Keydo Starr

Keydo Starr


Keydo Starr the fresh New Voice of R&B. The singer song writer, and the perfomer. He can sing and play the songs to your fravorite covers, to include Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Brain Mcnight and more or sing the songs of his own tunes that meets the same standed


Keydo Starr, (Calvin M. Jasper Jr.) the fresh new voice of R&B, was born in Hampton, Virginia. From day one, Keydo Starr had music deep in his heart. As a young boy, his mom put him in piano lessons, Keydo was also interested in singing. His influence of the human voice came from the influence his musical grandmother had on him. In elementary school, he was part of his first singing group. Keydo also got involved in his church choir activities.

In middle school, Keydo first discovered the impact of the gift he had been given. Keydo attended Spratley Middle School. In the seventh and eighth grades, he took concert choir as an elective. While in concert choir, he sang alto, a very unusual part for a middle school boy. He soon became a key part of the concert choir, and was even asked perform important solos in the fall and spring concerts.

Even though he was known in the middle school arena as a talented performer, an unexpected twist occurred when in his last year at the middle school level, the choral director from the nationhood high school, Phoebus High, came to visit him and request his attendance in the high school choir the following year. Keydo was every bit the key member he was perceived to be, earning every accreditation a choral student can receive at the High School Level, including attendance in District, All- Virginia, and the coveted Honors Choir, which was only available once in a students high school career.

After deciding he wanted to pursue music as a career, and with the help of his mother and father, Keydo decided he wanted to study Music Education. Keydo received the James P. Stamos scholarship for singers at Old Dominion University, Norfolk Virginia. While earning his degree, he was an integral part of the music program there as well. He performed with the Continental Army Band, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, New York, and Carnigie Hall, New York, and also in Vicenza, Italy. Nevertheless, he could not shake his deep desire to perform R&B and Pop music. He also began to own the craft of writing music to his own piano and guitar accompaniment, and performing at school talent shows and open mic events.

At 24, Keydo Starr is what people come out to see and hear when they go out to see an artist. He can sing and play keyboard instruments to the cover tunes of your favorite songs including Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, and many more. In case you are wondering, he is also well grounded in the church. Keydo Starr’s talents can intrance anyone when he performs his original works. His first single, entitled “Call Me,” is a mid tempo R&B song that is a tasteful delight all about meeting the girl of your dreams. This is one piece of Keydos debut album entitled “A Starr in the Making.” Even so, you don’t have t wait to receive a taste of Keydo Starr, his acoustic album is available courtesy of Too Tight Productions upon request. Keydo Starr: the singer, the song writer, the producer…the complete package.


Love Jones

Written By: Keydo Starr

Love Jones
by Calvin” Keydo Starr” Jasper

Hey there baby
Its me again
Standin at the door
Mr. all you need and more

I know I left you all alone for so long
Feelings deep inside were so strong
Had a bid you took care of the kid
And even though you creepin to me you held on

Baby I can tell that I broke your heart before
Baby this time I know I can do you better for sho
Cant you see me, I don’t wanna play no games wit chu

I want you to have my name
Well be Mr and Mrs Love…Jones

Hey there lady
I know Im getting in cuz
Your hearts not hard like it used to be
And before you were used to refusing me but

I make you laugh on Monday
Make u sad on Tuesday
Wednesday your whole damn crew said leave me alone
But forget what your crew say

Love…Jones( repeat four times)

Have you callin me up late at night
Know im out doin wrong but you don’t wanna fight
Have you choosin me over your friends
Givin up your paper handin over your ends

You be calling me a drug id be callin you stone
Dissing all your other brothers cause the best at home
Have yo mamma and yo daddy saying leave me alone
But you be my Cleopatra you don’t wanna roam (Baby I….)(Chorus repeat to end)


Love Jones
Call Me
Change My Ways
Love Session

Set List

Ready to Rock-Keydo Starr
Here I Come-Keydo Starr
Back at One- Brian McKnight

Ordinary People-John Legend
If Ever You- Keydo Starr
Change My Ways- Keydo Starr

Still In Love- Brian McKnight
One Love- Keydo Starr
Love Session- Keydo Starr

Human Nature- Michael Jackson
Gone’- Keydo Starr
Overjoyed- Keydo Starr

We Cant Be Friends- Keydo Starr
Ill Make Love to You- Boyz 2 Men
Silly Rabbit- Keydo Starr