Kevin Wilson Scott

Kevin Wilson Scott


A shotgun blast of folk aimed directly at the listener's soul, Kevin Wilson Scott's music speaks to those that like their music lean, raw, and with a wry sense of humor.


Kevin Wilson Scott is a working-class singer/songwriter from small-town Quebec who relates to those that put in long hours at jobs they hate, barely scraping by, dreaming of the day they will rise above it all. Now 27, he has been playing and singing for several years all by his lonesome, allowing an intimate showcase for his unique interpretations of life's pains and pleasures. His stripped-down approach and particular voice have been compared to Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Loudon Wainwright III, however his modern sensibilities leave him firmly entrenched in the now. He lives in Toronto, where he fights tyranny and crusades for justice.


Thru And Thru

Written By: Kevin Wilson Scott

If I was an oyster and you were my pearl
Instead of a boy who's in love with a girl
I would keep holding you
Thru and Thru

If I was a candle and you were my flame
And you shined so bright like you had no shame
I would keep burning too
Thru and Thru

If I was a mountain and you were the sea
And I felt your waves as they crashed against me
I would be standing true
Thru and Thru

If I was a blossom upon your tree
And you watched me close as I bloom slowly
I would be growing on you
Thru and Thru

I'd brave the darkest night
Withstand the greatest pain
I know that with every loss
Will come a greater gain

If I was the sun and you were my moon
And each time I'd rise you'd be gone much too soon
I would be chasing you
Thru And Thru

If I was the answer to a question untold
And you were a riddle that's yet to be solved
I would be cracking you
Thru and Thru


"I Don't Wanna Work Anymore For The Man" EP - 2007

Set List

"That's Me"- K. Wilson Scott
"I Don't Wanna Work Anymore For The Man" - K. Wilson Scott
"Thru And Thru" - K. Wilson Scott
"All The World's A Stage" - K. Wilson Scott
"A Night At The Bar" - K. Wilson Scott
"The Right Kind Of Wrong" - K. Wilson Scott
"While" - K. Wilson Scott
"A Grave Call To Apathy" - K. Wilson Scott
"The World Inside" - K. Wilson Scott
"He Said, She Said" - Loudon Wainwright III

45mins. total usually