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The best kept secret in music


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Judson College

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Integrity Recording Artist Minstrel Darrel Harris Live @ Fervrent Prayer Church

Opening act for Yu'Nek

The 1st Northbound Gospel Expo

Cafe Psalms 150 - July 29, 2005

Tabernacle of Praise - July 30, 2005

Living Word Christian Academy - July 27, 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Kevin "Kevo" Beckford hails from suburbs of Chicago by of Brookyn, NY and later Milwaukee WI. From his days as an infant, it was known to those close to him that Kevo had a unique talent for beats....beating pots, pans and anything he could get his hands on. Wisely, the gift was nutured and produced an incredibly talented drummer whose gifts have been made evident to churches abroad. However, this story almost had a bleak ending. Kevo blamed God for many of the struggles he faced in his life and decided to do his own thing. From not having a relationship with his dad to losing his daughter in 2001, it appeared life was coming to its most depressing points.....but God had a plan for him yet.

Now picture Dr. Dre's incredible production skills with the sound and lyrical intensity of Tupac.......Exactly.  This brother's sound is that serious.  Now picture that his passion is for Christ instead of weed, women and'd hold on to your seat too!  The very reaction of disbelief that may be going through your mind is one that many experience until they hear it for themselves.  It's that type of impact that Kevo is droppin' on the world straight outta Chicago and lives are being changed and ears are refreshed because of it.  With the powerful impact of words taking life, Kevo's music makes a bold statement to those who have settled for far much less from their music. "My goal in my music is to give you knowledge so that the truth of living a righteous life cannot be oppressed anymore. I'm not here to lead you down the wrong path, telling you to go drink, go smoke, go get crunk at the club because there is more to life than that. People always complain about how crazy this world is...Well, what are you doing about it. We will never change the world one club at a time, but one life at time."

On stage, Kevo holds his own. He is a charasmatic individual who knows how to embrace the crowd. "I love performing, because you may not know me when I first start, but by the end of the show there's no question of who I am and what I represent." Kevo's music is diverse in nature, ranging from dark and edgy (SoulCry) to light and easy (After the Rain). But in every song there is a message waiting for you. His versatility and ability to create music from the ground up comes simply from his love for the art of music. "People try to put me in a box, but with every song they hear they have to change the label."

Not only do his lyrics deal with personal struggles, from but also with cultural issues as well. "I am so tired of the state of hip-hop music right now. I don't even listen to the radio anymore, just because it seems like everything sounds the same. We're settling for music that entertainsthe senses instead of music that maintainsthe spirit." For too long, we've allowed ourselves to settle for songs that disrespect the women we say we love and allowed our stereos to embrace philisophical crap:  it's time to rescue ourselves and Kevo is informing us through supa-hot tracks and blazing lyrics that there's "Betta Dayz Ahead".  No coincidence that's the name of the album, dropping in 2006.  It's good to know that good hip-hop still exists without the explicit lyrics, and Kevo is doing his part to make sure we're no longer robbed of this listening privilege.