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Hip-Hop music for the everyday person. Those who struggle with day-to-day life will relate to this project. From job stress to family life, Key covers it all. Key considers himself a voice for the "regular guy."


“I write in search of clarity, frustrated by the b.s. I hear so these words are therapy...” Thus begins a poignant segue into the debut album from Seattle’s Hip-Hop artist Key.

If Therapy were presented as mere words on paper, they would read as intimately as a journal entry. A personal chronicle of Key’s life and lessons, this album grants the listener a glimpse into his doubts and insecurities, pains and joys. Such openness is a rare commodity in Hip-Hop, thus Therapy offers an unusual but welcomed insight into Key’s humanity.

Key recognized at an early age that he wanted to be involved in the music scene. At fifteen he wrote his first lyrics and he credits Big Daddy Kane as being the artist who first, “…made me want to pick up a pen and create…” With varied musical influences such as KRS-1, Prince, A Tribe Called Quest and Quincy Jones, it’s easy to understand why Key is considered a nonconformist.

“This project touches on anger, happiness, struggle and more; it’s intensely personal. I’m a normal guy with normal problems. I don’t want to be yet another rapper offering an album glorifying the assumed thug life associated with Hip-Hop music…”

While Key’s approach is naturally unapologetic, Therapy nonetheless invites the listener along for an intriguing ride. Considering himself a “regular guy”, Key verbalizes circumstances that all people can relate to. From being broke to problems in the workplace, he attempts to bridge the gap in communication and lend a voice to the “misunderstood.” Daring to discuss negatives such as the use of the “N-word” and other stereotypical stigmas, Therapy explores how these inner-city social issues effect the psyche of urban city youth. This project manages to seamlessly blend these concerns with Key’s own emotions and personal adversities.

Seven years ago Key, along with Diopolis and Citizen Cain, started the Seattle-based five-member rap group Central Intelligence. Their album C.I. was released independently in 2001 and in many local circles is considered an “underground classic”. As most of the members have recently ventured into individual projects, Key decided it was time to answer his own calling and record a solo project.

As part of Central Intelligence, Key has experienced a measure of success. He has performed at various festivals and venues throughout the Northwest as well as opened for Tyrese, Two Live Crew and DJ Quik. Therapy, however, was born out of a need for autonomy and creative freedom different than what could be expressed in a group dynamic. Consequently, fans should not look for a replica of C.I. “The general public will either relate to my album or believe my topics are crazy. Either way, this is me; un-cut…”

For those tired of the stereotypes associated with Hip-Hop, Therapy will prove that you don’t have to be a follower to create good music. Creativity and personalization are more prevalent on the album than the favored commercialism in today’s music.

Therapy is a story of sacrifice, struggle and perseverance. As music has long served as a motivational tool for Key, he is now utilizing it as a platform to connect everyday people.

SeaLevel Entertainment schedules Therapy for release in the fall of 2005. The single B-Boy Funk is set for a summer 2005 release.


B-Boy Funk

Written By: C. Stocker, K. Williams

(1st Verse)
I git em out of their seats
Connect the rhythm to their system git em wild to the beat
Pop lock, body rock I'm sureshot wit this heat
Keep 'em clappin their hands, stompin their feet
Give 'em nothin less then me
Personified destiny
To eternally bless the beat till the day I rest in peace
B-boy till the day that I die
To the beat y'all keep your hands raised to the sky
Old school wit a new twist
Here's a little something to move wit
So feel it y'all it's soul music
Dance with the speakers till you hear it blow
Then pump up the volume cause here it goes
Now what you hear is not a test
It's that sureshot joint straight from the Northwest
The ultimate bounce to git you soakin wet
206 up in your deck we keep it funky fresh, yes!

