Mellotraumatic Trip Hop


Alden and Sonja met at WERS 88.9FM at Emerson College. Alden is from Portland, ME and Sonja was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and raised in Zimbabwe.
They spend most of their time at a small radio imagining production studio called Uberblende talking, dreaming, listening to and making music.


KeyBook Manifesto

Written By: Sonja Tea

All life is paradise, a garden of eden. Stop all self punishment and forfeit struggle. Objects, numbers, money; these are imagined- mirages we buy into, engulfed by the effluvium of society. Wear a gas mask, chem trails waft through the air, bringing insomnia by night and ohso tired, ohso sleepy, half aware days. Wear your clothing inside out so that your body is turned inside out too, soul first body second. But neither is more important than the other, the internal respects the external; Feel vibrations and align the two. All life is work and all life is play. Respect biorhythm and be kind to your intestines, your skin, your entire body. Breathe deeply and slowly. Think small. Tame your ego. Don't compete with others. This life is an ecosystem so complex that there is a niche for all and everything. Take what you need and no more; hold even less. Love every step and at every corner, someone will love you. Bite the apple, it's now how they said it would be.


Freshly picked from the tree for your undiluted consumption

Set List

Transcontinental Introduct, Chinatown Daze, Today, Reaching Yellow, Maybe, A More Creative Way to Wake up