained," he says, "I'm not suggesting in order to become entertainers we have to lower the level
of our musicianship, but people want to go to a club and enjoy themselves, andsometimes the music has become a bit too cerebral. I think music should be more selfless that selfish. I'm here for the people because without the people there would be no music; I could sit home and play to satisfy myself." That attitiute of skillfully balancing creativity and the art of improvisation with a good grove and an innate ability to convey some sunshine to its listeners is inherent in the work to Bujo Kevin Jones.....


George Makinto - Flute, Piano, Vocals, African Percussion (Musical Director)

Originally from Liberia (West Africa) george Makinto is an extraordinary musician who has expanded the boundaries for many years. He's collaborated with many African bands, and was musical director for Miriam Makeba and Manu Dubango. In the U.S. he has worked with T.K.Blue and Kirk Whalum. George has also led his own group, African Soul, while living in Paris, recording the very successful CD, Am African in Paris.

Kevin Louis - Trumpet (Co-leader)

Kevin Louis is a native of New Orleans and a graduate of the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. He earned a Bathelor of Music in Jazz Performance at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, and also received a Masters of Arts from the Aaron Copeland School of Music at Queens College in New York. he's sharred the stage with Bobby Watson, Jimmy Heath, Carman Lundy, Nicholas Payton, Will Calhoun, and many more. kevin is a Kennedy Center U.S. State Department Ambaasador and has done many internation