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Vancouver, Washington, United States | SELF

Vancouver, Washington, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Gospel




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My name is Kevin Ross Henderson aka Kevlar, I was born in a small hick town called the Dalles Oregon april 16th 1985 to Suzette and William Henderson. My family and I were very poor the first memory I have is of living in a camper outside of a church with no running water. My dad got a job and we moved up into a trailer park out in the middle of nowhere. I switched schools out there so much that i had no solid relationships as a kid. My dad lost his job because of his drug problem so we had to move to Vancouver Wa and stay in my aunts garage. So all 4 of us my brother Mike, my Mom, my Dad, and myself slept on one queen size bed in my aunts garage for a year. Once my dad got another job we moved into another trailer in the city. It turned in to a party house for all my dads friends to do drugs at. One fight my mother and father had made my mom my brother and i hafto sleep in a car for a week while my dad poured gas all over the trailer and threaten to burn it down.

Once i turned 11 all of the fighting at my home caused me to start running away and doing things i shouldn't. Around 13 i started using drugs and getting involved with some serious drug dealers. I began to sell large amount of drugs so i had to carry a gun with me wherever i went.
At 14 my parents got a divorce and i ran away from home and was gone for 3 years selling and doing drugs. I had my throat slit and 2 loaded guns pointed at my head.
I was on my own. i met a girl and started living with her and her parents. Thats when i started playing around with hip hop. All i did at first was freestyle and go to battles at bars and houses. One day i was in the back seat of a Honda smoking a blunt and my friend put in a burnt cd that had 1 gospel hip hop song on it "what do you see" by Ambassador. While i was listening to it Jesus came into the car and sealed me into Himself by the Holy Spirit. After that day everything and everywhere i was Jesus was on my mind. I left the girl and left all of my friends and moved 60 miles away to my dads house and started rapping about Jesus He was all i could think about. I knew no Christians and had no idea of what i was going to do with the rest of my life. One day God told me go to Bible college. 6 months later i was on campus at Portland City Bible College studing theology. The college asked me to go on a missions trip to Romania. I went on tour with the band and rapped in 4 different countries. I was on national television all through out Europe for 7 days straight.

I finished up my time at the college and kept making music and doing shows locally. 2 years after i got out of college i met my beautiful wife Janine we courted for a year and a half and waited tell the day we were married to have our first kiss (boy was it worth it). We were married 8/8/9 and we moved into our own home while i worked at winco paying the bills. Its been 3 years i now have a different jod resurfacing sport courts and i make music whenever i can. My passion is Jesus, music, youth and teaching the Word of God. Ive lead a class at the mega church City Bible Church i attend and am known by most of the leaders as a spiritual man. I am not bragging or boasting about that.

Thank you God Bless
Kevin Henderson