Kevin Lucas Orchestra

Kevin Lucas Orchestra

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The Kevin Lucas Orchestra is a tribal/world beat rock group fronted by virtuoso marimba player Kevin Lucas. Their high energy sound is hard to classify because there is nobody like them in the world. They are a musical journey of site and sound with their instrumentals and vocals.


On January 25, 2010, the Kevin Lucas Orchestra was named "Best Adult Contemporary Group" for 2009 by New Music Weekly Magazine in Los Angeles. The Kevin Lucas Orchestra also won 'College Radio Breakthrough Artist of the Year' at the New Music Awards in Hollywood in 2008. They were also named 'Best Pop Act' for unsigned band at the People's Music Awards in London in 2009. The group has opened for Victor Wooten and Christopher Cross. They have also been featured on NPR and XM Satellite Radio. Their music is extremely unique and would be best described as 'tribal rock' with world beat influences. Their passionate and 'earthy' sound led by marimba virtuoso Kevin Lucas sets them apart from any and every band worldwide. Their new album "Green and Blue" was up for 5 Grammy nominations in 2010.


KLO is currently receiving airplay on over 200 Adult Contemporary, college, community, and internet radio station around the world. Their "Carol of the Bells" is quickly becoming a holiday stardard. Their current radio hit is their meloncholy and beautifully orchestrated vocal "I'm Not Ready". KLO has released 5 albums to date.

Set List

We usually play about 30-40 originals. We also mix in a few covers such as Dave Matthews, The Cure, and the Police performed in the 'tribal' and world KLO style! We also end every show with the famous live KLO version of "Sweet Home Chicago", which bombards the audience with the most virtuostic blues soloing they have ever heard in their life, let alone from a marimba player!