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"Gregg Lawless"

"I'm a sucker for smart lyrics and strong melodies ... The Complements have both." - Canadian Independent Songwriter and Producer

"The Muse's Muse"

"Kevin has a way of creating songs that touch you deeply at the same time that they make you laugh. That's a unique talent and one that a discerning audience will definitely appreciate." - Jodi Krangle, creator/webmaster of the songwriting resource, The Muse's Muse ( - Jodi Krangle

"Penguin Eggs Review"


Toronto's The Complements are main vocalist Nurit Suzana and co-vocalist/songwriter/guitarist Kevin Zarnett. This five-song EP, is a jangly-rootsy-pop affair reminiscent of the Byrds with maybe a bit of Blondie and the Jayhawks thrown in for good measure.

The studio musicians including drummer Mark Kelso (Pete Townsend, Shania Twain), bassist John Dymond (k.d. lang, Bruce Cockburn), and keyboardist Steve Klodt (Amanda Marshall, Jeff Healey), contribute a highly polished and solid backbone which is topped with strong singing and tight vocal harmonies. Noted indie singer-songwriter Gregg Lawless's production gives the songs a radio friendly feel without going too far into MOR-dome. A very promising debut.

- Penguin Eggs

"Being There Review: Something Like Happiness"

Reviewed by Adam D. Miller
February 2005

Growing up outside of the cultural epicenter that is Toronto, I've grown quite cynical about what my suburban vicinity has to offer. When it comes to restaurants, music, movies, shopping, and just about anything, downtown Toronto does it bigger and better. When you're downtown, you feel inspired to create and soak everything up. It's just not the same when you're surrounded by picket fences and SUVs.

It is with pride, then, that I introduce our readers to a wonderfully talented folk-pop duo called The Complements. Like me, Kevin Zarnett (songwriter/guitarist/vocalist) and Nurit Suzana (vocalist) grew up in the suburbs of Toronto. Clearly they found inspiration somewhere, because Something Like Happiness, their debut EP, collects five originals that are definite gems, whether you base your criteria on songwriting or performing.

Kevin and Nurit seem to bring much different things to the table, and this is precisely what makes their sound so effective and interesting. Kevin's voice is undeniably one of a folk singer - melodic but gritty, clearly passionate about the words he is singing. Nurit's vocals are angelic but powerful, and tracks where she sings lead are a nice break from Kevin's vocals. The vocals are at their best when the two harmonize, particularly on tracks like "Just Another Sad Song."

Of course, none of this would matter if it weren't for the strength of Kevin Zarnett's songs. These songs recall many things, both musically and lyrically. The classic compositions of groups like The Byrds and Simon & Garfunkel immediately come to mind when listening to the EP, as do more recent groups like The Jayhawks and Blue Rodeo. The album begins with "Sweet Sorrow," a slick combination of acoustic rhythms and 12-string electric guitars that instantly recall Roger McGuinn and Tom Petty.

The title track "Something Like Happiness" is a radio-friendly folk-pop gem, complete with a catchy chorus that you will find yourself singing along to in the shower. Another notable track on the EP is "Valley Green," a song that is both nostalgic and reflective, recalling the Kinks classic "Village Green." Musically, however, it is more evocative of the rich tapestry known as Americana.

But 'generic' or 'formulaic' are not words that come to mind when I listen to The Complements. By combining very different male and female voices they have found originality in a genre that has had many effective practitioners. I honestly cannot think of another male/female duo that has so effectively delivered the kind of sound and vision that The Complements seem to offer. Indeed, Kevin and Nurit certainly "complement" each other.

I suppose the true test for The Complements will be whether or not they can follow up Something Like Happiness with a full-length release. But for now, this sampling will leave those listeners with a taste for melody and lyric with something to enjoy and share with others. - Being There Magazine

"Now Review: Something Like Happiness"

NOW | JAN 27 - FEB 3, 2005 | VOL. 24 NO. 22

Writing the perfect pop tune that puts across a message in under four minutes while keeping to the three-chord, verse-chorus-verse formula isn't as easy as it seems, and pulling it off without sounding like corporate schlock or AOR dreck is an even greater feat. The Complements never cross that line – their EP bristles with tight harmonies and solid accompaniment, courtesy of musicians like Mark Kelso, John Dymond and Steve Klodt, who've played with everyone from Pete Townsend to Shania Twain. Kevin Zarnett and Nurit Suzana are the band's nucleus, trading off on lead vocals in songs about coping with the end of a relationship. Don't worry – their strong writing avoids the sappy clich&eacutes that bogs down lesser breakup discs. The Complements launch their CD at the Rivoli Wednesday (February 2).

- Now Magazine

" Review: Something Like Happiness"


True to their namesake, The Complements are a Canadian duo comprised of Kevin Zarnett and Nurit Suzana whose contrasting vocal styles complement one another. It is not just the fact that the female and male vocal arrangements are created to contrast, but Kevin’s range is similar to the countless singer-songwriter making the rounds these days. That’s not a negative thing; there are plenty of male singers making a modest living. But what works for The Complements is bringing Nurit’s incredible female voice to the forefront on a handful of songs and letting the compositions use her vocals in the background as a perfect complement to Kevin’s vocals.

