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"Kevin Misajon's Debut Album "Picture""

It's just a matter of time before people start eating this stuff up. Kevin Misajon's debut album, "PICTURE", has something for everybody, and it's worth listening to. Upon first listen, the likes of Jack Johnson and Ben Harper may come to mind, but just as quickly, Van Morrison and Bob Dylan came to mine. With a wide range of influences and versatility, this album displays a talent for songwriting as well as musicianship. You know those CDs that you can't listen to all that much, because the songs all sound the same? This is not one of those CDs. Misajon is not one of those artists. It seems more like a mixed CD of your favorites than one artist's project.

Think of the laid-back surf vibe, but then throw in an urban-motivated experience with socially-conscious principles. It's refreshing to hear feel-good songs with some substance. While this album sounds like it could be a pop record with its catchy hooks, Misajon takes away the sugar-coating and makes the listener think. Instead of a prophetic, politically-charged bandwagon, he keeps it simple, clever, and fun. Indeed it seems to be a sign of the times. "Take what we have now and either preserve it or make it better, because nothing lasts forever." Misajon does just that.

Released under independent record label Maka Records, "PICTURE" comes across as raw music. There is little over-production, no hiding behind the canvas, and the format forces the display of vulnerability and sensitivity. It commands your respect as much as it does your attention. In this case, Misajon pulls it off. Ignoring perfection and following vibe, this record comes across just a bit different, and they seem to be onto something.

Originally from Long Beach, CA, Misajon pursued his music from the backyard parties he played in high school, into the music scene where he attended film school at UC Santa Barbara. What seemed to be the perfect setting for a singer-songwriter of his style, Misajon apparently began his songwriting not in the party scene of Isla Vista, but while traveling and living abroad in Southern Spain. His shows, and, therefore, his fan-base however were definitely based in the amalgam of surf, college parties, and bikini-clad women that consists of I.V. It seems almost that much more appropriate that his songs have meaning aside from their feeling – reason beyond the façade. Inspired by travel, rooted in surf, this kid has a voice – both figuratively and literally. That doesn't go to say that this 23 year-old South Bay local is the next John Lennon, but that he is definitely doing his homework, and if anything has nothing but a few steps in front of him before he strikes the right chord.
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"Picture" (Released January 2007)
Recorded at Headway Music Studio in Westminster, Ca
Mixed at Sound Asylum in Santa Ana, CA
Mastered at Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA

"Picture" has radio airplay on KJEE 93.9 in Santa Barbara, CA

"Further Down the Road" and "Ice Cream"
Internet Radio Stations

"Even So/About Time" (Released April 2008)
Recorded at The Basement in Long Beach, CA
Mixed at Sound Asylum in Santa Ana, CA
Mastered at Capitol Records in Los Angeles, CA

"Even So" was featured on 92.9 KJEE in Santa Barbara, CA
"About Time" was featured on 91.5 WMFO in Boston, MA.



Kevin Misajon is a Southern California singer-songwriter born and raised between Oahu, Hawaii and Long Beach, CA. Misajon started to focus on his music while attending college in Santa Barbara and began writing songs while living in Southern Spain. From coffee shops to oceanfront parties, UCSB student events to State St. venues, Misajon developed a very loyal Santa Barbara student following. Through an acoustic recording made in his fraternity house attic in 2005, "Miso's" original music rapidly spread throughout the college town. Within 6 months these recordings made their way to booking agents in San Francisco and Hermosa Beach and were placed in two separate documentary surf films. Through these contacts, he would grow his own independent record label and event production team based in Hermosa Beach over the next 3 years.

2006: Misajon was introduced to a locally revered studio and started recording scratch tracks of some newly developed material. The project evolved into his debut album "Picture" - dedicated in memory to one of his best friends: Chris McCallister, victim of a drunk driving incident. 5% of the profits from his record are donated every year to M.A.D.D. in his memory.

2007: Upon releasing "Picture" Misajon was touring the West Coast and headlining venues such as The Roxy, Soho, Maggie McGarrys and ending with a sold-out show at The Key Club in Hollywood. This Hawaiian-blooded entertainer has shared the stage with major acts of all genres such as: Augustana, Jake Shimabukuro, and The English Beat; Reggae legends The Mighty Diamonds and The Melodians; as well as respected independents The Aggrolites and The Beautiful Girls. His home-base in South Bay was a launching point for his full-band show as well as his acoustic act. Equipped with a loop pedal and an array of toys, Misajon showcases as a multi-instrumentalist - playing guitars, bongos, djembe, keyboards, and an occasional harmonica.

2008: Misajon recorded a double-sided single "Even So/About Time" which was featured on radio stations in Santa Barbara and earned him a headlining slot for the Hermosa Beach Concert Series for over 5,000 people. Shortly after, he left for 4 months - traveling throughout Southeast Asia, New Zealand and South America. During which, Misajon developed material for his upcoming album and played a few key shows along the way.

In 3 years, Kevin Misajon has become a staple act in the Southern California circuit, and is currently expanding his team. In search of proper representation and management, it seems just a matter of time before this artist is be able to reach a much broader audience, nationally as well as overseas. Or as he puts it: “my best friends I have yet to meet.”

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