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More often than not, an album is created more by the clever engineers in the studio
than by the actual artist. Which is why in a world oversaturated with borrowed beats
and computerized enhancements, Kevin Sandbloom’s Under Pink and Bourbon Skies
is so refreshing. Stripped down to a blend of soft acoustic guitar, soulful vocals and
beautifully crafted emotional lyrics, Sandbloom brings the soul back into soul music.
Reminiscent of a classic D’Angelo, Sandbloom makes music that is about the music,
pure and simple. - Heidi Gress (publisher Sphere Magazine, creative director Aperture Marketing)


It would be an understatement to call Kevin Sandbloom’s Under Pink and Bourbon
Skies minimalist. Sparse might be a better word. Much of this record is totally acoustic
with nothing more than Sandbloom’s guitar and his expressive voice. Under Pink and
Bourbon Skies is kind of like Raul Midon’s State of Mind, only a little more intimate.

The minimalist nature of Under Pink and Bourbon Skies makes this a deceiving record.
Listeners fall into trap of thinking that this record falls into one mood or stays at one tempo. However nothing could be further from the truth. Sandbloom moves from singer
songwriting balladeer on songs such as “Sentimentally Yours,’ to a funk philosopher on
“Up From the Cracks.”

He delivers an acoustic rendition of “A Song for You” that would make Donny
Hathaway proud. Sandbloom also proves to be an excellent lyricist. Even on a song
with relatively few words such as “Coffee And a Strong Desire,” Sandbloom manages
to show that he can paint a verbal picture. The words tell the story of late night
lovemaking and early morning coffee.

The lyrics and the vocals are definitely the strong point of this record. Sandbloom
seems to know that his assignment in making such an intimate record is that people
are going to listen to what he has to say. He doesn’t waste time. “Sweetness,”
“Sentimentally Yours,” “Up From the Cracks” and “You Should Know” are four
songs that exhibit Sandbloom’s ability to vary the tempo, use his voice as an
instrument and paints pictures with words.

“Sweetness” is an acoustic blues, funk gem that displays the singer’s feathery vocal
touch as the upper range of the tenor spectrum. The song includes one of best pickup
lines I’ve heard in a record in a long time: “When you wear that candy dress/Will you
look at this old mess/In the service of that wish.”

On “Sentimentally Yours,” Sandbloom channels the musical spirits of the singer
songwriters of the 1970s. “Up From the Cracks,” shows that acoustic music can
have a hard-bitten edge. The song’s lyrics also paint the picture of an artist trying to
grow from the ground up and on his own terms. The Latin tinged “You Should Know”
shows that Sandbloom spent more than a few hours listening to performers such as
Midon. Artists such as Sandbloom occupy the space once filled by the soul folk icons
of the 1970s, and Sandbloom is at home there. Recommended.
- Howard Dukes


One of the things I love about independent music is that it’s art in raw form. That is
before others, who claim to know better than the artist, begin meddling and changing
the initial vision into an often watered-down version of the original. Listen to radio and
you hear the same songs over and over again. Truth is…some of the best music hasn’t
even made it to the mainstream, yet. An example of the pure art I’m referring to can be
heard in the works of Sandbloom, a soulful artist who has released his third
independent project entitled “Under Pink and Bourbon Skies.”

Sandbloom’s style is referred to as “Urban Delta Soul” which completely captures the
sound of his music. The album is filled with acoustic guitar licks that incorporate blues,
jazz, and soul music that reach the gut. Sandbloom's impressive vocals range from a
smooth or raspy falsetto, to a powerful and distinct tenor. A few of his songs have
somewhat of a Dwele vibe. Sandbloom’s lyrics are poetic and insightful, causing the
listener to reflect on real life situations. Since his lyrics are indeed poetry, each song
was reviewed as I interpreted the lyrics. Let’s take a look at the tracks:

1. SWEETNESS – A soulful, acoustic piece that deals with the sweetness of love.

2. LONELY WORLD – An upbeat song about the struggle to find one’s place and

3. LATELY LOVE – A bluesy piece that deals with the complications that being in
love can bring about.

4. SAY THE WORD – A slower, acoustic piece about a man waiting for his girl to finally
say what she truly feels.

5. COFFEE AND A STRONG DESIRE – A seemingly Al Jarreau inspired jam about a
man who wants to have a little sex with his early morning coffee.

