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"Keyboard Cathy – Sushi Lover"

Keyboard Cathy began her career in the music industry after watching the impressive 2005 film adaptation of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. 2006 saw the release of Keyboard Cathy’s first album “Inspiration”, and 2007 marks the release of Cathy’s first EP, “Sushi Lover”. Despite the fact that these albums are released at a breakneck speed, the skill and talent exhibited by Cathy on them far outstrips other individuals in this genre. This EP provides listeners with remixed and reworked versions of her cover of “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish”, as well as “Eternity” and “Give A Little More”.

Of particular note to fans of Keyboard Cathy has to be the new track “Miracle Worker”, which puts forth the titular instrument in a very focal point, while the vocals of Cathy struggle with the keyboard for dominance. The instrumentation pushes forth the track, and the resulting sound has a very seventies / early eighties sound to it. Hints of “2112”-era Rush are present in the instrumentation, while Cathy’s vocals have an equal percentage of Disney soundtrack and Olivia Newton-John. The track is a little on the long side, but there is enough in the way of variation in this track to keep individuals interested and listening. The classical style of singing is continued during the title track, but Keyboard Cathy throws a curveball in that there are a number of vocal layers to give the track a fuller sound than was achieved with “Miracle Worker”. Where most spoken parts in music flop miserably, the spoken parts of “Sushi Lover” succeed, reminding listeners of the musical version of Little Shop of Horrors.

“Give A Little More” continues with the general trends present on this EP, but the inclusion of drums to the track provides a nice variation to the general formula used on the rest of the disc’s tracks. While the vocals during “Give A Little More” still have the classical sound to them, Keyboard Cathy’s vocals have more than a hint of a Cyndi Lauper to them. The style of music that is present on “Sushi Lover” is a little different than what is currently popular, but Cathy’s attention to detail and interesting approaches taken make this EP into something special. Keep an eye on Keyboard Cathy; subsequent albums will only have her tighten up what is already a pretty impressive sound.

Top Track: Miracle Worker

Rating: 6.8/10 - Neufutur Magazine

"Something a Little Bit Different"

Here at RedTrack we love something a little bit different and if you also do then check out Keyboard Cathy who’s new EP, the wonderfully titled ‘Sushi Lover’, is available now. Cathy really is incomparable but the Divine Comedy and other melody merchants run through her music! Check her music out at -

"Keyboard Cathy - February 11, 2008"

GJK Promotions proudly presents, Keyboard Cathy Wiegand from New Jersey, as Artist of the Day.

Keyboard Cathy plays pop music with a comedy twist. Keyboard Cathy's website has bio, pics, news, audio samples, music and a place to buy Keyboard Cathy's cd "Inspiration". When I listened to the song "Sushi Lover" I knew that Cathy needed to be showcased as her comedic look on life was inspirational. I took this blurb right from her website;

Below are some reasons why Keyboard Cathy's music is relevant to your life:
• It makes you feel good.
• It makes you laugh
• It may Inspire you to take action
(Ex. random acts of kindness)
• It unites generations
(Kids, teens adults and seniors)
• It banishes boredom anytime, anywhere
(At home and elsewhere)
• It helps one singer/songwriter with good intentions to touch a lot of lives - one song at a time.

To listen to Keyboard Cathy, find out where she is playing, watch a video, join the Keyboard Cathy mailing list or just find out more about what makes this girl rock, check out her myspace at

Cheers and Inspire :) - Artist of the Day


Singles - "Sashimi" & "Peanut Butter" (2008)
Latest EP - "Sushi Lover" (2007)
Debut Album on CD - "Inspiration" (2006)



It’s funny how a single movie can inspire us to pursue our dreams. “Keyboard Cathy” Wiegand wandered into the 2005 film adaptation of Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and walked out not itching to travel through space, but humming “So Long & Thanks for All the Fish,” the whimsical end credits song by Irish singer Neil Hannon who just so happens to be the frontman of one of her favorite groups, The Divine Comedy.

The versatile singer/songwriter had performed at live benefits for years and had amassed a large catalog of instrumentals in her Roland E-600, but that fish song and her lifelong love of sushi led “Keyboard Cathy” to dust off her dreams and record her clever, quirky, sublimely melodic debut indie album Inspiration in 2006. Her irresistible new seven song EP Sushi Lover features “So Long & Thanks For All The Fish” (in case you missed it the first time!), revamped takes of “Eternity” and “Give a Little More,” the brand new “Miracle Worker” (an incisive satire about her former life in the corporate world) and two versions of her trademark “Sushi Lover” the original and a high spirited, “extra spicy” house remix by the San Antonio band Hyperbubble.

When “Keyboard Cathy” initially put together her often visited myspace page, she picked the categories of “pop,” “showtunes” and “other”; all of them apply to some degree, but none truly capture the magical mix of heartfelt songwriting and witty observational storytelling that defines the New Jersey based performer’s diverse repertoire.

She grew up singing in high school and community theatre musicals, so there’s a certain theatricality to it. “Golden Child,” in fact, recently received Honorable Mention in the Broadway/Cabaret category of the Unisong International Songwriting Contest. However, her music is also straightforward singer/songwriter pop and don’t forget her obsession with fish.

“The minute I left The Hitchhiker’s Guide, I went to the record store, bought the soundtrack and became obsessed with finding out about the guy who was singing that song,” she says. “I did an internet search on Neil and discovered that he was the lead singer of The Divine Comedy, which is funny because someone who had heard some of my earlier music had compared my style to theirs.

“He writes music that’s like showtunes and movie soundtracks but it’s also pop, and that’s exactly what my style is like,” she adds. “Once I started listening to more of his music, I was able to finish ‘Sushi Lover.’ I love sushi and always wanted to write a funny song about it. The idea of recording a full album project came naturally after that. Music has always been a hobby of mine, but I am aware that a lot of independent artists now have the means to translate that into full time careers.”

“Keyboard Cathy” who earned her colorful nickname when she showed up at a benefit rehearsal for the first time with her new Roland E-600 writes and sings about other things besides edible raw fish. “Eternity” is a bold, powerful love song that was inspired by the film Ghost, while “Give a Little More” urges everyone to be as charitable as possible. For the most part, Cathy enjoyed her years working in a multicultural marketing position at a major financial services company but “Miracle Worker,” her biting take on corporate politics and the boss looking for the perfect assistant, makes it clear she had some issues.

With a Bachelor’s in communication and languages from Rutgers and an MBA from Farleigh Dickinson University, “Keyboard Cathy” just might be the smartest, most literate “sushi loving chick in a suit” you’ll ever see performing at open mics, clubs and senior citizen centers around her home base of Hopewell Township, New Jersey. The song “So Long & Thanks for All the Fish” is about dolphins jumping into space when they realize the world is about to end. Likewise, “Keyboard Cathy” is ready to take off and conquer the heads and hearts of folks who appreciate a good melody with their wit and wisdom.

“It’s great having the freedom to write songs that are fun and quirky without worrying about how people will perceive you,” she says. “I’m inspired by artists like Neil Hannon and Rufus Wainwright who follow their own muses and have developed loyal followings that appreciate their music. I think the more people hear what I do, the more they will connect with where I’m coming from as an artist. I love making people happy with music, and it’s nice to give them something new in a style that they probably haven’t heard before.”