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Kevin Neidig

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | MAJOR

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, United States | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2000
Solo Americana Folk




"The Long Road Kevin Neidig album review"

Music CD The Long Road Kevin Neidig

Pennsylvania has long been a place where story telling music is made and presented by most of the diverse nationalities of settlers in the Commonwealth. Americana Folk music has become a distinct identity to its hard living, loving and working settlers, simply because the music adds the emotion, often not expressed in the spoken word alone. I get that Kevin’s musical foundation is based in this tradition. I feel Kevin Neidig’s solid musical foundation will help build his current instrumental and vocal talents to a brighter entertainment future.

The tendency to compare and contract an artist’s work with other known artists in a specific music genre is often the easy way out in writing a review. At first listen, I was noting many writers and performers of Americana Folk music, as well as others outside of the genre, Dave Matthews, Gordon Lightfoot, Billy Joel, Bella Fleck, Jon Bon Jovi and a few more, I couldn’t quite identify. I was taking note primarily of the vocal style. It was as if, every tune brought to mind another artist.

I attribute that long list of similar artists to Kevin’s colorful presentation of every story and lesson in song….Every tune is a showcase of Kevin’s talent, every song is a short story that is best when told by the author. I can see someone, maybe from the list above, will want to cover one or many of his compositions. Rarely does an LP offer a story or lesson in every cut. Rarely is a remake better than an original.

As a Senior Citizen with an eccentric musical passion, I was stunned I could not identify more artists; since every track featured an identifiable emotion in the presentation I had heard before, or had I? Kevin’s music feels familiar and at times similar, but in no way the same. Upon my second and third listen, I gave up trying to compare and contrast. I then began to really listen. Musically I noticed the pizzacato before the chorus and the folksy sway in By the Handles and mind clearing piano ala Billy Joel, to settle the listener into the tranquil What Can I Do To Make you Happy. What is evident, Kevin’s precision and mastery of guitar, banjo & mandolin, plus a crystal clear vocal, with a gentle nudge of inflection for additional clarification of the tune. Happy go lucky, bluesy pickin’ in Same Suit, and the music for the Emily Dickinson Poem, As If as Usual Done, may well be on the top ten listed on my tombstone.

Picking out just a few titles to highlight is darn near impossible. I subscribe to Steven Krempasky’s observation, former Vice president of theater operations, Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, “With little effort Kevin just lets his guitar sing. His strings are attached to Angel Wings”

Kevin Neidig, his music, performances with area groups and as a solo artist are found on the internet and His presentations on location should not be missed.

a review by Bill Trousdale, former central PA broadcaster and founder of Pennsylvania Museum of Music and Broadcast History - Bill Trousdale

"Sound Engineer"

"Out of all the musicians I know, Kevin Neidig is one of the best, [both] creative and technical." - Fred Pellegrini Jr.

"Justin Clauser"

When listening to Kevin's songs it is hard to fathom that he contrived them. I think he was just the first to discover these beautiful forms in nature that have existed long before we have ever heard them. Kevin just knows where to listen.
- Justin Clauser

"Healing Sounds"

Your CD is really beautiful--very profound and powerful and quite enjoyable. You are truly a talented and gifted being. - Jonathan Goldman

"Jess Hayden"

“Multi-instrumentalist Kevin Neidig is one of the cleanest, most consistent players that I know. He excels on all three of his instruments; guitar, banjo and mandolin and offers an amazingly diverse repertoire grounded in traditional Americana styles. His strong singing offers an added bonus to his excellent instrumental work.”

Jess Hayden, Susquehanna Folk Music Society

Jessica D. Hayden, Executive Director
Susquehanna Folk Music Society
378 Old York Road
New Cumberland, PA 17070

- Susquehanna Folk Music Society

"Whitaker Center"

“With little effort Kevin just lets his guitar sing. His strings are attached to angel wings.”

Stephen Krempasky
Vice President, Theater Operations
Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts - Stephen Krempasky


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  5. Kevin Neidig - Only Me 2010
  6. Kevin Neidig - In Lak'ech' 2008
  7. Kevin Neidig—Abstract and to the Point 2006
  8. Kevin Neidig—Color Breathing Meditation 2005
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  10. Voxology -- Simply 2011
  11. Voxology—Someday Soon 2003
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  14. Junk—Grab your Junk 1997
  15. Inursha—Uncalibrated Parameters 1996
  16. Inursha—No patience at 95 Degrees 1994



Rarely do you get in one musician the virtuosity of singer, instrumentalist
and songwriter. Kevin brings all three with eloquent effortlessness:


The unexpected complexity, combined with graceful agility, are what grab
you by the throat, compelling you to listen into the wee hours. Kevin
possesses an otherworldly ear and literal sleight of hand. Watching his
nimble fingers execute a fretboard is like bearing witness to a spider
weaving geometry into form. He manages to project a kind of tenderness
clad in power, by turns exuding mystery, exuberance and wit.


From first note, you notice honed, flexible vocals, at once at ease with
old-as-the-hills bluegrass as the latest pop number on the radio. There's
authenticity underlying all the flow, and a comfort level with an
impressive range - high and soulful to deep and baleful. Clear and
powerfully emotive, Kevin's voice commands you to listen time and again as
you marvel at how your soul is stirred with each play.


Kevin's approach never fails to present a different perspective - lyrically
and musically. With his use of intricate timing, ingenuity with keys and
tempos, and a dizzying contortion of chords, it's easy to understand why
other musicians clamor to play his compositions for the thrill and sheer
workout of it. He delivers impeccably crafted, hand-hewn tunes - a
perfect turn of word here, transforming melodies there - lush, tuneful
journeys not to be missed.

I’ve been described as a singer-songwriter and maestro of guitar, banjo, mandolin (I love anything with strings), influenced by Darrell Scott, Tim O’Brien, Sam Bush, Bela Fleck and Tony Rice – heroes one and all. I can get eclectic, too – doing the occasional metal tune, Foo Fighters, Allman Brothers Band, etc. Times change, though, and I’m not sure this description fits me anymore.

A person of considerable influence in my life recently described the tunes on my new solo CD as “Music of a New Era” and this feels right to me. Maybe it’s because I’m now working with infusing intention into my music, the results of which feel like something altogether my own, or more “me” than anything else I’ve created musically. After studying under Grammy-nominated Sound Master Jonathan Goldman, I feel I’ve discovered a whole new way of working with music and sound, to the point where one of my sidelines involves working with sound in a healing capacity. I call it Sonic Reiki.

As performances and venues go, I was proud to perform, as part of Voxology, at the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics and to open for such renowned acts as Doc Watson, Peter Rowan, Tom Paxton and the Alison Brown Quartet. I’ve enjoyed playing numerous gigs at colleges and universities, including Bucknell, Penn State and Cornell, to name a few, and just about every festival a stick can be shaken at from Arkansas to New York, such as Ohio’s Funk-N-Groove Music Spectacular, Spoutwood Farm’s Fairie Festival and Harrisburg’s Kipona Arts Festival.

As for bragging rights, I have a nice collection of awards from the Deer Creek Fiddler’s Convention in Westminster, MD, having won first place in the Male Vocal and Old-Time Banjo contests and four first place prizes in the Guitar competition. Another pride and joy of mine is the Neidig Guitar Studio, established 25 years ago in Mechanicsburg, PA, where I teach guitar, banjo, mandolin, voice, ukulele and bass to a roster of talented and inspiring students.

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