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"Kevin Lucas Orchestra Wins 2nd Major Music Industry Award since November"

May 05, 2009
Los Angeles - There is a new star on the horizon that is shining bright out of Carbondale, Illinois. They are not from 'American Idol' either. They are home grown musicians who met at the 'Southern Illinois University School of Music' twelve years ago and they are finally breaking into the international spotlight. After opening for Victor Wooten in their early years, they have scratched and clawed themselves out of oblivion in a brutal music industry. The Kevin Lucas Orchestra was named "Best Pop Artist" in April at the 'People's Music Awards' based out of London. The awards are dedicated to unsigned artists. For 'The People's Music Awards', there were three rounds and four months of voting before less than ten category winners were chosen among 500 unsigned bands.

The winners were selected based on public votes and music industry producers who worked with Radiohead, The Who, Frank Zappa, Van Morrison, and many others. This is the group's second major music industry award in the past 6 months after being named "College Radio Breakthrough Artist of the Year" at the 'New Music Awards' in Hollywood, CA in November of 2008. KLO entered Hollywood as the 'Dark Horse' that day and left as the 'Cinderella'. Within the past two years, the group has had a song in rotation on over 40 Adult Contemporary commercial rock stations at any moment. The current award comes just as the group is releasing their new album 'Green and Blue'. KLO will be releasing its new emotionally heart wrenching single from the full length album to national radio via Loggins Promotion this summer called "I'm Not Ready".

The music of KLO is extremely diverse, which has landed them airplay on Top 40, Country, and AC format stations. The extreme virtuosity of the group combined with lush and emotional songwriting and 'world beat' overlays with the use of authentic African drums and a five octave marimba gives this group a sound that nobody else in the world can touch. Mick Glossop, who worked with Frank Zappa and Van Morrison, said "Good melodies and lyrics with nice harmonies" regarding KLO. Their instrumental and haunting version of "Carol of the Bells" spread like 'wild fire' on the radio around the world upon its release last December. Aside from the music news, the Kevin Lucas Orchestra has just had funding approved by the Illinois Arts Council for their 2009 Southern Illinois nursing home tour called "Operation Give Hope III". They are also playing a benefit concert for 'Light Rock Magic 95.1' on June 12 in southern Illinois for morning radio host Pat Benton's foundation for abused children.
- Los Angeles Chronicle

"Kevin Lucas Orchestra Lights Up Benefit for Childrens Hospital"

July 10, 2009Los Angeles - The Kevin Lucas Orchestra performed a very successful concert in Southern Illinois which was to benefit 'Light Rock 95.1 FM' Pat Benton's foundation that helps abused children. KLO teamed up with Pat Benton, who works tirelessly to raise money for the organization called "Pat's Kids". The concert, held at the outdoor concert pavilion at Rustle Hill Winery, raised thousands which will be used to help children in the hospitals to have Christmas.

Pat Benton, famed radio morning show host of Magic 95.1 who was recently honored by Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn, is a remarkable human being and a staple in the community in Southern Illinois and he has done so much to help under served people. One of Pat Benton's recent endeavors is the embracing of the Kevin Lucas Orchestra whom he has taken under his wings in the region. Benton said "On stage with me tonight is a band that I have recently fallen in love with, the Kevin Lucas Orchestra!". An amazing and high energy concert by KLO immediately followed the announcement as donations were taken for the children. Kevin Lucas stated "It is quite an honor to be part of this event and have the opportunity to help make a positive difference in our community.

