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San Antonio, Texas, United States

San Antonio, Texas, United States
Band Hip Hop Spoken Word




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"New school meets our school"

Students work to bring back Hip-Hop's original sound
By Arianne Evans

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Published: Tuesday, April 7, 2009
Updated: Sunday, May 17, 2009

Graphic by Burk Frey/The Paisano

Photo courtesy of P.E.A.

Photo courtesy of P.E.A.

Photo courtesy of P.E.A.
"Good music is something people can relate and listen to more than once. If you can learn something- that's good music, my mission is accomplished;" sophomore business major Kevin McGee said, otherwise known as KG.
With over 20,000 hits on his Myspace music page and over 60 CDs sold, KG and his album The Last Chair has achieved success. The album dropped March 3 with one goal in mind: to produce more than just sound waves.
Peabody Entertainment Association, (P.E.A.), produced the album. Surprisingly, this association is comprised of just three college students: junior public relations major Lori Rosales, sophomore business marketing major Dante Pea and KG.
"We are just a few college students trying to bring hip-hop back-it's something worth trying," Rosales said.
In addition to writing songs, Rosales is in charge of promotions, even though the entire group shares the responsibility.
On March 14, KG's "I Don't Love You Anymore" played on 91.3 KPVU, Prairie View A&M University's radio station. On March 16, in Dayton, Ohio, 106.9 WWSU aired both "I Don't Love You Anymore" and "Game On Lock."
"The best part is the feedback; they loved our songs because it had a certain feel to it. It's great to hear that our music has affected somebody. After all, this is what we've worked so hard for," KG said.
Recently KG and Pea promoted the album at South by Southwest. Networking with other artists like Bun B., Mistah F.A.B and Dead Prez, the group has made progress.
"I noticed that the CD's we gave out ended up somewhere. Most others we saw laying around on floors and on tables; our CD's actually ended up in other people pockets," Pea said.
The group spent hours recording at the Hill Country Apartments to produce the album. The association was equipped with nothing but the basics: a Pre amp/ Interface, a laptop for production and a love for music.
"We have definitely made some improvements. Right now, I'm trying to focus on expanding. Instead of just listening to Lil Wayne, I'm listening and watching different genres. I'm trying to expand the way I write. Who wants to just sound the same?" KG said.
P.E.A is focused on the future and is following a crucial timeline of success.
"It won't be long before the entire south knows us. With all the support we've gained from fans, the community and students around us, this entire experience has been unthinkable. We are moving way too fast to be contained," Pea said.
- By Arianne Evans


Still working on that hot first release.



Hip hop is more than just music, it is storytelling in rhythm.

It started off as just being a hobby with friends; I never imagined it would become one of my biggest passions in life. Started taking it seriously when I was 13 and it has slowly been uphill from there. I receive inspiration from all genres of music from poetry to rock to R&B; from artists like John Legend to Z-Ro to XV. I personally feel like I have everything an artist needs: lyrics, delivery, punch lines, heart, soul, and determination. I plan on showing the world what I feel through music. My aim is to inspire people to do what they love and help others as much as possible.

I feel like music is my way of doing that.

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