I play acoustic guitar based rock music for people who aren't shallow posers pretending to be rebellious. Imagine Warren Zevon singing Bruce Cockburn lyrics playing electric guitar like a Duane Allman/ Bill Frisell mutant and acoustic like Jorma.

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2003 CD release: "The Road Home" - Kevin McLeod.
Also available: "Coloring the Sky" - DeStefano & McLeod

Set List

I rarely write out a set list. I always know what song I'm goig to starta set with and what song I'm going to end with - everything in between is decided in the moment. I've played everything from 30 minute sets to an hour and a half set to 4 45 minute sets broken up over 4 hours.

I play my own songs - especially those from my most recent CD. I also include songs from friends who are independent singer/songwriters and a few covers of major label artists as well - but I don't usually play their most famous songs and I never play them the way they were originally recorded.