The Kevin Lucas Orchestra has an established policy of reaching out to the community and to the world. We believe that all great artists have a responsibility. "Artists are the 'canaries in the coal mine of society." states Kevin Lucas. There are so many artists out there who waste themselves away with substance abuse and self-centered agendas. I wish that all great artists would realize the great power that they actually have to create positive energy, to change people, and to help the world see the truth behind the blinders that most of us wear on a daily basis. Nobody truly understands the world until it is depicted in art. People did not understand the horror and sadness of the 'Black Plague' until Pieter Bruegel depicted it in his paintings. The world did not understand the emotion and heartache of the War of 1812 until Tchaikovsky wrote 'Overture of 1812'. It is the duty of artists to bring light to this dark world. And Southern Illinois is a good place for us to start" adds Kevin Lucas. The Kevin Lucas Orchestra is very pleased with the outcome of their recent concert upon the eve of their new worldwide CD release of "Green and Blue". - American Chronicle

"Kevin Lucas Orchestra Cinderella Story at 52nd Annual Grammy Awards"

September 29, 2009 3:14 PM CST

(NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Sept. 22, 2009) Kevin Lucas Orchestra has been selected for two Grammy ballot categories. “Amber Rain” is in the running for “Best New Instrumental Composition, and “Carol of the Bells” is competing in the “Best New Instrumental Arrangement.”
KLO is thrilled to make the Grammy ballot. “This is an amazing feeling beyond description and an absolute honor to have our music be chosen for consideration for the biggest music industry award on the planet,” Kevin Lucas.
“You work your whole life for these moments but you don’t know that they will ever come. This group has worked tirelessly for over a decade hoping that we will achieve something great, but I never thought we would be put up for a Grammy, in not only one, but two categories in the same year,” Kevin Lucas.
KLO could be the Cinderella story at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards. The independent group may be the underdogs as far as popularity, but their music has the power to win them a Grammy. KLO’s music is up against Yanni, Bella Fleck, and Chick Corea, who are in the same Grammy ballot categories.
KLO’s original “Amber Rain” has a unique sound that cannot be compared to any competitor in its category. The unique sound is due to the authentic African Drums and the marimba. The marimba, accompanied with an electric guitar and bass, creates a beautiful instrumental work of art.
“Carol of the Bells” was brilliantly adapted by KLO. Their selection of instruments generates powerful feelings while listening to the Christmas carol. There is a cutting edge sound that creates an enthusiasm to put a listener on the edge of his or her seat.

KLO is overjoyed they have reached such an achievement to make the Grammy ballot. “This is one of those surreal, indescribable and magical moments that we rarely have in our life,” Kevin Lucas.
This magical moment comes as KLO’s new single “I’m Not Ready” just moved to number 19 on the New Music Weekly Charts.
KLO is dedicated to playing music that their audience will enjoy, while creating a sound other musicians cannot replicate. Their music is genuine, touching, and creates a passionate energy.
For further information or to listen to the two selections, please visit, or contact Paul Loggins at 310-325-2800, or E-mail
- Promark Corporation

"New Music Weekly Announces Winners of 2009 NMA's"

New Music Weekly magazine has announced the winners for their 2009 New Music Awards. Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Daughtry and the Black Eyed Peas are among the major label winners while Natasha James, Bruce Sudano, Kevin Lucas Orchestra and Vince Hatfield are among the many independent artists in the winners circle. Radio stations, programmers, labels are also awarded top honors in a process. The list of winners will be featured in their 2010 Music Preview issue. - New Music Weekly


KLO is currently receiving airplay on over 200 Adult Contemporary, college, community, and internet radio station around the world. Their "Carol of the Bells" is quickly becoming a holiday stardard. Their current radio hit is their meloncholy and beautifully orchestrated vocal "I'm Not Ready". KLO has released 5 albums to date.



On January 25, 2010, the Kevin Lucas Orchestra was named "Best Adult Contemporary Group" for 2009 by New Music Weekly Magazine in Los Angeles. The Kevin Lucas Orchestra also won 'College Radio Breakthrough Artist of the Year' at the New Music Awards in Hollywood in 2008. They were also named 'Best Pop Act' for unsigned band at the People's Music Awards in London in 2009. The group has opened for Victor Wooten and Christopher Cross. They have also been featured on NPR and XM Satellite Radio. Their music is extremely unique and would be best described as 'tribal rock' with world beat influences. Their passionate and 'earthy' sound led by marimba virtuoso Kevin Lucas sets them apart from any and every band worldwide. Their new album "Green and Blue" was up for 5 Grammy nominations in 2010.