This is for my B-Boy's, B-Girls
Party peoples around the world
Bang this in your system, get crunk
Catch a whiff of this B-Boy Funk (2x)

(2nd Verse)
Yo, I live for the beat
I cant hold it in my soul within lives for the streets
Words hold the track captive in my penitentary
Then time released slave to the rhythm in me
So put the needle on the record while I move the crowd
Been in love with this music since I was a juvenile SO!
How ya like me now we keep rockin
Non-stoppin as long as the beat's knockin
Don't front you know I gotcha open
Take ya to the day of Run-DMC back-to-back posin
Adidas sweatsuits, shell toes and
Dukey-fat ropes with the Kangol brim
We were funky fresh dressed to impressed ready to party
Headin for the dance floor dying to move that body
People in the circle watching as the b-boys danced
While the DJ rocked the crowd in his B-Boy stance

Hook (2x)

Don't stop the beat ya keep on
Don't stop the beat ya keep on (2x)

So when ya step inside and feel the funk
And ya do the freak dance and do the bump
Make it hot y'all!
Don't stop y'all
Rock the rhythm that'll make your body rock!!

(3rd Verse)
The beat began to take me under
Back in the days when the message made me wonder
We were embracing the artform
In the park spinnin on cardboard
Or freestylin spittin it hardcore
People were takin rappin for a joke
The industry ain't understand the passion we wrote, but
Back in the hood we imagined the dream
Made somethin outta nothin and established a scene
Now all of a sudden here we are in magazines
Entrepreneurs in this game commanding the cream
If it wasn't for those pioneers we couldn't make due
Here's my dedication to y'all from me I thank you

Hook (2x)


Git Up

Written By: JC, K. Williams

(1st Verse)
On your mark, git set go! straight from the gate
I been waitin from the get go to get out and break
It's on! Get it all until you're scrapin the plate
Then get back, get that to stop the hunger we take
What's the sense going for broke when you ain't got nuthin
If you from the hood you never had you never stop wanting so
(I gotta get mine)
Even if that mean I take yours
All or nothin give or take still I'm out to get more
F*** survival this is war no more tryna get by
No more strugglin want more than just a piece of the pie
We steady hustlin' caught up, brought up lost up in this life
Where we get in where we fit in, get drunk get high
Live or let die we earn where the lead fly
Return like the Jedi to get into it then "Jet" like LI
Get it right, for a taste of this better life we come with it
Take the ball and run with it don't stop get it get it

(Git Up Now!)
We gotta git with the gittin and git down
If you ain't wit it to git it then you need to sit down cause
We gotta git it while the gittin is good
So let's git buck, git crunk if you don't give a f***!! (2x)

(2nd Verse)
I ain't known for limitations, I'm known for innovation
Others write lyrics while I write inspiration
You don't wanna test me dog, I lack inner-patience
I get wicked on the microphone reveal my inner-satan
No consideration for those that figure they makin it
Cause if they in the house then I consider it vacant
They gots nothin get up, get out
And stop frontin try to come back when you got something
Until then best to get out of my way
I stays focused don't make have to go out of my way
Don't try and approach us or try to provoke us
Or we'll swarm you like God did when he sent Egypt the locusts
And I'm Moses with the big stick
You can bear witness to this 206-ness Central District
That's how we get it, got it, good
And if you understood, would you

Hook (2x)

(3rd Verse)
Ain't no denying it, the kid's gonna ride with it
206 raised me product of my environment
Born with the hustle in me get it 'til it's gotten
Gotta hit it all and get it all and get to get it poppin
Tomorrow ain't promised you we live for today
So we race against the clock cause time is slippin away
So if the moment's all you have f*** it get it 'til it's done
Determined to get it 'til the last breath fills my lungs
Homie lump sums, Donald Trump funds
Suckas thinking they want some get lumped for they sums
They don't want none tryna get it is dumb ditty dum
I spit lyrics that make muthaf***as run fo they guns
I get up like alarm clock in the am
And since the early bird gits the worm you gettin nathan
Came to get it poppin no stoppin until I say when
If all y'all muthaf***as out there with me then I'm sayin!!

Hook (2x)



2001: Central Intelligence - C.I.
SeaLevel Entertainment

Set List

Enough songs to cover 15-45min set.