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My music is my biography. There is no one I intend to sound like though my inspirations, chord progressions, and general harmonic content closely resemble that of the 60s bands Beatles and Beach Boys, along with early 70s singer/songwriter Don Mclean.

I'm supposed to put my story here, but I've always felt a bit of mystery is more intriguing than being told how to feel about someone or something.

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People Grow From Trees

Written By: Kevin M. Kirker

how i wish you could see through my eyes tonight
oh friends i've left behind
i never said goodbye
it's too hard to explain
i kept hearing her name
so i just ran away... mm-hmm

and so i write these words
to let ya know i'm still
and i have
so much
to say

ana you have grown into a fashion queen
you're singing melodies
of abba with such ease
like nobody is looking
and you don't have a care
your honesty is bare.. mm-hmm

michelle you have been blessed with such a perfect face
who cares what pictures say
a thousand words are fake
not mine
they will stand the test of time
a hundred years from now
i will sing this til i'm out.. of breath

jeremy i don't know what to say to you
cause you are not my friend
you're my brother til we're dead
of course
that just goes without saying
and though we seldom talk
you're always in my thoughts... mm-hmm

austin i have saved the best for last because
when on the verge of death
you were my only friend
and i
am eternally grateful
with these remaining days
i'll try my best to repay.. this debt

and though this song will end
i may sing to you again
i don't know when
but some
day soon

everyone i'm sorry that i ran away
i just wanted you to be
completely proud of me
i tried
even though i have failed
i will meet you by the tree
in a decade, maybe three... or four

One Billion Words

Written By: Kevin M. Kirker

i will keep my camera with me
someday you will see what i've seen
i've photographed every sunset
nothing could eclipse the moment
we reunite at the end of our lives and
these reels will show you what you have missed

but it's hard to focus
even with the best lens
i admit my skills are meager but i
will be your eyes
you won't miss anything
cause i've kept a list

of everything that is your favorite
anything with green betwixt it
fireworks and pies with pecans
zoomed in shots of surfaces you wish
you could touch but there's only so much
i can do despite my deepest wishes

there exists no shutter
to contain the wonder
of the stars at night but ill see to it
that i submit
these constallations
explaining my one fate

i'm not sure what will
happen when i have closed my eyes
for the last time but i know that
i will see you once more to keep my promise

so bury me with negatives and
i'll just use this coffin as my
darkroom to develop photos
they must be in color so i'll
keep out the light or work
only at night
when they're finished i will say this to you:

i have kept my camera with me
now i'll show you all that i've seen
let's start with my favorite photo
i took it the day you went to
this place without me but i never worried
because i knew we'd meet again
say cheese!


First Album ''One Story Now Begins...'' featuring People Grow From Trees and That's My Way Of Keeping Track Of Time.

Released October 2007. Currently at 11,000 downloads.

Track Listing:

1. The Car Is Coming Closer

2. Just As It Arrives, It Leaves

3. No Bread Crumbs

4. People Grow From Trees

5. A Note That Reads

6. That's My Way Of Keeping Track Of Time

7. I Didn't Dry Your Eyes

8. This Is Not A Song

Second Album ''...and now, you'll live forever'' featuring One Billion Words and All The World Is Throwing Rocks.

Released on December 2008. Currently at 1,000 downloads.

1. ...And Now You'll Live Forever

2. More Populous Than Grains Of Snad

3. All The World Is Throwing Rocks

4. I Didn't Dry Your Eyes Part Two

5. This Town Ain't Paris, France You Know

6. One Billion Words

7. A Map Is Not Required

8. No Stars, No Cards, No Lines

Both Albums can be downloaded for free at

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