Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy


Kevin McCarthy combines lyrical depth with intense melodic phrasings, and a rhythmic diversity that evokes an amazing sound. Beautiful Loser's uncanny creative and technical abilities and McCarthy's soulful voice and musical arrangements combined power this musical force.


Some musicians experience an essential moment—an epiphany, if you will—when the veneer of impediments and “reasons why” holding them back from a headlong plunge into their passion peels away to reveal the heartwood of a true artist.

For Kevin McCarthy; a songwriter, singer and principal of his label, Corkmusic; that moment occurred when he realized that music was a vehicle with which he could communicate ideas and feelings for which words had failed.

The critics picked up on that ability right from the start: when his debut album, “Anchors Away” was released, a review in “Discovering Artists” revealed “His voice is smooth and the tunes are dreamy and undefinable as far as genres go, which adds to the album’s appeal.”

His new album, “Hiding In Plain Sight,” promises to generate the same excitement from critics, old and new fans alike. The new work was produced by McCarthy, Jerry Becker, and bassist Jeremy Bleich with performances by an eclectic cast of musicians “whose technical and creative abilities are second to none.”

McCarthy started writing music at 16, but his exposure to piano, trumpet and drums began a decade earlier. The solid foundation might be the explanation for the flowing, natural interaction between his lyrics and music; a quality that Discovering Artists characterized as a “soaring acoustic and electric sound with a feel of jazz and folk.”

He describes his artistic process as “chord progression, melody and lyrics,” fueled by his interpretation of what he observes and how it makes him feel. That approach carries through to what he wants for his live audiences.

“When they’re leaving my show, I want them to feel like they just shared a array of intense feelings,” McCarthy says, “challenged, ecstatic, lost, found, electrified.”

Bringing that level of refinement to the stage and recording studio has been no small feat. In 2003, McCarthy started his label and released his debut album. In the subsequent three years, he’s lived an up-and-coming musician’s life, covering 120,000 miles on the road in locations from Rhode Island to San Francisco .

While he is feeling the challenge of making a mark in the independent music sector by having to handle virtually all aspects of promoting his music, his work ethic—by any measure: miles, performances or energy—will maintain his impressive career trajectory. The music will take care of the rest.


liberte frites

Written By: Kevin McCarthy

some say a savior is sanctity
i say a savior is hell
may it never be forgotten
that reservation never helped
ones self
it's true to give it away
sad but away it may stay
some say a savior is sanctuary
i agree a savior may help
but it may already be forgotten
that preservation only helps
ones self
it's true to give it away
sad but away it will stay
and i've found
it's bigger than we can be
and when i'm gone
this cold world will still be
i give in
i want free
there never was
such a thing as you or me
time and money
are relative to no thing
i want freedom

Anchors Away

Written By: Kevin McCarthy

watch them break
watch them break
watch them break him to pieces
the decline of just minds
who's wasting whose time
the decline of just minds
thats our demise
rock n' roll in his soul
in his soul for no reason
he don't care
they'll take his hair
'cause he'll be back next season
next season
the decline of just minds
who's wasting whose time
the decline of just minds
that's our demise
watch them break
watch them break
watch them break him to pieces


Kevin McCarthy - Anchors Away
2003 Cork Music

Kevin McCarthy and Beautiful Loser - Hiding In Plain Sight
2006 Cork Music

Set List

Sets are usually 75 minutes or less. If playing 75 minutes the list is usually as follows:
Anchors Away (Anchors Away)
Regret (K.McCarthy)
Wayside (Gillian Welch)
Save You (Hiding In Plain Sight)
Wasteland (K.McCarthy)
Big Time (Neil Young)
How It Goes (K.McCarthy)
Clasp (Hiding In Plain Sight)
Rest Area (Anchors Away)
WWIII (Hiding In Plain Sight)
All The Elements (Hiding In Plain Sight)