Kevin Michael Tillman

Kevin Michael Tillman

 Durham, North Carolina, USA

My music ranges to quiet contemplative new age moods to easy listening pop/rock. All of my music is original work.


My music ranges to quiet contemplative new age moods to easy listening pop/rock. All of my music is original work.

I was born and raised in Jacksonville, NC.

I was raised Catholic, but stopped being Catholic or even Christian because I am gay and couldn’t reconcile being gay and Christian. I felt ostracized and alone for a long time. I continued to be spiritual, though.

As for my musical interests, there are very few styles of music that I don’t like. It primarily depends on my mood. My two favorite musicians right now are Mark Weigle and Annie Lennox. however, my other favorites are, Josh Groban, Enya, Lorena McKennit, and Seal.

I’ve been writing music since high school. Several of the songs in my latest work, “Where is Love” are pieces I wrote in the late 80’s through the mid-90’s while in a long term relationship. I wrote my first choral arrangement of an original song, “Long Drive Home” for TGMC in 2001, my first choral arrangement of an existing work, “Beauty and the Beast,” in 2004, and my first truly original work for men’s chorus in 2006, “Red Rose.”

I’ve had several public performances of my work. Triangle Gay Men’s chorus debuted “Long Drive Home” in 2001, “Beauty and the Beast” in 2004, and “Red Rose in 2006. “Where is Love,” a ten movement song cycle, made it’s debut in June of 2008.

I first sang professionally with “Show Time," a beach cover band in Atlantic Beach, NC. I joined Triangle Gay Men’s Chorus in January of 2000.

What I’ve experienced while writing it is very significant to me. I have had the unwavering support of my friends and family, and even some who at the time were strangers to me have since become significant influences in my life. I have been blessed by all the lives that have touched me, just as those who have heard this work have told me how I have blessed them.

I became a member of ASCAP in 2007.

I am now seeking to step out and write music for other venues: large choral groups, TV and Film.

I currently live in Durham, NC.


In My Sleep

Written By: Kevin Michael Tillman

Silent, spinning, stars above my head,
dancing bright, come to view.

Softly drifting sleeping and as I do,
I'm dreaming of you.

And I wonder tonight, as I drift through the light,
where you are. Are you dreaming of me?

Warm wind blowing in off the ocean waves
and the spray tastes so sweet.

Full Moon glowing smiling down on us
and our love so complete.

For 'twas here on that night, heavens shining so bright,
that we vowed the rest of our lives.

I miss your tender kisses,
quiet moments we would share,
our hopes for the future
in the warm evening air.

our vows on the beach, there
looking out at the sea.
Never knowing our Union
was not meant to be.

When I saw you drift away, love,
moving farther from the shore,
I was helpless to retrieve you,
and the Moon. she smiled no more!

I will never again hold you!

feel the touch of your hand.
But I'll always feel you near me
sitting here on the sand.

I miss your tender kisses quiet moments we would share.

In my sweetest of dreams, you are still here with me;

Winter Before the Fire

Written By: Kevin Michael Tillman and Song of Solomon

Outside the world in stillness lay
dark, clear and cold
The meadow now in white
lit by the moon
no sound is made

the stars above
crystal on velvet blue
shine dancing like the firelight in your eyes

before the glow the softness of your smile
is warmer than the hope of tomorrow
Your embrace enfolds me
and I am safe within your arms
your kisses find me lost within our bliss

Set me as a seal upon your heart, upon your arm
for love is strong as death,

Our passion burns like the flames before us
The Winter cold can not quench the fire of our undying love
eternal as the sun

Oh, to kiss where all can see,
and none would care, but to share our joy

And here with us, the world in stillness lay,
nothing to fear, nothing to hide
as I place my ring upon your finger
a promise made this winter before the fire
My love to you forever bound.


Red Rose - CDBaby and iTunes - released in 2006
Red Rose, Winter Before the Fire, available for streaming on

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I currently don't perform live. I am composing and recording until the summer.