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Raw and aggressive lyrical Hip Hop! My approach is murder or lace every track. That is, to become one with it. There's a formula for success and a major record deal is in the way of that success. I am a pure musician. I write, MC or Rap, and I sing equally as well. A Best Kept Secret!


I was born in St. Louis, Mo in the notorious Darst- Webbe/Peabody Housing Projects. The hospital I was born in was in the housing project complex (Old City Hospital). You’ve heard it all before: people getting shot, over-dosing on drugs, and gang violence etc. I witnessed it all. I’ve grown since then. I am an intellectual. I have a college degree with Honors. My music can make you hate me, love me, and both hate and love me. But it’s passionate. What makes my music unique is that I understand how music should sound. I am seasoned. Because of the knowledge and passion, I have been able to capture everyday life experiences and make them into songs that people care about. I like challenges. I am an excellent listener. I really make the music for the listeners and enjoy tapping into markets that might read the Source Magazine and then Wall street Journal. I have the ability to attract rap, r&b, rock, and even alternative fans. I want to sell music to the world like Michael Jackson, Elton John and so forth. Music is my passion! I Love it and It Loves me! I sound different than the rest of the rappers mainly because my delivery is raspy but clean. I am also versatile, switching voices or styles depending on the track. My lyrics are metaphoric but I try never to lose my audience. My influences are the environment around me. That is, the streets where I came from, the nature around me-internal and external. Music influences are Michael Jackson, Elton John, Nas, Tupac, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, ACDC, Metallica, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, I can go on for days.


I have hundreds of songs but have not formally released any.

The song "Official" However has had radio play on some local radio channels here in St. Louis.

Set List

My sets average about 10-15 minutes. It consists of several songs shortened and mixed together.

Song List
-"I Am The One"
-a mix song called "Search N Destroy"
-"Out To Get It"
-"Get At The Doe"