Kevin KalimbaMan Spears

Kevin KalimbaMan Spears


Kevin "KalimbaMan" Spears is the highly innovative artist who has mastered the exotic musical instrument called Kalimba. To watch Spears' masterfully take a traditional African instrument and create a powerful and funky mix of World Beat, Jazz and Rock music will move your feet and touch your soul.


Acknowledged as one of the country's top Kalimba player's, Spears' began studying this exotic instrument at the tender age of 11 years old. Through blood, sweat and frustration, the Kalimba slowly became an extension of this man who was obviously destined to touch others through his life and music. The end result is that Kevin Spears has unknowingly redefined what is humanly possible on this seemingly simple instrument.

His musical influences include: Kirk Whalum, Earth Wind and Fire, Jimi Hendrix, Bob James, Marcus Miller, Paco De Lucia, Chick Corea, George Benson and Michael Jordan.

As a professional musician, "KalimbaMan" not only designs and creates his own instruments, he consistently leaves his audiences spellbound by his soulful and passionate musical delivery coupled with incredible virtuosity.

Spears' has performed with and/or opened up for artists such as: Victor Wooten, J.D. Blair (of Shania Twain), Legendary Col. Bruce Hampton, Eric Benet, Yonrico Scott (Derek Trucks, Earl Klugh, Chaka Khan), Jeff Moser, Bill Summers (of Herbie Hancock fame) and two-time Grammy winner group Arrested Development to name a few.

Seeing this unique artist take one instrument and create the sound of a 5-piece band live on stage reminds you of what it is to be one with your destiny. Witness the Artistry of Kevin KalimbaMan Spears.


2008 released live DVD titled "Kevin Spears Live @ Electro-Music Festival".
2007 released CD project titled "Natural Elements"
2005 released CD project titled "Ancient Sounds of Kalimba".

Set List

Live performance consists of (1) 20-60 minute set mixing danceable up-tempo and down-tempo original compositions with an occasional snippet of (Purple Haze- Jimi Hendrix, or classic Marvin Gaye) depending on audience tastes. Musical presentation is performed live without the use of prerecorded tracks and is powerful, thought-provoking and appropriate for all ages.
Audience Demographic: After 10 years of performing live, the audience members who enjoy Spears' performances consist of the following demographic: Age range 17-65, Those who prefer the following music genres- Contemporary Jazz, Acoustic, Folk, Funk, World Beat, Rock & Roll- (Metal not included), Latin, Soul, Classic R&B, Electronica, Experimental, Ambient and Christian.