Kevin Seddki Trio

Kevin Seddki Trio


Kevin Seddiki studied classical guitar with Pablo Marquez, but always has been intressted very different music styles. His curiosity and versatility lead him to various collaborations with reknowned masters from different areas, from classical to Jazz, and experiences with traditionnal music


In 2009, he won the prestigious European Guitar Award (germany), and since 2010 he s touring with the Al di Meola band "World Sinfonia" who just released the new album Pursuit of Rhadical rhapsody. He is also part of the band Oneira ( And will release his first album under his name in September 2011, for the german Label Wildner Records.
Here are some of the artists he has been collaborating with : AL di Meola, Dino Saluzzi, Regis Gizavo, Bijan Chemirani, Ensemble Ibn Arabi, Olivier Ker Ourio, Urna chahar Tugchi...).


Kevin Seddiki - Il Sentiero - Wildner Records 2012
Tâle Yâd - Oneira - Helico 2012
Si la Mar - Oneira - Helico 2012