The first track, “Sweet Sorrow” is an ample introduction with Kevin handling lead vocals. Nurit serves as backup vocals but it is a Kevin song. What works for this duo is that like fellow Canadian folk rockers Chris and Kate (also a female-male duo), is that the listener is treated to a variety of styles that doesn’t turn an album’s worth of tracks into tired and standard singer-songwriter fare.

“Sweet Sorrow” is followed by the album’s title track, “Something Like Happiness.” Nurit takes the reign on vocals on “Happiness.” I especially dug the Hammond organ included in the song. Not until the third song, “Just Another Sad Song” does the phrase “complement” really come to light. Though Kevin is at the helm for this song, Nurit’s background vocals are complementing Kevin perfectly.

The last two tracks are Nurit driven tunes. “Valley Green” plays like a modern day Joni Mitchell updating of “Both Sides Now” followed by “Beautiful Mistake” which is simply a beautiful way to end the EP. The Hammond organ once again makes an appearance but it is Nurit’s vocals that shines in the song. Not to leave Kevin out, but I can’t hear too much of his voice, which for this song doesn’t need any extra vocals. However, the lyrics for the song are great, highlighted by the phrase, “If I’m going to crash and burn, I’ll do it on my terms.”

The tone of the disc reflects the attitude one experiences after a bitter breakup, namely feelings of inadequacy, heartbreak, and bordering on desperation. Kevin serves as the group’s primary songwriter and he eloquently encapsulates those feelings into four minute morsels (some credit goes to producer Gregg Lawless and musician Dave Taylor as well for songwriting). Better yet, Kevin seems to understand that by inclusion of Nurit’s female vocals, the bitterness seems to become songs of hope and become “something like happiness.”


"Soul Shine Review - Something Like Happines"

Richmond Hill, Ontario, has a hidden gem in The Complements. Nurit Suzana (vocals) and Kevin Zarnett (vocals, guitar, and writing) don’t go for the sappy folk duo. Suzana’s richly woven harmonies with Zarnett flow with the completely danceable “Something Like Happiness”, and glimpses of a young Dylan are evident on “Just Another Sad Song” where Zarnett’s vocals find solace. The songwriting also maintains center stage with catchy choruses and thoughtful insight.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield - Soul Shine


The Complements debut EP "Something Like Happiness" released February 2nd, 2005.

"Sweet Sorrow" featured on XM Satellite's 'Radio Unsigned' in January/February 2005.

I Fell Asleep In My Clothes/Bob Dylan Dream released 2007.

The song "Summer's Reign" written by Paul Sheremeta and Kevin Zarnett has been recorded by Canadian band Longshot, and released as the first single for their upcoming 2008 release.



I don't so much live in the Toronto area as I pace, sleep, play guitar and don't answer the phone there. Sometimes I don't remember picking up the guitar, yet there it is in my hands. Occasionally, strange phrases arrive with music and we go on little adventures, explorations, expeditions. Don't say splunking.

My dad owned a cassette of James Bond themes, and mom had Neil Diamond's "The Jazz Singer". Neither was played much, so I was left to my own devices. Blues as a teenager - anything and everything. Have you heard Skip James? Wow! Drifted through Clapton to The Band and Dylan, and singer-songwriters, Jackson Browne, Paul Westerberg, Paul Simon, but always catchy pop tunes in the mix.

I was in a band called "The Complements" that perhaps sounds familiar. I tend to be recognized by people I've never met and meet the rest for the first time repeatedly. The C-Ments (a nickname I am inventing, did make their way around southern Ontario (NXNE, the Rivoli, Newmarket, Uxbridge, etc.) some radio and tv, and got some neato reviews:

"...strong writing avoids the sappy cliches that bogs down lesser breakup discs." (NOW MAGAZINE)

"...five originals that are definite gems, whether you base your criteria on songwriting or performing. Kevin's voice is undeniably one of a folk singer - melodic but gritty, clearly passionate about the words he is singing." (BEING THERE MAGAZINE)

"...glimpses of a young Dylan are evident on "Just Another Sad Song" where Zarnett's vocals find solace. The songwriting also maintains center stage with catchy choruses and thoughtful insight." (SOUL SHINE MAGAZINE)

Maybe you did hear about us after all? We actually had three sets of original material, plus a whack of covers to play. I was such a taskmaster. Was?

Do I really accompany other artists? Think of me as a musical coaster, that keeps your songs from ruining a nice table. No, that's no good. Musical mustard, that leaves a yellow glob in the corner of your mouth. Even worse. Talk to Kirsten Jones or Gregg Lawless and ask them to come up with a good analogy for what I've done to their music. They are crafty folk. I have always wanted to be some kind of musical pudding though.

Some people say my songs sound like Paul Simon (mostly based on height similarities), The Wallflowers (based on weight), Blue Rodeo (based on geography) and Tom Petty (we both use the same recipe for homemade body wash: part old spice classic, axe snake peel, and something that gets spots out). But what do they know? Certainly not as much as you.