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Kevin Sport

Montgomery, Alabama, United States

Montgomery, Alabama, United States
Band Country


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Growing up in a small town has its pros and cons. It can instill in you a sense of community, afford you fertile ground to till your talents, and supply you with a stage, however humble, to be heard. On the other hand, once the sown skills of small towns bare fruit, city limits come to mean more than just where the town ends and the wilderness begins. You’ve got to see the world to show the world.

Like Ulysses to the sea and pioneer wagons west, the journey is the story. While home may be the right place in the end, it may be the wrong time until then. Pick your passion and let it lead you home.

Since the earliest days of his youth, music has been the guiding passion in Kevin Sport’s life. Sundays spent sight-reading acappella hymns on unpadded pews in his old country church, singing solos on school stages from third grade through cap and gown, idle hours whiled away singing along with the AM dial, all of these moments, both mundane and monumental, set Kevin on a path through summits and shafts, a path he hoped would steer him to the right place.

Having outgrown his town, his talent led him to Music City, USA, and the Nashville he found wasn’t the capital of cutthroat companies and merciless musicians. Rather, everybody bands together, rooting each other on, sincerely hoping their fellow journeymen land that elusive big deal.
Kevin started doing demo work with Jack White, a Nashville songwriter who broke with Acuff Rose to form his own publishing company, all the while selling his songs to recording artists, one of which was the hit “If I Didn’t Love You” to Steve Warner. Kevin spent the next seven years plugging away at his dream, but after getting a few of his songs published, the rigors of day-to-day life in the industry took their toll, and Kevin packed it in and walked away. No returned phone calls, no singing, no writing.



But dreams born of passion need but the faintest fan to be rekindled. And, luckily for Kevin, he was blessed with the biggest fan of all: his wife, Sandi. Theirs is a love story worthy of a song.
“Theirs is a love story worthy of a song.”
Having met in their teens, they dated into college, but as life so often does, their paths led them in different directions and into other relationships. True love will not be denied, and shortly before Christmas several years back, Kevin received an email from Sandi and the road to their reunion was paved with her words. Since then, Sandi’s support has been the unfailing rock behind Kevin’s return to music. “She is the reason I am doing this, along with a few other people and the fact that this is what I love to do. It would be a shame to put aside all the dues I was paying not to finish the journey.”

Like an Everyman hero in a Heroic Quest, Kevin struck out into the world. He scrapped for a living before scraping his dream. He fell, yet rose again to reclaim his love, his passion, his vision, his life. And now, with all the lessons learned and wiser for the wear, Kevin has returned home with the knowledge that “you are always in the right place when you are doing what you love.”

Kevin has found the right place.

He had been there all the while.