Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith


Wheather he's playing solo acoustic or sharing the stage with the band, this singer/songwriter will leave you with, nothing short of, original, solid, and well written music. True Americana. Just Listen.


Hanging out at Liberty Lunch, in Austin, Texas when you're in the eighth grade tends to do something to a kid. For Kevin Smith, it was just another reason to pick up the guitar around that time and see what could happen. Today, it still finds him firmly planted in the same spot it all started... South Austin. His earliest memories include watching Roky Erickson pace up and down the street in front of his house everyday, and constantly trying to get his Dad to explain what Roky was doing during those years. It finally sunk in one day, and one thing he took away from it, was that if you're not doing what your mind and soul are ment to do, and not moving forward, then life can be mundane. Kevin Smiths' music reflects what he knows, and grew up cutting his teeth on, what he knows deep in his soul. "With a deep booming voice harking back to a time in music history when singers Like Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash reigned supreme,( and with songwriting abbilities to boot), his songs can relate to anybody, and his sound is all his own, no doubt."


To the Grave

Written By: Kevin Smith

I know baby I can see
that one day you'll be crying' over me. You'll get over it one of these days, then again you might just take me to the grave
I'm no longer one of you're guys, no longer round and no longer can be found

You ran away like a crying little baby, been trying not to think about you lately
Since you've been gone, I've been feeling allright, funny how things ain't wrapped up Oh so tight..

We were good and we were bad, we held on to the good, when the bad was all we had, maybe someday well I'll pick up the phone, and It'll be you tryin' not to be all all alone

You smoke cigerettes through tears of regret, tryin' to gain back respect, all though there's none to get, I Know what you want me to be, but right now baby, it's ain't
easy for me..

Livin' A Merle Haggard Song

Written By: Kevin Smith/Scott Rosenberry

This barstool and this bottle
are my only friends
ever since you left and went away
but if come back to town
and are lookin' around
Don't worry, I'm killin' my pain

Sittin' in a corner
all weekend long
getin' tired, gettin' drunk
and feelin' mean
When the bottle I'm drinkin'
Slowly (finally) is gone, I think (know) I've been (lived)
Livin' A Merle Haggard Song

Well I'm always right here until closing time, I sit and I drink, and I slowly go blind.
You give me that look, and walk out the door, and I drink myself closer, to that old friendly floor.

Now you're gone for good
and that's allright by me
Don't come back, cause
I don't give a Damn
Well Merle said it best,
I think I'll stay here and drink
So that's what I'm gonna do,
to make it through, another week

Just Like the Blowin' Wind

Written By: Kevin Smith

I've waited my whole life to meet you, You've been hangin' out all alone.
You're lookin' for someone to hold you, well I'm sorry that it's taken me so long

I remember the night that I met you
My heart sank deep, you took my breath away
I was too shy I could not tell you
This is what my stubborn heart has to say

I've wanted my whole life to hold you, though I didn't know the time, who, where, or when
You came down to me like a falling angel
You swept me up again, Just like the Blowin' Wind

These last two weeks have been a work of art, you're the body that is painted in my soul.
You're the first thing in the morning that I dream about, and the last thing in my mind, like a burnin' coal

The only thing I have to tell you, is that you're here, and I'm not leavin for 'while,
You're silhouette is the picture in my
mind, and I hope that I can be with you awhile


Kevin Smith- Bluebonnet Blues/ Full LP 1999 Released through Crystal Clear Distribution/ Dallas
Various Live Self- released solo efforts.
Has airplay on radio stations across Texas and Europe.
New record due out July 06'
Organizations: Americana Music Association

Set List

The typical set list can be any length solo acoustic, or as a duo (ryth/lead guitar). We play many originals as well as a range of covers from Johnny Cash to Doug Sahm, & Uncle Tupelo (Son Volt/Wilco) to Roky Erickson.