Kevin Kraft

Kevin Kraft


Kevin Kraft writes Adult Contemporary Acoustic Rock songs. Lyrics, melody, story telling and song structure are important to this songwriter. His influences are Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Sting, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, John Mellancamp, John Mayer.


Kevin Kraft, a seasoned performer of the stage and screen, is now making his mark as a Singer/Songwriter. His favorite moment was singing to his bride at their wedding with a song he had written for her as a surprise wedding gift, “I'LL BE HOLDING OUT MY HAND”. Tears were shed. Points were made.

Kevin’s music is influenced by his transient military family upbringing - he moved a lot and was exposed to diversity in music. Originally from Virginia, Kevin studied songwriting in Los Angeles with PAT CADDICK while earning a Bachelor’s Degree at USC. He refined his training in New York at the continuing education program at JULLIARD. Now a member of the SINGER/SONGWRITER HALL OF FAME / NATIONAL ACADEMY OF POPULAR MUSIC, he continues to study with LORRAINE FERRO and MARCY DREXLER of SMOKING CATERPILLAR MUSIC.

Kevin recorded his Self-Titled EP with LARRY OAKES (guitar player for FOREIGNER & BAD COMPANY) which you can hear at WWW.KEVINKRAFT.COM. This first presentation shows Kevin’s strengths of marrying lyrics and melody. It’s an eclectic selection of acoustic guitar-based Adult Contemporary Rock tunes.

Kevin has performed at such notable New York venues as THE TRIAD, THE BITTER END, CBGBs THE ELBOW ROOM, KENNY'S CASTAWAYS, THE I.C.U BAR, THE C-NOTE, P.I.T & UNITY NY. He was interviewed and performed live on the TV program “The New Yorkers”, and makes regular appearances with the NY SINGER/SONGWRITER SESSIONS & THE SONGWRITERS SOUNDSTAGE. On tour Kevin has performed across the country in cities such as Athens GA, Madison WI, Greensboro NC & Billings MT.


River of Cheyenne

Written By: Kevin Kraft

River of Cheyenne
You wind your way through sacred lands
How many lives have lived a lifetime near your sands?

What are these images I see?
Are they just random thoughts or ancient memories?
No, I have never been here, they can’t belong to me...

But I remember the Sun,
and I remember the Moon rising over the plains...
And the sound of the wind in the reeds
seems to call my name...
Every bird, every tree, is telling me who I am,
So I listen and wait on the banks of the River Cheyenne.

I hear a voice, though not a man’s
It speaks no words, but still I understand, it says:
“I’m in everything around you, from anywhere you stand,
For I am that I am...

I’m there in the Sunlight,
I’m there in the Moonlight that shines on the plains....
I’m there in the sound of the wind in the reeds
as you call my name...
Every bird, every tree, is evidence that I am,
If you are looking for me, I’ll be found in the River Cheyenne.”

I wade in off the shore until I’m near chest deep
My soul begins to soar as the water washes me
And all at once there’re answers in all I see....

I see Fish give itself to Stream....
I see Stream feed itself to Tree...
Tree gives to me the Air, I breathe in all of these…

And suddenly I see that I’m part of the Sunlight,
I’m part of the Moonlight, I’m part of the plains....
I’m part of the sound of the wind in the reeds
that cannot be named...
I’m part of Everything, and Everything’s part of who I am
There’s no difference between me and the River Cheyenne...
It was revealed to me as I stand in the River Cheyenne....
It’s all so clear to me as I float down the River Cheyenne.

Since You Came My Way

Written By: Kevin Kraft


I got some problems but donít I know everybody got some
Nothinís perfect anyway
Things could be worse You know it only looks bad at first
And oh, itís getting better everydayÖ..........Since you came my way.

I used to move ëround I had to leave before I lost my ground
I was running and afraid.
But since youíve come I canít recall what I was running from
And I got every reason to stayÖSince you came my way

I canít believe itís really happening to me but I never want to let you go.
I thought I could hold on.....I guess Iím not that strong
My heart kept saying yes to you When my mind was saying No.

When I met you You didnít know what I was going through
I made mistake after mistake.
But since you came Nothiní else has been the same
And I can clearly see the wayÖ

Since you came my way I canít believe itís really happening to me,
But now Iím never gonna let you go
I wanted to hold on but girl Iím not that strong
My heart keeps saying yes to you nd my mind stopped saying NoÖ.

I been used, I been burned Iíve had enough, Baby I have learned
Iím sick and tired of the game
So I wonít let you go, Iíve been around enough to know
When a good thing comes my wayÖand you came my way.

