Kevin Taylor Kendrick

Kevin Taylor Kendrick

 Houston, Texas, USA

Endearing adventures, trials and honesties of life, driven by acoustic guitar. Catchy lead melodies backed with vocal harmonies, and minimalist percussion. Come join me!


My name is Kevin Kendrick,I am from Houston, TX born and raised. I am primarily an acoustic musician, my music is very catchy, and melodic, I take great pride in my lyrics. I center my writing on events in my life and concerns for my future. I think a lot about the vices of human beings, how technology is our greatest gift, but also our downfall, how emotions can drive us into the ground, or lift us up.I think we are very paradoxic creatures. I usually write in major keys and don't overly complicate the sound. I draw a lot of influence from artists like Woody Guthrie, Conor Oberst, Bob Dylan, Blitzen Trapper, and writers like Paulo Coelo, Walt Whitman, John Steinbeck,and Mark Twain. I love writing and performing Music, I have played all over Houston, starting playing in other Texas cites and in Arkansas I love to have people hear and appreciate the hard work that goes into creating music. My sound is somewhat unique in the fact that I can take infuence from the past and influence from my generation, and create a new direction on an old wind.

-2011 Houston Press Music Awards-Best Songwriter Nominee!!


Belles and Whistles (in production)