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Jeremy Wells Presents
More Than Meets the Eye (1999)

Jeremy Wells Presents
The Campaign (2001)

Eternal Souljas
Underworld Anthems(2005)

Kevin Pride
Music for The Soul (2005)

Rude Boy (2010)

Kevin Pride
King Of Hearts (2011)



The name Kevin Pride might be new to you, but Kevin Pride is not new to music.
Born on February 14th 1978 and raised in Pittsburg California, Kevin has been writing and performing music for over 20 years. In his sophomore album “King of Hearts” he is living up to that name and winning the hearts of loyal followers. Working with Bay Area producers Jeremy Wells and Maurice Njissang to develop and record the project, “King of Hearts” is 8 tracks of simply good music. The recipe for this feel good album is Soul, R&B, hip hop a little funk, some rock, a pinch of house and a dash of electronica. Musician Jay Whitlatch played guitar and bass adding his skill and talent to the project . Kevin’s 1st album “Music for the Soul”, was militant, intellectual and a perspective of the mind and soul. This album is love music, a perspective of the heart and emotion. The greatest thing about the album is that it makes you want to not only dance, but listen to the lyrics as well. Kevin is capturing the hearts of everyone.
There is deeper symbolism behind the “King of Hearts” title for Kevin.
“I didn’t just choose it for the obvious reason. It is more than just the love theme. I was born on Valentine’s day which is the day of emotional and conceptual love. The music is definitely geared at making the connection of the hearts with listeners. It is also a representation of me following my heart and my calling and thus becoming the King of my own heart. The King of Hearts in the Tarot can represent a person who has symbolically died and is reborn and has triumphed over hardship and adversity. I feel like this project is a testament to the challenges I have overcome and the person I have come to be."
The great thing about this album is that any one from any walk of life can listen to it. It carries a depth and quality that transcends generations. Teenagers and grandmothers alike could appreciate it. The album “King of Hearts” is a testament to hard work and keeping the flame of passion alive, even when it seems that all is lost. What is in the future for Kevin Pride? Kevin is performing regularly and promoting his album. Kevin’s next goal is to focus on working with industry professionals as a songwriter and have other performers perform his music. Kevin will continue to make original music and is already in the studio working on a follow up to the “King of Hearts”.
Seizing the moment and finding the will to succeed, Kevin Pride has come into his own and taken his throne as the “King of Hearts”. Won’t you be a loyal subject?