Yeah you came my way, since I found you baby
No one else could ever do since you came my way.

I'll Be Holding Out My Hand

Written By: Kevin Kraft

For Holly on our Wedding Day, with all my Love

Like a boat out on the sea, sometimes a heart can drift aimlessly.
Charting through a world that’s hard to understand, never knowing where it might land.
Well if you need safe harbor from a storm…

I’ll be there, count on me
Raise your sail and I will be your breeze.
When this world has given you all you can stand,
I’ll be holding out my hand.

And as we sail, day-by-day, knowing we’ll be shown the way,
With new love in our hearts, it’s a new world to explore. Anchors away, 'cause baby, I am on board.
Though no one can predict what lies ahead….


I want a life that’s more than just surviving.
I want it filled with Love that’s warm and true.
Now look at me, lately everything’s been thriving
From the moment that we met, ‘til this day we say “I do”…

Sometimes I can’t believe my eyes, are you an angel sent in disguise?
One day you may doubt the presence of the stars,
but never doubt that wherever you are…


When nothing seems certain on this you can plan…
You’ll always have a home, you’ll never walk alone,
‘Cause I’ll be holding out my hand.

I Remember You

Written By: Kevin Kraft

As I wake another morning, as I rise and make the bed,
As I make one less cup of coffee and search for the strength to move ahead…
As I wonder how i’ll manage just to get through the next thing that I must do...
As life keeps rolling non-stop at me…I remember you.

When the sun will cease it’s burning, when the stars fall in the sea
When the mountains become valleys, hen there’s nothing left of me…
When this big old world stops turning and every lie has been made true
When I’m facing my own passing ….I’ll still be loving you…
Cuz I Remember You.

They try to calm me down, they tell me that this too shall pass one day
That’s what I’m afraid of,
If I feel less of my love,
then tell me what of you remains?

By the way I live my life now, by every kindness I can show
Though not hardening my heart now takes strength that most will never know…
By finding meaning in the madness when hating would be easier to do
By still believing in tomorrow….I will honor you.

They talk about you like you’re gone but if they took the time to look very hard
They would see you in me,
wherever I am you’ll be
I carry you inside my heart.

As I wake another morning I hope to God it’s just a dream
And hough it seems you’re not here with me, things are rarely as they seem.
I saw a stranger with your eyes, and someone just laughed the way you do.
And with every breath I breath you through me
I’m never without you…cause I remember you…and I will honor you
For I still Love you.

San Antone

Written By: Kevin Kraft

I take one last look at my father sleeping inside his bottle of gin
I swear that nobody ever is gonna lay his hand on me like that again.
You know I ain’t nothing like him I’d never push no one around
‘Shamed to come from this family, ‘shamed to come from this dirt farm red neck town.

I’m leaving tonight for San Antone
I want the big city lights of San Antone
You know that I don’t belong here, and I swear I feel it in my bones...
That I’m gonna spend my life in San Antone.

Peel out in my ‘60 Chevy kickin’ dust back on my past
I’m headed off to the city to start my own life at last
Lookin’ in my rear view mirror, I thought I’d left it all behind
But the rage bottled inside me had jumped in for the ride.


Cut through 5 hours of desert and stop at a roadside water hole
Two guys there had it in for me as soon as I walked in the door
Under somebody’s breath I hear “hey who’s that hic who just walked in?”
But I just sit at the bar, I don’t let them get under my skin.

But 5 shots of Jack later I just won’t take a mouthin’ from no one
A word, a fist, a knife, a pool of blood….

Now Judge you gotta believe me, he hit me first and from behind.
I swear I didn’t do nothin’, being there my only crime.
“Now I don’t care who hit who first, son”, the judge looked at me and said
“All I know is one man stands before me, and the other’s back there dead”.

Your sentence is the State Penn in San Antone
Where you’ll meet your end in San Antone
But for good behavior, we might let you live your life alone
Either way you’ll die in San Antone.

Now season after season I’m paying for my crime.
I was dying to get here, now here I get to die
It’s said the sins of the Father become the sins of the son.
And somehow I’m now the man from who I tried to run.

Now I’m spending the rest of my life in San Antone
Soon they’ll be ending my life in San Antone
But maybe we all belong here, we all reap from what others have sown
Could as easily be you in San Antone
Living a dream come true in San Antone


Self-titled EP, "Kevin Kraft"

Set List

My set list is usually 8-10 original songs, and does not usually include covers:

I Think About It
I Remember You
River of Cheyenne
Am I Your Man?
San Antonne
Thoughts of You
Lucky Man
I'll Be Holding Out My Hand