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Singles - U Should B Dancin, Ac Right
LP - GENRE (released June 2005)
Tracks Receiving Airplay - "MISSES RIGHT"



One man, one voice, five Genres has redefined the very sound of reggae to the likes of which we have never heard before or since.
With his trancelike malotic vocals cleverly embracing elements of Roots, Soul and Lovers Rock, sprightly reinforced and accented, his voice surfaces the rough beauty and ragged cadence of dancehall swagger. Though comparable to some and influenced by many, it is fair to say he is like no other. Who is he; he is reggae music’s anew, afresh. He is KevLee. KevLee was born in the jewel of the Caribbean, on the island of St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands which was purchased by the U.S. from Denmark in the early 1900’s.
While amid middle class living in St. Thomas, whose economy is driven by tourism, aspirations of success and the fruits thereof would have him searching for opportunities beyond the familiar borders of his birthplace. Purposed and determined, he moves to the U.S. mainland for an indefinite period of time. He first and foremost concentrated on doing what made life most meaningful to him, making music. Uncertain and unknown to the music and to the industry, he spends the next few years recording as well as performing backup and support for various groups during live onstage performances.
He played the back for a short period during his wait while waiting to happen. His experiences lead him to new encounters giving him new perspective and knowledge that would prepare him for his new beginnings. Despite a series of failed release attempts, KevLee remained steadfast and focused on fore fronting his career as a solo artist. He was determined to make a record of his own vision. The resulting work, his debut album, Genre. Its content and essence are both crafty and brilliant. A clever integration of not just multiple Genres (Classic Rock, Rock Steady, Soul, R & B, Hip Hop and Disco) but multiple vocal styles suited for taking reggae music to newer dimensions. Its summary is tri fold; message, vision and purpose.

The Message - It’s Reggae music closing social and musical gaps through Reggae,
Rhythm and Vibes.

His Vision - To create more appealing Reggae music for a populace whose ears
still find it foreign and strange.

Its Purpose - Defined by the album’s title, GENRE is not just entertainment, but
entertainment with a mission.

A decade has passed since his embark upon music and not without hardship. But for the most part, it has availed him many successes. He has performed in conjunction with well known artist such as Nas, Blackeyed Peas, Capleton, Everton Blender, Toots and The Maytals, Israel Vibrations, The Wailers and Akon. With his lilting and mesmeric qualities, KevLee has given way to a sound that is fluid and resilient enough to incorporate both fast and slow rhythms. With vocal versatility, he transcends ones mindset to an atmosphere of new ground. Every song, every melody, are endless gifts. For in them one can find day to day sustained hopes, small pleasures and the solace of love.