Kevin P. Harloff

Kevin P. Harloff

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I decided to discontinue working on my studies in Dietetics at FSU to move to NYC to follow my dreams to become a Musician this October. Some amazing opportunities came about and when great situations present themselves one must take the risk and chance. Music is my passion and I have to follow it.


I am a self taught musician who loves all types of music and artistic expression and this has shaped my style in a unique way. It's hard to label but its as if Beethoven meets Yanni meets Coldplay. I also through in some house and pop. I want to use music as a tool; for self expression and the pure love of it as well as use it to shape culture. The artist has such an important role in society, I hold my creativity and music as a responsibility to myself and others.


First Album called Far From My Heart which can be found on iTunes, amazon, emusic, etc. I also do youtube videos which are a lot of my improvisations.