kevon carter

kevon carter


The ministry of Kevon Carter is unlike anyone that has ever come out in the gospel or ccm arena. He is so versatile, that you cant put him in a box. His music will make you praise, worship, laugh, cry, and challenge you all at the same time.


Kevon Carter has written songs for EMI recording artist Kevin Vasser (God's House), Chicago Mass Choir (He's working it out for your good, and Cannot tell it all). He also wrote 2 song off of the award winning Dewayne Woods project: (God Still Heals, and You Shall Reap). He also was a winner of that Albertina Walker Scholarship in 1997.
Kevon, really had been putting of the notion of being a recording artist. He was content on just writing songs for other artist. Also, he really didnt not want to put in the work that it would take to be an artist. Finally, he has decided to submit to the call of the Lord, and do what he has been destined to do.
Armed with a unique ability to write all kinds of songs, Kevon believes now is the time to show the world what God has given him.
Kevon Carter's musical influences are as follows: R. Kelly, Babyface, Donald Lawrence. He credits Kevin Bond, pop music, Rodney East, and Daniel Weatherspoon as musical influences on the keyboard.


Kevon Carter did release to songs on a Tyscot compilation in 2005 (Gospel Next)
Those songs were (Just for me, and Remains the Same)