6. GIRL (YOU MAKE ME FEEL) – This song has a Dwele vibe and deals with a man
who is comfortable in the company of his woman.

7. SENTIMENTALLY YOURS – A very good song! A soulful track with a great feel.
It is about a person who has totally given in to love.

8. MISS ME – A very neo-soulful track. My favorite on the album. About a couple
arguing, where one person is seeking forgiveness after pissing off the other.

9. UP FROM THE CRACKS – A very nice jam about picking oneself up after being
down for so long.

10. SILENT FIRE – This song has a Caribbean vibe. It seems to be about a person
who selflessly fills the role as inspiration to his significant other.

11. YOU SHOULD KNOW – Deals with honesty and openness as a couple looks
back at the past, embraces the present, and plans for the future.

12. A SONG FOR YOU – The album closes with a smokin’ acoustic version of Donny Hathaway’s classic. I was worried about this one at first, but Sandbloom pulled it off.
Very well done!

I must say that I was impressed by Sandbloom and look forward to hearing more from
him in the future. If you aren’t familiar with his work, I highly recommend that you take a
listen. This cat definitely has soul.

ratings 9 mics out of 10 - Sean Rasul - Sandbloom - "Under Pink and Bourbon Skies"


the rasx() context
I preach these Blues, then choose my seat and sit down.
Kevin Sandbloom’s New Red Llama Music Release, “Under Pink and Bourbon Skies”
So you ask, “Hey, rasx()! What is Kevin Sandbloom?” Well, you take the extremely
talented D’Angelo and the extremely talented Ani DiFranco, mix it with the mystery of
even more humanity and you get Kevin Sandbloom.

Kevin Sandbloom is the kind of performer the Undercover Black Man should have
reviewed years ago—and I am pleased as punch to beat him to it. Hah! Got ya! First of
all, for you kids out there (who actually, truly discover music), every sound that comes
out of Kevin Sandbloom’s mouth is a note—not a dead-president note—but a musical
note you write out on a scale. And, since Kevin clearly is a serious student of soul, not
only does he sing notes but he sings them on the beat—and usually that beat is funky—
even when it’s just him and his acoustic guitar. I’m sorry Fumi, but Michael Franti is out
of pocket on this one.

So the new Kevin Sandbloom release is Under Pink and Bourbon Skies which is
available as a direct download—and the backlog of work you can find at The latest work reminds me of the same design goals of PJ Harvey’s
Uh Huh Her—to be economical, pared down, efficient—to be big in the smallness.
This is most apparent in the song “Girl.” Even when Sanbloom celebrates with the
cover song, “A Song for You,” this spirit of efficient economy is still there. Too many
contemporary musicians forget that rhythm, funk and blues is about efficiency and
economy—showing effortlessly how much you can make of so little. Kevin Sandbloom’s
latest is a timely, complementary respite for these tough economic times.




Take the extremely talented D’Angelo and Ani DiFranco, mix them with the mystery of a vocal range from a smooth raspy falsetto, to a powerful and distinct tenor and you get Kevin Sandbloom. The refreshing stripped down blend of soft acoustic guitar with soulful vocals of an acoustic blues, funk gem that displays his feathery vocal touch that reaches the upper range of the tenor spectrum. Beautifully crafted emotional lyrics, Kevin brings the Spirit of the 1970's classic soul folk icons into his music.

Kevin Sandbloom has shared stages and studios with Michael McDonald, Gil Scott-Heron, Vinny Caliutta, Goapele, Bilal, Jimmy Earl, The Zap Band, Talaam Acey, Saul Williams, Bilal, Umar bin Hassan and countless other artists. He is highly sought after for collaborations with other musicians, singers and poets. He has performed on stages in London, New York, Chicago, Miami,Texas and Los Angeles. As a fixture at music & poetry venues across the U.S. you never know when he will pop in to brings his fresh sound to an event in this industry weaned on Auto-tune. Kevin is not retro or dated he is just Kevin Sandbloom.

Regarded as a songwriter at the top of his game, he wrote the title track for Grammy-nominated guitar legend Robben Ford’s Supernatural album. He has also contributed music to many independent films including Laurence Fishburne’s directorial debut, Once in the Life and he had a featured appearance on the ABC Family series “Lincoln Heights.”

Kevin Sandbloom is currently touring and promoting his latest recording, VIVA LOS ANGELES, which includes the
singles "Viva Los Angeles," "All Night Long" and "Woman." You can find more info about Kevin and his current tour at